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Common Stock Options Expiration Dates

Common Stock Options expiration dates should be structured so that they coincide with when companies are to report their quarterly earnings.  And that means they should all be structured to expire a month and a half after the calender year quarters.  So all expiration dates should be as follows:

October 15
February 15
May 15
August 15

This would allow investors to more readily capitalize on the true growth of a company.  It would also eliminate much of the manipulation that almost put this country into another great depression.

The way they are structured today investors do not reap the benefits from them as they should as the options often expire in gaps in market activity.  When they expire in these grey areas where there is no information to base stock prices on stock prices are more readily manipulated to the detriment of the public investor.

Our capital markets should not be structured whereby the wealth of the American public is siphoned away to a undefined class of white collar criminals.

And here is a quote from my intellect for the day, "Just because someone says that something or someone else should have a good reputation does not mean that it does."

If you are a good person do not take offense of this, I am just trying to weed out the evil of this country.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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The Image of the President 11 30 2010

The Image of the President 11 30 2010

Did this country ever need a president whose ego was, propped up as a sheriff brought him young women to copulate with?

And of course I'm talking about President Clinton.

A president should be egoless. For that is only where fairness comes from.

George Bush had an ego in the red zone.

His father also had an ego in the red zone.

This is also Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. We know for a fact that there is virtually no ego present in an actor either such as Ronald Reagan.

These are characteristics of a dictator, not the President of a Democracy.

What element of a culture would believe that we need such a fa├žade as President.

Our Spaghetti Western movie culture.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Wall Street and Racketeering 12 10 2010

Wall Street and Racketeering 12 10 2010

Is Wall Street guilty of racketeering against the United States of America?

Was not Bernie Madeoff the former chairman of the NASDAQ? The broker of many of the nation’s startup companies. What did Bernie end up doing? He stole $50 Billion dollars from the United States. He pulled a pin out of our economy that almost caused a Great Depression.

What did he do with this money? He is said to have bought items of Gold and sent them to his friends. Would we be remised if we thought that some of these friends might be Jewish? Would we be remised if we thought that many of them are Jewish? Does not the Jewish “Religion” have a federation that gives food and maybe a little money to those of the religion who need it? Is this not the equivalency of a bank? If a member of society could always be assured that his friends from such a bank would back him up when he was down would he/she not be more likely to commit acts of harassment that are hard to prove? Would not such acts of harassment then be considered the standard of conduct others would have to lower themselves to in order to survive? What would happen when the whole country then became subject to such behavior? In other words, what good man would want to work for such people? None do. Good men could not lower themselves to be this way. Good men were raised on high moral standards and fairness in competition. To then work in a world of the delusional would create great unbalance and conflict in the good man. And that is why we have no manufacturing sector in the United States today. The psychological framework of someone who works on Wall Street is very different than what the average person would consider normal. They are not more intelligent but less, the enigma they represent has been the subject of other quite lengthy article but to summarize it, they are just better at getting people to believe that they are. And it has to do with those who are raised on false idolatry. What did Judas do with the thirty bars of Silver he was paid for Jesus Christ. He is said to divvy it out to his tribe members. If Jesus Christ freely accepted his death why did Pontius need to pay Judas to deliver Jesus Christ? Are there any among us who would not consider Jesus Christ to be a good man? Are there any among us who would not consider Judas a bad man? Both were Jews and the Bible tells us that as humans that we are all Jews.

Can it be said that some of the friends of Bernie Madeoff were also Jewish. Who is it that got crucified by this ponzi scheme? The United States of America did.

The Nasdaq Stock Market has to change so that broker dealers can no longer make a profit from trading large sums of money in their house accounts. Does it not seem for all the wealth that those of Wall Street have attained that the United States of America has achieved little benefit from this? In other words money that goes into Wall Street stays just right there within the walls of Wall Street. Specific identification of shares is needed and the framework is already in place to accomplish this. It is the same system as the Electronic Treasury.

Bernie Madeoff’s actions are telling us something. Siphoning off money from our economy is indeed a standard practice. He was indeed chairman of the NASDAQ. So here we have the system of our capitalism that is flawed. The focus of this system is not how can capital be allocated to small and large businesses. It is how much can we ourselves make from what really amounts to churning of investor’s money. What you end of having is a layer of rich and incompetent in our country. (Read my article about Reserve stock shares for more on this.)

In summary Wall Street has been allowed to tap the United States of America for money and soul. When the large banks that backed Wall Street such as Citigroup failed what happened. You may now be familiar with how economics work but the United States Taxpayer footed the bill for this in the bailout. And not only does the United States have nothing to show for it but it has to pay the salaries of the most wicked people you will ever meet in your life.

There is no better evidence that Wall Street is guilty of racketeering than the actions of Bernie Madeoff who was head of the NASDAQ stock market. This is called prima fascia evidence. It is something our guts tell us is true and we are always glad when someone else is the first to say it.

In summary when convicted of racketeering all those who are guilty under the law of the United States of America have all their money and property confiscated. Are there any of us that believe if these Wall Street types had to roll up their sleeves and do a hard day’s work on a farm that it would do them and the country a world of good. I am one of those who believe this.

Does Wall Street use nonlethal weapons to drive people crazy as a form of sacrifice like wealthy Jewish bankers in England with ties to the occult did when they are said to sacrifice children. It is very hard to prove a rich person is guilty of something because those with money also have the power in a country. The power to silence and discredit.

As my high school history professor stated the pendulum always swings the other way. Usually it is in the form of rebellions, uprisings, coups, revolutions. I am not advocating any of this. What I am advocating is that those who are in power seek to transform the financial system back to one of honesty. That those who hold positions of management in corporations in the United States voluntarily limit the pay of the officers in the highest positions. America has little to show for the money they received. I am advocating that corporate America condone all acts of soul stealing and seek prosecution of those found guilty through our legal system.

Do they use nonlethal weapons to drive people crazy and live off their souls? Yes they do. Would you want to live next door to someone who would sell you for thirty bars of silver? No. Would you want to live next door to just the opposite of this?

God Bless Those Who Now What is Wrong and Right from History and Seek to Project the Good Forward and Diminish the Wrongdoing

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Are Trump Cards in the Image of a Wiccan

Are Trump Cards in the Image of a Wiccan?

Trump is delusional in terms of him being a candidate for President of the United States. Why?

Trump professed how he went to Wharton school of finance. Why does he brag about this? Did he or did he not nearly bankrupt his company? Am I the only one who remembers this? Please tell me there has not been a revision to the historical finance records in this country.

Was he or was he not an adulterous? Still a crime in many states?

Once on television there was the tale of a call girl who had the names of some prominent people in New York City. We never heard from her again. What happened to her? How was she silenced? Was she paid to go away? Was she killed? If Donald wants to be President of the United States maybe he should look into this find her for us. Wouldn’t it be nice if Donald Trump would be the want to clarify this issue for us? This would sure put a better image the State he hails from New York, in the public eye.

Donald acts like he is royalty. You're fired you're fired you're fired. “We need a president today that is able to say you're hired. We need a president today who can hire more than 10% of a group of candidates. We need a president who believes that this can be a reality not that the product of our school systems is indeed Slim Pickens. If our school systems only created 10% that can be hired what are the other 90% good at? You have to have some skills.

