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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Read into this carefully for what I said about Nuclear Power on 08 17 2010

Mark Neumann and Scott Walker 08 17 2010

These two Republican candidates do not understand money and have a Stone Age mentality with regard to how to pull an economy out of a downturn.  When I first heard that Newman was a former math teacher I was optimistic about his candidacy because both my parents were teachers.  However with regard to math and how it applies to money, when an economy is down you do not pull out by counting how much money you have every day.
Why kind of a role model tells us that we cannot do something?  Should not our political candidates also be good role models for our young people?  What is the first thing Scott Walker did when he became county executive; he closed all the county parks.  I wonder if Scott Walker even knows what kind of fertilizer is used on our golf courses and what its impact is on our water quality, you know the stuff we drink that is required for life, and not the stuff that you know when you drink it you will likely become cross eyed or lazy eyed. Are these the two role models that tell us we cannot do something?  Part of government responsibility and those seeking office is to ensure progress.  Neither of these two candidates have the authority or nature of government understanding to do this.  Nor do their comments express optimism in Wisconsin or our future.  Expressing optimism is the true nature of a leader.  And leaders lead by example.  What poor leaders they are for us already.
I find it odd that they think they are going to appeal to their well educated Republican base by cancelling a program that links the State Capital of Wisconsin to our heavy populated shore of Lake Michigan city Milwaukee.  If Scott would become governor what would he then say sitting in his office in Madison, “The first thing we will do is close Milwaukee?”  Typically the wealthy and higher grade point average students of Milwaukee and High Schools of communities near by it seek as a goal to attend the University of Wisconsin in Madison, as it is still considered the preeminent University of Wisconsin.  Does not Scott Walker understand the value of a sound education?  Would not a high speed rail system between Madison and Milwaukee facilitate a greater intelligence level in Wisconsin?  Would not Milwaukee benefit from a quicker and more convenient commute to the State Capital?  Would not this facilitate greater change and improvement to our state as Madison is our Capital and a source of funding for other programs in the state, Milwaukee being one of the two largest cities of Wisconsin.  How come Walker as the Milwaukee County Supervisor does not realize why faster travel to our states capital is important for our states future?  Faster streamlined travel would better facilitate a state wide community of communication and understanding that would address the needs of this State’s future.  The change that we see in the world has already surpassed the capabilities of either Scott Walker or Mark Neumann.
Beware of political candidates that have a negative stance.  “We can’t afford that train.”  I heard one of these two say on the morning radio.  An optimistic candidate would say we could and the reason why and make it happen.  An optimistic candidate would also revoluntionalize our state in terms of clean alternative energy and infrastructure.  Do we want to put into office a candidate that says, “We can’t do that?”  What good will a pessimist do for us? When they make all the way to the position of President of the United States they often take us to war.  Not only should we put that high speed rail train to Madison but we should also run it straight west to the Mississippi River.  Believe me the Mississippi river is another one of Wisconsin’s great natural resources that we are ignoring and polluting just as much as Lake Michigan.
Scott Walker or Mark Neumann would not have a clue as to how to plan, organize, staff, oversee, fund, bring to fruition any such programs.  They are a negative influence on the state of Wisconsin’s future already.

