Friday, December 3, 2010

China investing $1.5 Trillion in its infrastucture by 2020 and the Flat Tax

China investing $1.5 Trillion in its infrastructure by 2020
For those of you who took your eye of the ball and are monger of war.  This is one war we won't win either with more dire consequences than you can imagine.
The are investing this in clean energy and six other areas.

For all of you who whined and held tea parties.  This competition will put the USA out of business.

The war we need to fight is just the same as this one.  We need to invest this much money to get our alternative energy manufacturing up to speed with China.  But with that much money spent they will be playing with a large bankroll behind their cards and will be calling the shots in the world in the future.

They understand how this technology benefits the country, while we were keeping secrets and going to oil wars. 

We need to ramp up factories here like we are producing tanks and planes but not for war. For Solar cells, for an electric grid that is more efficient, better conductive wire, etc.

Why we won't win this race?  Because the Republican Party has stood in the way of progress in this country for the last fifty years.

Republicans complained about health care.  They stood in the way of every initiative for the people the Democratic party ever put forth.  They stood in the way of Jimmy Carter and got us in Iran Contra which was the start of the United States getting stuck in oil muck.  Everything the Democrats wanted to do to benefit this country China will have for its citizens, including greater freedom than we have in the United States.

All you ever cared about was cutting taxes.  That money back to the taxpayer was never put to the good use to benefit the future of the country.  Every problem that the United States has today is a result of your policy of lack of cooperation.

A flat tax would benefit every citizen in the United States.  Why?  Because the "Devil is in the details!" and that is the nature of our tax code today.  The rich do not pay their fare share because, "The Devil is in the Details" and they find the breaks in the tax code to avoid this.  Just as the Government caught the criminal John Dillinger through tax evasion, a flat tax would catch a many people as being criminals.  This inflow of money would provide a boost to our economy and make those who have more, more honest and responsible.  A flat tax would dethrone many who delusion-ally believe they are the President of the United States.  This would take the focus off everyone thinking about themselves and instead they would focus on the future of this country.  If the rich want a tax break then, everyone gets one.  There would be no exceptions. 

Once again everything the Democrats tried to fight for the United States of America and Republicans defeated, China will have for its people.

Thanks A Lot Republicans You are the Antithesis of a Patriotism

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy'

Originally published on 12 03 2010

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