If you are elected, people would want to leave this country in droves just as they did England. And they did not leave England to practice religious freedoms. It was to escape persecution by religion. And England was the biggest persecutor and soul stealing nation there ever was. If Trump were elected it would be the end to the United States of America as the founding fathers knew it.

There was a movie starring well that little quirky actor from "Goodfellas "we'll call him his favorite line “gimme the rent” “give me the rent” “give me the rent” this is how Donald Trump got his experience in business. A taker. If we elect a taker to our government just who is it that he thinks he can take from? Might a giver make a better president than a taker? What does a taker have the offer as president?

Ties to organized crime? Donald Trump has ties to organized crime because he is in the casino business? The filth of this world flock to this business more than anything else. I have not been in one yet where I wasn’t shoed out quickly with a broom by them.

Russia is said to be a corrupt mafia state country today. And they have a strong presence of this in the United States today also. The basis of the Mafia is indeed the Wiccan religion as it is in the Church of England. We don't need any more of this in the United States today. They are wiccans because that is all the feeble minded can ever resort to being.

When I saw Donald speak as he was interviewed on cable TV my mother who is a big fan of him said, "Something looks funny about his skin?" Taking a closer look at the television set and seeing pinkness around his eyes I replied, "He has been in a tanning booth and was wearing protective goggles." Donald what is the matter with the light of day?

I have written my stance regarding China some time ago. And he echoed that they are ahead of us and we have very little of a manufacturing basis. But his solution to place a 25% tax on all imported Chinese goods would most likely cause more problems such as a war. I had written a much better solution that is not as off the cuff as this. First they should be asked to comply with the standards of manufacturing, labor and environment in the United States. And if they cannot, they cannot sell into this country. If we don't pollute in our country why should we finance another country to pollute our one earth by buying goods from them. The pollution of the earth is only going to create more feeble minded.

We need to lead by example in terms of protectionism. Their money is born into finance alternative energy companies in their country. With the multi hundreds of billions they are spending on alternative energy they will be less dependent on foreign oil sooner.

Donald if you are who you say you are retro-fit every property that you own with solar power producing windows manufactured by Solar Fun (SOLF). This is a China company and the only one I am aware of that has this technology. If you do this then it will gain exposure and U.S. companies will try and develop something similar. I am talking about transparent window glass that meets the standards for use in greenhouses and also produces electricity.

My brother-in-law said he wished there was a Republican candidate he could vote for because he is a Republican. I said that what you're seeing Sarah Palin is the best they have to offer. The Republicans have never had any substance and never will. The Democrats are the party change for the people.

He complained that the two sides, Republicans and Democrats don't work together.

I said it’s plain to see that one side does and one side has never had a political agenda including beneficial programs, that I have ever seen them advocate this in my lifetime. So therefore it is one side with no vision that ties the other side up in a nightmare bureaucracy an argument. How else would a political party with no program for the country ever maintain their positions in office other than to complain about anything the other side had to say?

The Republicans of today are the most classless filibusters the country has ever known. Have you ever seen them when a Democrat is speaking and they try and drown out his voice? A Democrat would never do that to a Republican.

My brother-in-law counter and said they are starting to.

I counter that and said if Democrats are starting to be more vocal in defense of this country from the Republicans, it is one of the greatest things I've ever seen happen.

The way the Republicans try and drown out the voice of another person reminded me of a documentary about how the parliament in England operates. It was a room full of bellowing monkeys, I swear to God I saw this on television and they are. They have very little respect for one another. You would think that the masters of the English language would have the patience to listen to another speak but they did not. These are not the noble of royalty but the feeble minded of Wiccanry.

We then argued and he said the reason they attribute to the Democrats not being reelected in the recent election was people did not vote along party lines.

I argued the reason you are stating is propaganda. Indeed it is a subjective opinion meant to keep people from further questioning.

Thomas Murphy on voter fraud:

I then said that when we went to vote they did not check us for identification. I say now that we need a national ID card for voting. This could be an expanded part of the DMV program. The card could be read by the same machine that casts your ballot. Would not there be more voters if every citizen were required to obtain a national voting card. We also need to have a national card for those who want to buy cigarettes, so that when they get lung cancer later on in years we don’t have to pay for their health care.

His self serving counter argument on this, would be that it limits our rights. This is Wiccan logic meant to fool you from the truth. Identifying yourself as a United States citizen at the voting booth only ensures your rights. I would even take this so far in that the machine should scan your fingerprint. And the only excuse for being able to vote in a different manner would be you lost your hand. I can see what the counter argument to this would be already, for some reason those machines with a made inoperable at the time of voting so that votes could be cast in a non-accountable manner.

If you thought that George Bush came from a prestigious university you could not be more wrong. The University he went to is a proponent of the most classless and soul stealing act. And there is no greater threat to humanity than this.

For those of you who by now do not know who George Bush was I will tell you. He was the two-dimensional character from the cover of “Mad Magazine” that got up and walked somehow into the Oval Office.

What will every candidate for the Republican Party lack? The third dimension we can label as a mind of their own.

Donald Trump said he came from Wharton school of finance. To me the name Wharton sounds a lot like Hogwart. Hogwart is indeed the school for Wiccans Harry Potter attended. We don't need you Donald they would love you in England however. Where there is the most classless semblance of public officials guised as royalty that I have ever seen.

I don't know if Donald is from English descent. If my memory serves me correctly he was considered to be descended from some European royalty.

Donald Trump had a history of stepping out with young women. Did he see that Clinton did this and is this is renewed motivation for becoming president?

What would Donald do next if he became president?

1. Bring the country to near bankruptcy again?

2. Take away our religious freedoms? We don't have to worry about this Catholic priests have already subverted the true Catholic church to evil.

3. Would he get us into a war to try and give the world a reputation that the United States is a strong country?

4. Would he then burn all our books and forbid us from praying as English did victimize the country of Ireland. If that happened in the United States and it is already happening in subtle forms, where are we to emigrate to? Wasn't the United States thought to be the last bastion of freedom?

Did anyone fail to notice how as soon as Republicans got majority in our country after the 2010 elections in November that South Korea then broke the border of North Korea and is trying to start a war. Aside from what Sarah Palin believes the United States does support South Korea. United States does not need to be dragged into any more wars or be the cause of them. There is nothing more evident that proves the feeble mindedness of the Republican Party than them taking us straight to war as a diversion to any issues we face concerning the health and welfare of the population the United States of America.

This is not royalty! Which is better to worship the King because if you don't you he’ll you or worship the leader of a country because he is a more than honest American and a good man who has good ideas for the citizens of the United States? Since 911 this has become the juxtaposition that underlies the two political parties in the United States.

If you ever watched celebrity apprentice you can easily see this cat thinks he's king already.

The Church of England has its basis in Wiccanry and this is what Harry Potter has done to the United States of America. To curse people rather than pray for them. The occult and the military-industrial complex were indeed the cause World War II. The occult is a very real and evil force that victimizes many. Adolf Hitler did indeed win World War II because his occult in the form of psychiatry has been legitimized by the United States. It is indeed the preferred method of censorship in the United States.

Donald I pray that when you read this you understand these are issues you have to work on in order to become a better person.

I was always under the impression myself that England and English had more class than those of the United States because of the way they pronounce the language better. I was dissolution when I watched a reality TV show hosted by Sharon Osborne where they tried to create ladies from English shrews. It is one of the saddest things I have ever seen with regard to lessening the good perception and open mind I had with regards to England.