As third graders these candidates should have been sent home for bad behavior and setting an example of bad behavior.
Once again I have said too much and now fear of getting shot by a member of the mongoloid race, i.e. today’s new Republicans.  But I’ll continue on anyway.
Another Republican on this morning’s radio program mentioned that there are only three ways to make social security work, 1. Raise the retirement age. 2. Decrease benefits, 3. Increase taxes.  This snake is very pessimistic and indeed misled the population of Wisconsin today.  What he needed to say is that we need to grow the economy in order to create a higher tax base. How come he did not think of saying this?  Because he is a pessimist.  He knows already he has no ability to grow our economy.  Large programs of change, improvements in infrastructure, clean and renewable energy programs, and programs that clean and provide for clean lakes and rivers are required to do this.  Neither of these two candidates would have the ability to successfully conceptualize these.
Another Republican candidate said that we need to fund our deficit.  Who was he kidding?  Republicans do not know how to pay down a deficit.  Once the money goes into the treasury the first thing they try and do is give it back to taxpayers in the form of tax cuts.  I paid as much as, if not more in taxes than the average Wisconsinite last year.  And I do not believe the role of government is to put me through the time and hassle of filling out tax return only to give the money back to me.  That money goes to the Treasury to keep the country up to date on an international scale and protect us from the inequalities that lead to a lack of repair and maintenance.  Much of the oversight that government provides was lost by Newt Gingrich's smaller government program.  This country needed the checks and balances that were eliminated.  Those checks and balances would have seen that the SEC was in fact doing the job it was intended to.  Those checks and balances would have ensured that the Federal Reserve that regulates the banking industry would have done its job.  Those checks and balances would have ensured that our education system kept on “TRACK”.  That larger government is for our future.  Republicans view their political positions appointed in government as a chance to more of a dog eat dog world, an everyman for himself world where those who already have money Republicans do well.  This country no long has the power or infrastructure to regulate and take action against those that are crooked. Why?  Because that is the way Republicans want it because they are themselves crooked.  Our founding fathers of immense capabilities would have nothing to do with or any association with their ilk at all.  Our country was founded by those who could not stand the likes of today’s Republican Party.  They would have regarded them as useless, crooked, lacking any real skills, of little true intellect and poor role models.
Another Republican candidate mentioned that nuclear power is our only option for this countries energy needs.  This is a man that offers no future for our country.  How can we make more nuclear power plants when we never really truly addressed the issue of how to deal with its radioactive waste?  And these nuclear power plants are run by human beings just like the oil well in the gulf.  Does anyone remember Three Mile Island or Chernobyl? 
The cumulative effect of increased focus on alternative energy would solve our countries energy needs.  If every building in the United States had a solar array on its roof that would do it right there.  The air and water would be cleaner to.  No Republican could ever conceptualize the cumulative effect of such good programs.  It is just not part of their mental framework.  They do not even understand what a high speed rail system from Milwaukee to Madison would mean to this country.
I would like to consider Wisconsin a Green State.  Isn’t this what most of us like about it? The lakes, rivers and forest, the (County Parks…shooo don’t tell anyone I said this parentheses part.)  I would like to think that our actions today would leave a viable future for our residents.  First and foremost this relates to a clean environment.   Our water is loaded with Mercury.  Now this Republican candidate who dared to express his opinion on public radio professed that we should rely on nuclear power.  Why doesn’t he hire the workers from another large player in industry to man it BP Amoco.  Why doesn’t he privatize it like utilities are, and staff it with those responsible BP Amoco workers?  I can see it already the plants implode and we have to rely on foreign oil AGAIN.  After forty years of mistakes in this country and being wrongly influenced by the Republican Party when is this country going to wake up.  They don’t belong in office.  And we should not have to put up with their counterproductive tactics and policies.  They way they have subverted our bureaucracy to stagnancy and then wars is a crying shame.
Our water is loaded with Mercury and now they want it to be radioactive in the future also.  Mercury is a heavy metal like the lead.  Lead paint that was banned in the early seventies.   Mercury water has yet to be banned yet.  But there should be a national program that would lead the world by example to ban Mercury water.  Now the short sighted Republicans are setting us up for a future of radioactive water.  How well are our children going to learn as their skin is peeling off, their teeth are falling out, they are glowing in the dark, and maybe they are a good shade of gray too.  It is a little known fact that children tend to act up in the classroom when the barometer is falling.  This is because there is more pressure inside their skulls on their brains.  This is made worse when Mercury is present in their bodies, why because it is highly toxic to cells.  And when cells expand as they do when the barometer drops they are indeed more vulnerable to Mercury that might have been kept more distant from them in our bodies.  It is a great source of inflammation that no Doctor would ever address or be a vocal advocate against on a national scale.

