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What is really important to the GOP? 12 09 2010

What is really important to the GOP? 12 09 2010

I watched the 700 Club this morning. The GOP will go to great lengths to reduce government spending. Using their, we’re smarter than everyone else accounting to pick things they don’t like. If they were really for the population of this country they would “eliminate the $200-300 million that we pay to subsidize tobacco”, Pat Robertson said. Paying to subsidize something we know makes us all sick. If that isn’t the source of schizophrenia I don’t know what is. The program this morning told of how one cigarette can give a person a heart attack and the health care costs from this to the American people are astronomical. It also bothers me tremendously that our national drugstore chains sell tobacco and sugar based products, the very thing this country will end up footing the bill for in terms of social security costs later in the life of generations. If that isn’t schizophrenia I don’t know what is. The national drug store chains have the unique opportunity to change their venues by offering health store type snacks and eliminate tobacco sales.

Pat Robertson also told how they hate Jesus in schools and that Quanza is a myth that was not even present in Africa that Americans went over there and created it. They hate Jesus and the Bible because it is the only book to tell the reality of Satan and soul stealing. Teachers in this country cannot teach anymore they rely on a scapegoat where the rest of the children become satanic with soulless dependent minds of the scapegoat. Nothing good ever comes from this, nothing. It only leads to mediocrity and lower standards. And indeed this country is so far down the list of educational standards compared with countries in the rest of the world that you would think we were a third world nation. What Pat Robertson would never know is that those who were raised and therefore learned to be soulless form the basis of the GOP. Everything that they do is of ersatz or “knock off” quality because of this. “Knock off” is the basis for the Chinese economy in more than one forms of meaning. Pat why don’t you tell us how much money the GOP receives from the tobacco lobby and then elucidate this contradiction thoroughly? You will also notice that any changes that the GOP ever makes never require any change from them. A corollary to this is that any changes made by them afford them to use less effort in life. And less effort in thinking. Is this the symbolism that might be behind the failure of our education system today? If anything is asked of them they will give you a thousand reasons why it can’t be done, and are never able to think through any one of them to a viable solution. Who is it that thinks everything is just impossible so we never try? We used to call these people losers. And keep on with your inquiries because you are on the right track.

I tend to watch television programs that are of my same ideology, the 700 club was one such program today.

God Bless the 700 Club for focusing th light on the important issues.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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