As I was driving in my car I heard it said on the radio that Russia is a mafia state. Should Russia being a mafia state concern the United States of America? Yes. What can we do about it? We can lead by example and clean up our act in the United States.

What is wrong with a mafia state you ask so innocently? It is lawlessness. They can rape your wife, molest your children, steal your earnings and make you soulless zombies strung out on drugs. To me it sounds a lot like United States of America doesn’t it to you? You disagree with this? These have been the themes of the majority of the movies that people glue themselves to the television to watch.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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What is really important to the GOP? 12 09 2010

What is really important to the GOP? 12 09 2010

I watched the 700 Club this morning. The GOP will go to great lengths to reduce government spending. Using their, we’re smarter than everyone else accounting to pick things they don’t like. If they were really for the population of this country they would “eliminate the $200-300 million that we pay to subsidize tobacco”, Pat Robertson said. Paying to subsidize something we know makes us all sick. If that isn’t the source of schizophrenia I don’t know what is. The program this morning told of how one cigarette can give a person a heart attack and the health care costs from this to the American people are astronomical. It also bothers me tremendously that our national drugstore chains sell tobacco and sugar based products, the very thing this country will end up footing the bill for in terms of social security costs later in the life of generations. If that isn’t schizophrenia I don’t know what is. The national drug store chains have the unique opportunity to change their venues by offering health store type snacks and eliminate tobacco sales.

Pat Robertson also told how they hate Jesus in schools and that Quanza is a myth that was not even present in Africa that Americans went over there and created it. They hate Jesus and the Bible because it is the only book to tell the reality of Satan and soul stealing. Teachers in this country cannot teach anymore they rely on a scapegoat where the rest of the children become satanic with soulless dependent minds of the scapegoat. Nothing good ever comes from this, nothing. It only leads to mediocrity and lower standards. And indeed this country is so far down the list of educational standards compared with countries in the rest of the world that you would think we were a third world nation. What Pat Robertson would never know is that those who were raised and therefore learned to be soulless form the basis of the GOP. Everything that they do is of ersatz or “knock off” quality because of this. “Knock off” is the basis for the Chinese economy in more than one forms of meaning. Pat why don’t you tell us how much money the GOP receives from the tobacco lobby and then elucidate this contradiction thoroughly? You will also notice that any changes that the GOP ever makes never require any change from them. A corollary to this is that any changes made by them afford them to use less effort in life. And less effort in thinking. Is this the symbolism that might be behind the failure of our education system today? If anything is asked of them they will give you a thousand reasons why it can’t be done, and are never able to think through any one of them to a viable solution. Who is it that thinks everything is just impossible so we never try? We used to call these people losers. And keep on with your inquiries because you are on the right track.

I tend to watch television programs that are of my same ideology, the 700 club was one such program today.

God Bless the 700 Club for focusing th light on the important issues.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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China investing $1.5 Trillion in its infrastucture by 2020 and the Flat Tax

China investing $1.5 Trillion in its infrastructure by 2020
For those of you who took your eye of the ball and are monger of war.  This is one war we won't win either with more dire consequences than you can imagine.
The are investing this in clean energy and six other areas.

For all of you who whined and held tea parties.  This competition will put the USA out of business.

The war we need to fight is just the same as this one.  We need to invest this much money to get our alternative energy manufacturing up to speed with China.  But with that much money spent they will be playing with a large bankroll behind their cards and will be calling the shots in the world in the future.

They understand how this technology benefits the country, while we were keeping secrets and going to oil wars. 

We need to ramp up factories here like we are producing tanks and planes but not for war. For Solar cells, for an electric grid that is more efficient, better conductive wire, etc.

Why we won't win this race?  Because the Republican Party has stood in the way of progress in this country for the last fifty years.

Republicans complained about health care.  They stood in the way of every initiative for the people the Democratic party ever put forth.  They stood in the way of Jimmy Carter and got us in Iran Contra which was the start of the United States getting stuck in oil muck.  Everything the Democrats wanted to do to benefit this country China will have for its citizens, including greater freedom than we have in the United States.

All you ever cared about was cutting taxes.  That money back to the taxpayer was never put to the good use to benefit the future of the country.  Every problem that the United States has today is a result of your policy of lack of cooperation.

A flat tax would benefit every citizen in the United States.  Why?  Because the "Devil is in the details!" and that is the nature of our tax code today.  The rich do not pay their fare share because, "The Devil is in the Details" and they find the breaks in the tax code to avoid this.  Just as the Government caught the criminal John Dillinger through tax evasion, a flat tax would catch a many people as being criminals.  This inflow of money would provide a boost to our economy and make those who have more, more honest and responsible.  A flat tax would dethrone many who delusion-ally believe they are the President of the United States.  This would take the focus off everyone thinking about themselves and instead they would focus on the future of this country.  If the rich want a tax break then, everyone gets one.  There would be no exceptions. 

Once again everything the Democrats tried to fight for the United States of America and Republicans defeated, China will have for its people.

Thanks A Lot Republicans You are the Antithesis of a Patriotism

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy'

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Julian Assange is innocent this is politically motivated to hide the horrors commited by....

Julian Assange is innocent this is politically motivated to hide the horrors commited by....the United States Government.  Things we should not have done and now that it is known this country should be the "man" to admit what it did.  The reason it won't admit what it did is because it wants the freedom to committ horrors that wiki leaks revealed again.

Whatever Julian is revealing we should all be seeing on our cable televsions nightly, not the hyped up propoghanda of why we should go to war. What he is revealing should be our news.  This is what American s need to know, and there is no reason to keep it from us in the land of the free.

We commit and promote more suffering in this country via the use of nonlethal weapons that can be easily denied than Sodom Huessein ever did in Iraq on his screw tables and hot oil vats.

I can not go out of my house in public without jail bait flirting with me and tempting left and right.

If jail bait follows me, and I don't have access to the databases Julian does, then they are sure following Julian.

Now the next thing the news is going to do is show the picture of someone making accusations.

I have seen parents train children that are no higher than your knee to cry and lie.  And then when they walk away all laugh and say, "Do you think we fooled him?"

What is Julian about to reveal?

Every citezen of the United States of Amererica should consider Julian Assange a true patriot of freedom.

The American public never was allowed to see the files on who assasinated President Kennedy.  Burry it in time and then shread it.  Why?  It is the hidden truth Jack Nicholson spoke of in the movie "A FEW GOOD MEN."

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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And another point torture like the Busch Administration sanctioned in Guantanamo Bay was never to be a part of this country.  This was a great disgrace to the United States of America by the religious wrong.  And the religious wrong are the key members of the Republican Party.

If men like Julian Assange serve to expose actions such as this that go against the very heart of the United States of America they should be given a medal and not hunted by witches.  Just because they are in power does not mean that they represent the values of the United States of America or what they should be.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Proposal for greenhouse spa at Lincoln Memorial Dr. and Water Tower Rd. in Milwaukee 11 30 2010

Proposal for greenhouse spa at Lincoln Memorial Dr. and Water Tower Rd. in Milwaukee 11 30 2010

How about a Greenhouse type enclosure spa at the South West junction of Lincoln Memorial Drive and Water Tower Road. Nobody ever does anything with this land.