Disposal of nuclear waste has never been addressed.  It is usually buried or held on premises.  Our nuclear power plants all use water as a source of cooling.  And that is what makes nuclear power inherently a risk too great to assume more of today.  What happens years in the future when contained nuclear waste corrodes out of its containers and it reaches the water table?  There are other risk scenarios where it could leach into the water table also.  For example, human error like that that occurred on the gulf oil rig.  Terrorist attacks.  It’s been about thirty years since Reagan stole the election from Carter who was going to lead us down a better path.  Bush stole an election through duress also.  When are we going to wake up and embrace solar energy?  WHEN?  How many wars and oil spills and corrupt oil men skinning all aspect of this country’s infrastructure out will it take for the United States to Wake up.  If you think an oil spill is hard and costly to clean up and ruins our national resources and causes a food supply that is now more cancerous, what do you think radioactive water would do for your health?  You won’t have any.  There won’t be much of the human race left.  If they are they will likely be mutated and not for the better.  If we follow the path the Republicans take us on will likely be the lesser apes in the future if any descendants live at all.  We can’t adapt to Mercury in our water you fools.  We can’t adopt to radioactive water either.  Doing the right thing means you start going in the right direction, the Republicans of my lifetime have never taken us in the right direction.
The best way to handle nuclear waste is to design energy systems that uses the nuclear waste as fuel and drains its radioactivity to ZERO in the process.  We need to develop the science and technology to use nuclear waste like a disposable battery, but better.  And we need to learn and implement this before anymore nuclear power plants are built.  THIS IS JUST PLAIN COMMON SENSE. Why didn’t Republicans learn this?  I doubt they ever learned a thing in school.  I bet they were all disruptive child or the high school whores.  As a matter of fact that is what all the ones I know have come to be, that or bratty children that were raised in an evil way.  (But that is another essay I have written).
Republicans are so dumb in terms of their lack of “INSIGHT” and “VISION” that I often think they are members of a lesser species.  In terms of money they are of the “TAKERS” and “COUNTERS” mentality that usually takes us to war and we then count our dead.  A lot of us are sick and dying already because of them and their policies of inherent failure.  A “taker and counter” of money (Republican of today) will never pay down a deficit.  Who are they kidding?  A taker and counter gives it back to taxpayers and that subverts the power of the government as there is no money for vision, change and progress.   Republicans have lessened the power of government so much so that it cannot even protect us from the.  We are now powerless to the way of their faulted idealism's.  There delusionary governance has created a society that is blind to its own problems.  You see them on television and they never offer a viable solution to this countries problems.  The reason for this is because they are this country’s biggest problem today.  Today’s problems require the ability to think about and spend money appropriately.  Republicans do not have this ability.  And indeed they are counter to this and therefore people.  Without vision what are they running for office for????
One looks crossed eyed and the other has the beady cold eyes of a rendering vulture.
No one is better at creating fear and selling panic that feeds the profits of Wall Street than a Republican administration.  Incidentally, Wall Street is said to be strongly Republican.  Anyone besides me got the link between the Republican policies in avoidance of change for the better?  How fear and panic just seem to happen during Republican administrations? (1987, 2001, 2007) Fear and panic all cater to the profits of Wall Street.  Why?  Because Wall Street thrives on the volatility created by fear and panic.  They are always standing ready to take a counter position to profit from fear and panic.  They short sell long before there is fear and panic and then profit from it.  If you disagree with this you do not know of the record bonuses that are doled out to employees after market downturns.  Go to your library and research this.  They profit from the detriment to the rest of the country in many ways.  Not only do they profit from the souls of individuals they steal they have also stolen the SOUL of this country. Wall Street and some larger financial institutions are just as if not more underhanded than organized crime in terms of their negative influence and impact on this country.  Wall Street is said to be predominantly Republican.

God Bless Those Who Have The Courage To Say What Needs To Be Said,

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS I’ll tear up their stance on health care in a future article, if I haven’t implied enough about them already for you to not want to vote for them.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


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Thomas Paul Murphy

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lindsay Lohan

Shouldn't the icons of our television be, for the lack of a better word, role models for our younger generation?

Ask yourself why they aren't?

Ask yourself who hired them and why?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Donald Rumsfeld on my Television 02 09 2011

Donald Rumsfeld on my Television 02 09 2011

Donald Rumsfeld was asked if he had any regrets about torturing a terrorist. He replied that he didn’t have any because we got good information from him.

Then when asked if he knew of such torture was taking place he said he was shocked to find out what was going on.

Any parent of a five year old can put two and two together here and see he is lying. He is portraying himself to be something that he is not. Why? Because he is contradicting his intent in these two statements.

He said that those who were responsible were dealt with. I would like to see those who are responsible interviewed. Why? Because I don’t think they are in prison at all. I bet they are living comfortably off a government paycheck. I bet they will never be interviewed for one reason or another. But here is the real reason, some of us cannot be lied to and can spot a liar quite easily. What are they going to say, “I thought I would torture those people while the higher up command wasn’t looking? I knew if they found out I would be in big trouble. So I took all manner of precaution that they wouldn’t know. I never took those videos and pictures of people mocking the prisoners that were tortured. I never knew there was a camera around. Blah, blah, blah.”