It is either in Germany or Russia where I saw one of these outdoor spas in a town square. The water was steamy during the winter. Access to this park would be free to the public. Or once the revenue structure has been accurately determined a small fee could be charged.

The one I envision for this area would by a large rectangular greenhouse glass type enclosure. The glass to use to enclose this structure would be made by Solar Fun Corporation. They have a new solar panel that gathers electricity to power the business or sell back to the utility, it is transparent.

The water would be about neck high when you are sitting on the bottom. And if you wanted to you could take some type of stool out in the middle to sit down.

The water would be cleaned via some non chemical type of treatment such as ozone purification. This could be powered by the solar panels. The panels might even provide enough power to sell back to the utility to make a profit.

A structure such as this would be a major draw to Milwaukee and a work of art.

There would be men’s and women’s locker rooms. Maybe one or two fireplaces. And maybe some coffee tables and a little coffee shop inside also.

Milwaukee could lease out the area to some coffee shop. I am sure there would be many companies that would be interested.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Don't ask, don't tell

What is all the hoopla over repealing don't ask don't tell.

Doesn't the public know this is part of the reason we are getting in all these wars in the first place?
It is these feeble minded types that get us in wars.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

It is no coincidence in my point of view that after the Republicans win the majority that somehow South Korean ships wandered into North Korean territory potentially sparking a war.  There were two ways this could happen.  South Korea was emboldened by the new Republican control or South Korean navigational systems could have been misdirected.  This has been done to me with my navigational GPS before.  False signals can be transmitted to these fairly easily.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

In today's digital age it is too bad that I cannot create a digital image of a dunce hat that follows the newscasters head movements while they are talking or moving on my television screen.  Now then, I would actually enjoy watching the news.  This would be a true representation of reality.  And it would put the quality of our news in perspective.

Now that is Irish wit for you!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Compact Flourescent Bulbs should be made to never leak mercury

All fluorescent light bulbs should be warrantied to never leak the mercury vapor into your home.

This gas can incapacitate a person and make them ill for a week.  It is one of the most toxic heavy metals there is.

Symptoms of exposure that I have had from one of these leaking include, dizziness, fainting, lack of oxygen to the blood cells, toxicity to cells, decreased vitality, headaches, exhaustion and near death.

If you have one of these compact fluorescent bulbs leak this gas and burn out, leave the house and the door open.  After the gas has dissipated a little turn on the fan and try and flush it out of your house.

This is one technology that should be phased out completely over time in favor of LED lights of higher luminosity and where possible the addition of extra energy efficient windows or skylights.

To the responsible leaders of our government, make this so!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

In the Future 11 25 2010

In the future large factory building won't be bought only for what they make inside but also for the solar panel arrays on the surface area of their roofs.  This will be a large part of the asset value.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

President Obama on India or Indonesia

President Obama sought to create manufacturing relations with India?

Does he not know that the unemployment rate is high in this country?  That there are plenty of hispanics and blacks of which he is one that need a job in this country.  Does he not know that a country that does not have a representaion of balanced industries will not survive.

My point is why aren't we figuring out how to create the jobs here instead at a time when we need them.


Monday, November 8, 2010

America's Competitive Stance in the Future

America's Competitive Stance in the Future

We need to work to develop technologies of our future that utilize the natural resources we have in this country already.   This should be the focus of all of our alternative energy platforms.  We need to do this so that in the future we are not reliant on foreign countries for these.

Why am I saying this?  Because our dependency on foreign oil is one of the reasons we faced so many conflicts today.

The catch phrase of the future of this country should be:  "Use what we have."  This indeed be the true nature of what a conservative is, as in reality it conserve the status of our country in the world and does not lead us into wars that could in part compromise our status as this.

The best machines are made of the smallest number of parts.  This should be the theory behind our new technologies.  What I mean is highly advanced things made from simple base resources that we have plenty of already.  We need to be at the forefront of this.  If we were able to accomplish this we would indeed set the example for the rest of the world in terms of leadership.  We will do quite a bit more than this to counter the legacy that is with us though.

China has the most rare earth metals, and they are key components of many high tech products.  We do not need to see them raise and lower the prices of these and our economy then become dependent on how they want to crack the whip.  This is what has happened over the last forty years in the oil industry.  And it ultimately has lead to conflict as one culture does not comprehend the other.  And to put matters into perspective I understand our culture more than the majority of people that live here and I don't like it.  In simple terms it is one of false idolatry and greed.  It is one of hidden sacrifices of the innocent and soul stealing.  To regain world leadership we will have to repent regarding this and set a good example for the rest of humanity around the world to follow.  Really there is no other way.

What I have proposed seems like an incomprehensible challenge to our country.  If we are what we indeed say we are to the rest of the world we can accomplish this.  If indeed we still have the true brain bank we were once said to have we can do this.  Otherwise like all once great nations that never saw their decline coming so will we not see it through our arrogance.  Can we be said to be arrogant today?

One of the reason Rome fell was because people were coming over the border en mass.  It also fell because of the evil nature of a people who would crucify people and feed them to the lions in jeering entertainment.  People should not be raised into this intrepitude of deceit.

God Bless Those Who Know They Made a Mistake and Seek not to Repeat it Again, by Seeking solutions for the betterment of ALL

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS I posted my picture of myself in Mineral Point and thus decided that I needed to write a few Points about Minerals.  It just seemed poetic or fitting or.....A Rock Solid Idea

George Bush

George Bush on Television

I was forced to listen to George Bush on the television in the background tonight while I installed a new light bulb.

He was saying how good a person he was because he quite drinking when he was forty.

I had to ask myself what is he doing on the television today.

The answer is very simple he is trying to lesson the memory in the public of the legacy of harm that he has caused this country.

Why does he want to do this.

So that when someone runs against Obama in 2012 they will remember that he quite drinking when he was forty and not the legacy of harm he caused this country.

Why does he want to do this?

So that someone from his political party will have a better chance of creating a legacy of harm to this country like he did after he quite drinking when he was forty.

I will quit writing this stuff when the world changes for the better and I no longer see it on television or when they pry the keyboard from my cold dead hands.

And another thing I cannot stand how Republicans use milestones from the history or our beautiful country to propagandize their crooked opinions of today.  As I am writing they are saying on the television how US news and world reports has stopped publishing.  Maybe if people sought the truth and told the truth in their reports their publications would last longer.  The proverb here is only TIME is remaining. Will time conform to my prophetic advice?

What will they do next show a bratty little Republican child cutting down a cherry tree and then make the comparison of how patriotic they are like George Washington.  Oddly enough this is how their minds work.

Now they are showing clips of President Kennedy.  Why don't they just say they killed him so that they could monopolize the country in deceit.  Maybe some day in the near future we will have a truth party, whereby we don't have to put up with this any longer.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS Kennedy's family is said to have some bootlegging operations in its history, as such their might have been some competition with others in this type of industry.  He knew what they were, what their true secret was and was ready to expose them before he was assassinated, in simple terms "Soul Stealers"

More on the Living Wage 11 08 2010

More on the Living Wage

I sat and subjected myself to a few minutes of CNN today, and here is what I concluded about what has not been emphasized but is very important over the long term in relationship to our economic prosperity.

The direct relationship between unemployment rates and the living wage. What I am talking about is the unrecognized impact of what would be termed inflation. But the term inflation has not served us well. What would have served this country better would be the relationship of the living wage to unemployment rates.

In other words what do more jobs do for us if we can not even support ouselves on the wages we recieve from said more jobs.  The only way I see to combat this I have written of before in terms of what really is fair trade.
Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Smaller Government and Voter Fraud 11 06 2010

What does less government really mean?  It means that there will be no one to account for and verify results of the voters at the elections "accurately"  This has been the Republicans mode to win elections in the past.  ....Therefore less government does indeed mean the end of Democracy and the United States of America.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

By the way welcome to Milwaukee George Bush.  The less Government I would seek would never find the money to pay for plane trip anywhere.  Why don't you go back to Texas, oh wait you were Governor there, look at how you blessed that state.  Have you come to bless us in Milwaukee the same way.

Anyone get the irony here, George Bush won the presidency through a flawed election, and now he is coming to Milwaukee after the election.  Has he come to congratulate his partners in crime regarding election fraud.

Election results need to be verified.  My mother and I did not even have our id's checked.

Registered voters could be given a voting card with their picture ID on it and a magnetic bar code.  Voters would use the one time cards and then leave them at the elections.

Voters could also have their votes verified before or after the election via their home phone number, etc.
Who does Wisconsin have as a Senator now, an Accountant, someone who could figure out ways to rig our elections in any future elections.  I highly doubt Johnson's credibility as a manufacturer.  I have stated the real reasons why we have no manufacturing basis in this country.  And it has nothing to do with any of the solutions your Republicans are putty forth.  What the heck is all that census data for anyway?  Why can we not have a national ID card.  What would be the valid motivations of someone who did not want one?  If it were only used to check in to vote at elections what would be wrong with that.  And another thing, no younger person wants to have to pay one red cent for one of these.  If you will be eighteen by the next election then you should be required to have your picture taken for one of these.

No ifs and or butt, this is the way it should be.  Accountability for yourself as a citizen of the United States of America does not limit your freedom in any way.  If anything it assures you that your next meal at a restaurant will be germ free.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Questions for Ron Johnson 10 25 2010

Questions for Ron Johnson 10 25 2010

I heard Ron Johnson speak about how the Government doesn’t create jobs only the private sector can create jobs.

What happens when the private sector in our country does not keep up with the private sector of other countries or governments of the world?

What happens when our private sector drives us into wars?

What happens when our private sector fails to innovate and change?

What happens when we bear the burden of the private sector for lack of Government oversight?

What happens when we have no stimulus to spur the private sector to do what they should be doing?

What happens when the private sector is reticent to learn new skills?

What happens when the private sector lobbies for things that our poor for our health and the long term health and the future of this country? What happens when the private sector lobbies for Tobacco? Isn’t that the greatest tax? Where does that entire Tobacco lobby come from anyway? The answer is addicted United States taxpayers.

Who is made to bear the burden of the private sector? The tax payer. What does the tax payer need to prevent him from bearing the burden of the misdeeds of the private sector? Government.

What happens when the private sector doesn’t hire new employees? What happens when the private sector misallocates money?

What happens when our bankers book false profits? Any accountant should know that. The answer to that and that it was the cause of the near financial depression.

What happens when the private sector sells a mortgage to someone who can’t afford it? Do not our financial employees make money and yet the long term health our country is in trouble and our tax payers have to pay for this?

Who needs to regulate the financial institutions of our country? That’s government.

What happens when the private sector wantonly pollutes our country and our waters? What happens when fish are no longer safe to eat as they are not safe to eat now? Have we devolved? Will we, because of the private sector and lack of government? What is the only thing to prevent our private sector from polluting our environment? You know the answer. Government.

Are not poisoned water and air the precondition for plague. A plague of “intelligence” or lack thereof?

Facts and figures are one thing and the forests and the trees are another.

Facts and figures are one thing the air we breathe is another and so is reality.

What happens you misrepresent reality with facts and figures?

Johnson should know the answer to that one, “What happens when you misrepresent reality with facts and figures?” He should know it very well; fraud and bankruptcy.

Using Johnson same stream of logic to debunk him.

What happens when members of the private sector can’t keep up with, in terms of learning intelligence and skills with the rest of the community?

According to Johnson the private sector is responsible for growth, so what happens when we fail? Is the private sector still responsible?

What happens when our industrial military complex has no justification for its actions? The answer; the private sector “feeds” on ordinary citizens.

There are many ways to drive an economy. One is the industrial military complex. The other is alternative energy.

The industrial military complex being the largest portion of the private sector. Can we not have a different portion of the private sector that is larger? One that leads to peace and not war?

That is what our government is trying to do today but he cannot conceptualize this because it what pays him or supports him. It is not his lobby groups. It is not his ideology and he probably couldn’t form it or understand the other side of the issue.

If we spent all the money that we do on our defense department on efforts to teach diplomacy to our politicians, would the world be different? I would argue that diplomacy is character for a leader that cannot be taught. It is something they would have had to learn for themselves already and exhibit before voted into office.

As an accountant he know how to account for profits and losses, income statements. Would he have known ten years ago that a company would not be bankrupt today? Would know if ten years from now a company will not be bankrupt? Would he know how to institute policies in our government to ensure that our country was around in ten years. Could he even do it for a company he accounts for? The answer is no.

As an accountant he attends to the needs that are presented to him by business men. Not the vision of a country or state.

What is he really, a syncophant to lobby groups. The largest lobby groups are tobacco companies. Tell me how that is good for us.

What effect can the agenda of the Republican party regarding short term decisions regarding money have on the long term of this country, there is no vision for growth, it is just a take away.

Tell me what forces are in place within the private sector that helps it look out for the rest of the country? Tell me that.

What is the driving force of the private sector? The answer; greed.

Lower taxes for the private sector, lower taxes for the private sector, is this not the party of greed? Anyone that ever wanted to become a politician could easily do so under the Republican platform. The Republican platform does not require vision. To not have vision for the future of this country and plan for one is the equivalent of one who does not listen. To be a Republican just stand at the podium and wave your finger and say that you promise to lower taxes and when there are problems blame them on government. For those of you who do not know what this means is that, as always Republicans blame government for all the problems. Who is government anyway? Answer; it is Republicans. So essentially Republicans, as government official, blame themselves for all the problems. Alright let’s fix this quick for them and not vote them in office in the first place.

What was the role of Judas in the bible? Answer; he was an accountant. What did he end up doing? Answer; selling people.

He stole the life and soul of Jesus Christ to Pontius Pilot. How do you account for that? You would have to be pretty heartless.

Johnson the great manufacturer; tell us how an automotive worker can afford a living wage and the automotive manufacturer still compete with foreign car companies? Without the taxpayer footing the bill for their pensions that fail?

What happens when those with more money and less intelligence come to rule the rest of us?

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Friday, October 22, 2010

Banking Reform-online paper check ledger 10 22 2010

It used to be hard to reconcile your checkbook to your bank account, because they were separate.

Today however most people do their banking online and checks are becoming a rarity.  However rare they are becoming they are still used, so why not let bank customers enter when they have written a check in a ledger on their online bank account once logged in.  This would save them overdraft fees and keep banks in compliance with reserves.  Now for banks to be in compliance with reserves wouldn't that be a responsible thing?