They thought that because of some little detail here based on precedent there that what they did was right, and if we can link enough details together what we did can be justified as not being wrong. “The devil is in the details.” Those in Government should be held accountable to the standard of, “Would my actions justified if the American public knew what I was doing at every moment.” In other words, “To be a leader in our government everything that I do should not be subject to secrecy.” Does not the utilization of the power granted from the use of secrecy in effect amount to treason! Who would ever elect a President that thought he needed to keep things secret from the American public because it was indeed in their best interest for them never to know how they were being governed or what we are doing with the power you have given us. This is the arrogance of a self appointed and veiled dictatorship maintained and secured by our military industrial complex.

Here is what you need to say, “Our foreign policy was the result of our inability to create a working domestic policy. In effect we thought it better to go to war than address the needs of Americans and in the future we also want a smaller government so that the needs of Americans are never addressed and no one will ever be able to tell on our small esoteric actions that do not reflect the will of the American people, but will be found out anyway by them, but will take every action against the American Public to prevent them from happening, that is the American public from knowing the truth about what we are doing that is in their best interest according to us, but for some reason that is not our fault turned out to not be in our best interest, but we won’t admit that, and don’t say that we were responsible.”

This logic is like a baby sitter not telling you what he/she did to discipline your children because it was in your best interest. Don’t we all want to know?

The interview on television showed that he still has an office in our government and receives a paycheck from US Taxpayers.

Do any of you remember the Geneva Convention?

This man is below the standard of the United States. What does it say about the United States when we invade Iraq partially because Saddam Hussein tortured people and then we ourselves are found guilty of doing the same thing? From my standpoint of logic when you are no better than the cause of a problem you are likely also part of the problem.

Torture is a Crime against Humanity. It is below the standard of this country and the standard of humanity. Since our government, Rumsfeld, did not have any regrets does it stand to reason that we might have been doing this a long time before the American public was made aware? Does it stand to reason that a country whose government or administration is doing this unaccountable to the public might have caused more trouble for trouble for the United States in terms of a negative reputation than the American Public ever “Voted” for? I cannot prove what was going on in the Middle East. But I do know that Egypt tortured on behalf of the US. The US is said to pay Egypt over a billion dollars a year. Our focus should not be on procuring as much oil as we can it should be, how fast can we build an infrastructure of clean renewable energy.

The law in the United States says that when you pay someone to have someone murdered you are also guilty of murder, right?

If we have smaller government in the United States as the Republicans espouse maybe there is one desk that needs a pink slip first. What American taxpayer and voter voted to have people tortured? Let’s take a poll.

Is my stating what I believe to be the truth the cause of future problems or is it more the people who caused the problems who are responsible? Let freedom of speech rein. You are not going to show your face on my television set without facing a rebuttal from me, I won’t stand for it!

If you read this and do not like what I am saying please deport me to a country of my nationality origin. If you don’t deport me maybe Rumsfeld should be deported, he might like that better than jail and that is where I think he really belongs along with George Bush, Dick Cheney and Carl Rove. You choose who you think is right.

I’ll go on the record as saying those who condone torture are less than human. How many American voters condoned torture? Does this arrogance of we know what is right for everyone else because we are more intelligent but we have to keep it a secret for what at the time we labeled national security reasons but now it is found that what we did that we thought was the smart thing to do but couldn’t tell anyone about because it was horrific, just grate your nerves too? Who gave them the go ahead to form and make decisions of a cloaked government? What I am getting at is the American Public would have never voted for what they were doing all along. Let us know everything, disseminate all information, so that we can prevent you from getting us into “Another fine mess.” In the future. How will we get you to do this? This will part of your plea bargain to avoid jail time.

Does anybody get the idea that we might have created some terrorist by torturing in the Middle East? Anyone?

God Bless Those who want a country that abides by our countries constitution

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally Posted on 02 09 2011 at:

PS I am being tortued by the use of nonlethal weapons for saying these things.

"There are plenty of witches who would kill for my sixth sense."  A Humphry Boughart movie line.