The total of paper checks written could appear as an item with the subtotal or separate or both.

Banks are not really concerned whether you have the money in the account when you write online checks because they rely on you to manage this so I do not see how this could be an issue with regard to bank customers being responsible.

It would indeed allow consumers to more responsibly manage their finances to avoid overdraft.

God Bless Those Who are Responsible

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Scott Walker Ministers Son or Warlock 10 22 2010

Scott Walker Ministers Son or Warlock 10 22 2010

Scott says he won’t seek to repeal the smoking ban, but I am paraphrasing a little here for the benefit of the truth with comic effect, “If someone per chance, I mean a constituent or funder of my campaign were to perhaps, well maybe if I got in office and someone that bankrolled it were to mention or maybe whisper it to me I would seek the repeal of the smoking ban.”

It is a very little known fact that tobacco is one of the primary tools of the medicine man- the equivalent of a Warlock.

Scott claims to be the son of a minister, does his policy seem inconsistent with that knowing the many cancers that cigarette smoking cause.

Do those who have many problems they do not want to think about themselves often light up a cigarette in your presence at every possible opportunity and pass their filthy ignorance onto you? Yes they do.

Do those who used to hate it when someone else sitting at the table in the restaurant or bar seat next to them is happy, with their own company. Did the smoker of yesterday often glare, look nervous upon seeing this and then light up a smoke and wreck everyone who cared about themselves and others evening? Yes they did.

Is this not the way of Satan? Yes it is. Someone who hates it when others are healthy and happy. Would you ever want a person like this in charge of your education system or your children? Run Scott Walker, from our state.

Who is the proponent of cancer Scott Walker is looking out for? It can indeed be no other than Satan, and I am not trying to be funny here.

Ask anyone with oxygen deprivation cell damage diseases like arthritis, emphysema, decreased vision, Alzheimer’s, cognitive degeneration; ask anyone attached anyone wheezing air through a tube attached to an oxygen tank on a wheeled cart they can barely move and they will tell you Scott Walker is not for them or their best interest. Now wouldn’t that be a good commercial for Scott Walker to put on television, an older person with degenerative disease wheeling around an oxygen tank most likely paid for by the taxpayer telling everyone it is their right to smoke in anyone’s face they want to.

Scott it turns out is also of the political party that would deny insurance to those who never smoked and yet would still need to wheel around an oxygen tank because of it.

Listen very carefully, Wisconsin stands for vibrant green forests and fresh cool air, not for Scott Walker and his satanic constituency.

Scott any adult who has supervised children and easily knows how they lie, knows that you are being put in office to repeal this.

Scott feed the healthy young lungs of your own children cigarette smoke inside the confines of your house so they can then bellow lies like you do. Do not in turn seek to give us and our children smoke until we croak.

Scott you give ministers such as your father, a bad name.

Yes Scott it is our write to do to ourselves as we wish to a certain point, but it is not our write to violate the health and well being of others as second hand smoke does just as thoroughly.  Satan sells souls, is not the equivalent putting forth a policy that is detrimental to the health and future of all Americans from those who fund the party of your campaign or whom you sell policy to?

In your backward stance you would seek to rep-institute the greatest tax our country has ever faced. The costs to our society from smoking are the greatest tax we have ever faced.

Smoking is a relic of war. Solders on cold battlefields seeking any distraction from the circumstances of hell. Smoking in turn is then the product of hell and Italians have seemed to suffer the most from this addiction and the legacy of cognitive dysfunction akin to witchcraft that it has created. Children raised in smoke houses indeed have much lesser IQ’s than those who were not. This leads to a great jealousy and acting out against those children that are more intelligent than them, those who grew up in smoke free home.

That cigarette was a substitute or distraction from thinking during the war. Today it has lead to a generation that cannot think as well for itself. Scott what are you a substitute for?

Governor Barrett if elected ban smoking in all outdoor places also for the future and well being of everyone, including Scott Walker and his children.

God Bless Us All Everyone

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 10 22 2010 at:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

America is not so Innocent 10 20 2010

America is not so Innocent 10 20 2010

The evil people in the United States of America need to step forth and admit what they are to the world and repent. The Arab world believes that we are all evil. We are not. A great many of us suffer from poverty and humility and some even from the theft of our souls from the evil in this country.

A message to the evil of the United States of America and small factions of the rest of the world, step forth and admit what you are to the world ask for forgiveness and promise to repent from evil doing, before there is another war and the planet is destroyed.

When I heard George Bush term the Taliban Evil Doers I strongly agreed with him but there are many evil doers in this country who very subtly and intentionally cause much suffering to others, they hide behind many a mask of authority. And they draw us into their wars with other countries for their personal benefits.

Message to the Arab world some of us here agree that there is great evil in the country of the United States of America and we are indeed working hard to lesson it.

Do not assume that all in the United States are the evil you speak of. I do not assume that all Arabs seek to willfully disfigure others despite the propaganda on the Television.

Evil Doers Repent

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Republicans Today- Or our proud Italian Americans 10 20 2010

Republicans Today- Or our proud Italian Americans 10 20 2010

In Milwaukee they, mostly Italians, are of crude intelligence and their nature is barbarism.

Therefore most of their sons and daughters personalities fade or are transfigured and warped into ones of homosexuality. They assassinated President Kennedy and this country has gone straight downhill ever since.

Why do they always use tax cuts to small business in their political platforms? The truth is small businesses are afraid of them and this is their attempt to “make all’s well after all” with small businesses around voting time.

If you go against them, their women have monstrous psychic powers formed through idle minds like that of animals or dinosaurs’ and they drive people insane. They also use non-lethal weapons to help them do this. Their children molest others without culpability.

They support Zionism which is the sanctioned stealing of souls.

Their evil has spread subversively around the world but is most concentrated here in the United States where it has served as an evil example of behavior for the rest of the world. This is why people of good nature hate us.

If I were President today I would take all their money away and harness them up to plow chains pulling formerly black smoke fuming buses.

Republicans of the past forty years including, Scott Walker his partners in criminality and Rob Johnson are truly good for nothing else accept sending OUR good sons to WAR.

And another thing, their sons and daughters should be taught to work honestly and civilized. They should be taught to treat all money paying customers with respect rather than stealing the soul of someone else to choose another career.

This is their form of escaping through to an alternate delusion and it is the source of our mediocrity.

“Johnson” for Senator? He does not pay income taxes in this “favor” economy of mediocrity and crime. A business man that makes money and does not pay income taxes sounds like a good honest man know doesn’t he? There is no greater hypocrisy.



These are filthy minds creating a race that is less than human with a gangster culture as their template. It is truly all they know. The pollution they create not just from their mouths also lessons our national intelligence and that of the world.

They have not kept up with the pace of humanity over the last two thousand years and seek to bring it back down to their true level of intelligence- MONGOLOID.

They drive “crazy” and loot the minds and souls of all who oppose them. Frank Sinatra told us best what was at the filthy black core heart of Italian culture in his song “Witchcraft”. Does that one resonate with you like it does me when you hear him sing it?

These are the weakest men there are and our founding fathers would have hung them along with the witches that were hung at the same time. Did we hang witches in this country, for “God and Country”, we did.

Whether it be a clerk at the hardware store, grocer, waiter, insurance agent or a son who works at his father’s local shirt press you and all of us our better off if you stayed in that business rather than stealing the soul of someone to be something you can never be.

Don’t impose your delusions of self on the reality of this country. If you can’t sing you can’t sing, don’t pay to create a television show and make us watch your spoiled children do this. If your humor is rude why should it be on national television every night at ten thirty?

If drugs are not the witchcraft of Italians and Jews in organized crime, I for the life of God do not know what it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless the United States of America

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Ron Johnson for Senator 10 20 2010

Ron Johnson for Senator 10 20 2010

I was just forced to watch a commercial by Ron Johnson for Senator.

All he did was criticize government spending, with his Simple Simon chalkboard again.

This ledgers worth of government spending that he is complaining about was all created from a Republican initiated war. A war caused by failure of foreign policy, national culture and diplomacy.

Who in their right mind would ever vote for this Simple Simon?

Does he manufacture plexiglass?  If so lets not look at him through this window glass obscura.
This degreed accountant knows better than to vote for him.

God protect us from mediocrity and veiled hatred

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Scott Walkers ad Campaign

Scott Walkers advertising for his campaign appears to be using the same font and a similar style to that of our Milwaukee Journal.

Can anyone tell me why we should be offended by this?

Anyone from the Journal have anything to say about this?

Are there any writers or news people that would have anything to say about this?

What is he trying to claim?  That he is a college graduate?  That the best news comes from him?  That he has the intellect of a writer?

I find none of these to be true.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Jazz on inside the Place 10 06 2010

Jazz on inside the Place 10 06 2010

When winter comes what are the people who liked Jazz in the park supposed to do?

What I propose is created a thin walled building structure somewhat cheaply like how a metal barn is constructed. It could even be made to be readily disassembled in the spring. High ceiling panels could have some break proof glass in them.

This could be called “Jazz on Inside the Place”

Where could we put this? How about on the Summerfest Grounds. Not Miller Park because they would want to charge for even though the taxpayers already paid, it would cost too much to heat.

If solar panels where added to the roof it would be self-sufficient in terms of energy, as electricity produced from the solar panels could be stored in battery technology like that of ZBB a Menomonee Falls corporation. It is started to sound like a more permanent structure.

State Fair Park is too far west.

God only knows what is held in our Mecca convention hall today.

The Bradley center is too cramped as is the auditorium.

This structure would have to be placed on pavement structure, and have to be in the city of Milwaukee. Therefor the baron Northridge Grounds would not work.

The area where Rank and Son Buick was?It is definitely an idea whose time has come, “Jazz on Inside the Place.”

Criteria that would have to be met:

1. Area as large as Cathedral Square

2. Enclosed structure heated, so noone goes home with a cold

3. Should be ample parking. Jazz in the park has street parking and sometimes you have to walk six blocks but it is still not too bad, so parking would not have to be any better than this.


Late addition: In the summer it could be used as a green house.  A Chinese company now has solar panels that are made for greenhouses.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Love Thy Neighbor as we Love Ourselves 10 05 2010

The Bible says love thy neighbor as we love ourselves, what does this mean?
Should I push my neighbor to have the self-discipline that I do to eat right, exercise regularly and lead a healthy lifestyle? 
Love thy neighbor as we love ourselves, the priest always mentions this every Sunday.  It is easier said than done when you think about it.  Sometimes the best thing you can do after telling someone what they should be doing and not seeing them do it is think about why they are not doing the right things for themselves and pray that good things happen for them.
Love thy neighbor as you love yourself, does this mean if you like to eat a half dozen glazed doughnuts every day you should encourage your neighbor to do the same.  For that person that would be loving thy neighbor as he loves himself.  The appropriate response from the other neighbor would then seem to be, “Don’t offer me any, that stuff makes you fat and prone to cardiac arrest.”  But to truly love your neighbor as you love yourself you would go over there and take that half dozen doughnuts away from him.  Or if you see Joe Cool with a pack of cigarettes tucked in the arm of his T shirt you would go over there and take it from him and destroy it.  What if your neighbor is an evil person that harasses people what do you do then.  You quickly utter in their presence, the nuns used to call this ejaculate, “Men don’t do what you do.”  And by all means think before you spout off because there is nothing worse for a country than the wrongly righteous who disguise themselves as something they are not.
“As I would like for me I would like for you also.”  Would Jesus have said this to his neighbor or would he have competed with his neighbor in terms of who has the better doctorate degree, makes the most money, has the best looking wife, has the more affluent friends, would Jesus try and attain great status?  All rhetorical questions.
If you would not place something where you would trip on it, do not place it where someone else would.  It is a similar philosophy to do onto others as you would have done onto you.  Except the love thy neighbor would seem to suggest being a little more proactive.  It would seem to imply imparting your knowledge of preventing something to them.  Seeing how a neighbor can prevent something and telling them would be one form to apply this, but there are many other ways to constructively apply this principal in our everyday lives.  And it often takes great thought and prayer to implement.  Often choosing the right words to convince.  Sometimes a more passive method works good.  Passively or duplicitously leading by example.  This used to be one of my favorite methods, pretend you are in the shoes of someone else’s situation and have their problems and ask them in a manner so they do not recognize that it is them you are talking about, what they would do in your situation.  This is indeed teaching them translational learning.  As they think they are thinking about you but they are really thinking about themselves.  Sometimes they take the honey of advice they gave you and apply it to themselves as if it was their own stroke of genius that applied to themselves.  Of course Blondie said, “All of my ideas are right as long as he thinks there his.”  Sometimes they never get it.  How do you help a neighbor that will not listen to you or worse?  Sometimes solutions to our modern day problems defy readily understandable teachings.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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PS why did the money go to into the television set, "I pay you more

money to make more money for me." A Ponzi Scheme.

Want a living wage of twenty six dollars and hour turn on the Television Set right away 10 05 2010

I talked to man the other day and he said the living wage where you could afford a house, car and raise a family was about twenty six dollars.  You want to know what happened to the money in this country where it went, turn on your television set and it is looking straight at you.  Professional athletes paid twenty million dollars so that those who played high school football and walked off the field doesn’t feel like he is a loser.  He sees those athletes paid millions and thinks he is just as good and votes Republican.  How many former High School athletes are under the delusion that they should be on that field being paid millions. 
“Though Shall Not Worship False Idols”
“The television is a purely passive activity” my father said to me.

“For me it is not, I argue with everything they say. I sit here and bitch about everything I see them say on there.  The public’s brains are fed on the stupid mouths of that TV and this has totally dehumanized our younger generations.  That and video games.”
“Well I did not mean to say that when I watch it, it is a purely passive activity for me.  I meant like you did.”
If there was less television would people have to exercise more and be more active and therefore be happier.  Plato knew this some two thousand years ago.
Will a magnetic pulse from a nearby collision of two asteroids that knocks out all television programs and Internet be the salvation of humanity?  Who can name an act of God you might claim a casualty for on and insurance form that involved magnetism?
God Bless Amish Craftsman
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 10 5 2010 at

PS why did the money go to into the television set, "I pay you more

money to make more money for me." A Ponzi Scheme.


This morning on National Public Radio I heard Joyce Cardine interview Ellen Pound the leader of the largest human rights based organization in the United States of America. (And I did not bother to look up the correct spellings of their names)
It is a shame that the largest human rights organization in this country is an advocate for gay and lesbians, why? Because what you do not know or want to know, that is true, is of the violation of human rights that creates homosexuals in the first place.
Homosexuals were created in the process of stealing souls. 
The radio show talked about how five boys committed suicide and were also accused of being gay. 

These boys were not gay; they were most likely picked o by those who were jealous of them.
The process these evil races use to steal a person’s soul is a more horrific revelation than any holocaust ever was.  Once a person’s soul has been stolen they are highly subject to being influenced to be whatever someone else wants them to be.  You can think of it like a teenage runaway girl being beaten and forced into prostitution.  These girls have also had their souls stolen but in a different way.
Evil races today have the power to chant and deprive someone of sleep until their soul is gone and they are put on the legitimized voodoo medicines of psychiatry.  Then those who have stolen their soul feel comfortable with themselves again.  Comfortable wearing the skin of the person whose soul they have stolen.  What do they steal?  Past, present and future memories and skills.  A great deal indeed.
Once these boys souls were stolen there is little to prevent them from becoming gay or whatever those with money and power want them to be.  It is the ultimate insult of Satan to destroy and possess those they are jealous of.  That is why these boys killed themselves.  They knew all that I speak of and had no way to express it.  There was no way to combat this in our society because those who steal the souls are the ones in power today.  How can you tell you are in the presence of soul stealers?  They want to talk over you so that you cannot hear yourself think.  They want to do everything that they can to prevent you from thinking.  They want you to believe that you cannot think for yourself at all.  They want you to believe that you are worthless.  They want you to stop trying.  Etc, etc, etc, you get the idea, they covet being what you are and to maintain themselves as you they have to deny you being yourself-THE CHOSEN ONES.  Psychiatry indeed legitimizes and promotes a race less than that of humanity.  A race that could be broadly termed- Soul Stealers or Satanic.

There are many reasons why a person can become gay, and I will only go into a few of them because I have written about this before.
A male or a female was not conceived to be gay.  Somewhere there was an evil influence in their lives that made them gay.  Most likely they were demonically possessed by someone trying to steal their souls and influenced in subtle ways into being gay.
Or when a man’s soul was stolen or fragmented by evil people, the pain of they experienced as a person fought to keep their soul from being stolen influenced them to being gay.  Somehow the pain of the person fighting to keep their soul, and this could be miles away, was heartfelt and soul felt by them and it changed them.  Their own soul “hopped the tracks” as a result of this.
Remember it is a fact that a soul is an energy body.  A fragmented or soul labeled schizophrenia is one they “evil, soulless, Satan, etc.” could not get enough of.
Stealing of souls has been legitimized by psychiatry today, and it is the greatest crime against humanity ever.  There are broad repercussions to it.
Sometimes a boy will love his relationship with his father or seeks to obtain a loving relationship with a man because of this.  I could go on and on because it happens in different ways.  But I firmly believe there is an evil influence that comes into play here.
If you think queers or evil do not try and steal men’s souls you have never worked out a health club weight room.  By the way I usually see that people who do this look like spoiled Jews or Italians.  Pontius Pilot ruled over the kingdom of Judea and these people have not really changed in two thousand years.  They have just found more subversive and subliminal ways to crucify people and steal their souls.  The Arab world knows this and this is why they hate the United States.
Those from the kingdom of Judea know how to subtly harass an individual to steal their souls.  They also use nonlethal weapons most likely from Israeli origin to augment their torture efforts.
A young man who is of Irish origin and of strong intellect really is at great odds in this country from the evil children from the Kingdom of Judea.  Those of the Roman Catholic Church and Jews.
The reality of soul stealing that you would ignore the existence of is sickening.
Why do gays harass straight men?   Because this is how some of them were created.  Why do people do evil unto others that was done onto them?  Because authority was not present to protect them and therefore they are lead to believe that what was done to them “IS THE THING TO DO” This is how they diffuse their own pain.
Why does authority look the other way?  Because they too have become complacent with evil because they were most likely defeated by Satan themselves.  In other words they found it futile to challenge Satan and therefore were made complacent to his will.  The influence or “will” of Satan is indeed very strong in the United States of America. The futility of combating poverty, crime, pollution, the Republican Party, is all the will of Satan in power.
I know firsthand that evil children (boys) try and create gay children (boys) they are jealous of.  Children raised evil do this in very subtle ways.  Two friends (Boys) might kiss each other in front of another friend (boy) in an effort to create a gay desire in him and in effect steal his soul.  Or they might rub your knee, or try and climb in your sleeping bag, or ask you to go the health club sauna with them as a boy or give you drugs and try and rape you, or beat you until you are weak and feel womanly, or stare at you in the eyes and tell you how nice your eyes are.  You get the idea there is something very wrong with them and not you.
The real issue of human rights violations is the one you need to address and you would never be able to comprehend it and most likely would deny the existence of Satan.  I know what the face of Satan looks like when it possesses and individual.
There are a great number of children that grew up and were raised by “Talking” to someone that was labeled mentally ill.  Think of the movie “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and for once be tempted not to feel so sorry for the croaking bird.
This is indeed how Jews advance at an early age to greater intelligence.  It has little to do with genetics.  These gypsies have stolen the soul of someone and talk to it, and I hate to use terms that are not broadly adopted, but like the mocking bird bothered the man they talk to the person made mentally ill sometimes telepathically. 
These children grow up by holding a hand of those they torment in a wretched vise of pain.
The wealthy sons and daughters that are raised evil and do physical harm to others are the ones we need to put on medicine?  Or, the weaker and stronger of intellect that hurt the feelings of the bullies by using their sharp wit who then act out against them.
It is not a one sided issue, but at its heart is the way evil children were raised on stolen souls.
Did anyone ever think of asking the question, why don’t men like queers?  I answered this in my essay “Gods final word on homosexuality.”  I am indeed very consistent in my philosophy throughout my writings.
They always say God promised them all that land.  God Jesus Christ did not promise them that land.  If God did promise them all this land to the west he did this as a curse to them.  To keep them at odds with the rest of humanity and but freely letting them display their example of greed for all the world to see.  To show the world how they cannot live in peace with their neighbors.  To show the world how they steal from their neighbors.
And indeed my disclaimer here again is that the Bible tells us that we are all Jews.
All the Jews that I have known always seem to put on an air of aloofness or feel that they are better than everyone else.  The bible tells us that we are all Jews.  If they were to recognize that they are not any better they might start to genuinely respect other people, and the humanity of other people, the world might be a more loving and happy place.  But they have been persecuted so many times that their guard is up for good.  But to entitle and promote your children to steal the souls of others is evil and wrong, and some of them do take a great part in this.
If the Jews of Israel all headed west in their expansion took over all the Middle East and then killed the rest of us off what would then happen?  There would be offshoots against the Jews that would form who were indeed Jews themselves and they would be at odds again just as the Jewish tribes of the bible often were.  Muslims today kind of seem like one such offshoot to me.  Oh and another thin, we don’t need a Muslim rule that cuts up and disfigures people.  But I do greatly recognize the frustration they might have in dealing with some women.  Are there Muslim witches?  I will say there would have to be, as women complacent to such brutal and sadistic acts of torture could be termed nothing else, but I have not researched it.
I do not like to speak out against them, so why do I do it?  Because I suffer at their hand, and if I do others do to.  I know that they are doing evil.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy