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Donald Rumsfeld on my Television 02 09 2011

Donald Rumsfeld on my Television 02 09 2011

Donald Rumsfeld was asked if he had any regrets about torturing a terrorist. He replied that he didn’t have any because we got good information from him.

Then when asked if he knew of such torture was taking place he said he was shocked to find out what was going on.

Any parent of a five year old can put two and two together here and see he is lying. He is portraying himself to be something that he is not. Why? Because he is contradicting his intent in these two statements.

He said that those who were responsible were dealt with. I would like to see those who are responsible interviewed. Why? Because I don’t think they are in prison at all. I bet they are living comfortably off a government paycheck. I bet they will never be interviewed for one reason or another. But here is the real reason, some of us cannot be lied to and can spot a liar quite easily. What are they going to say, “I thought I would torture those people while the higher up command wasn’t looking? I knew if they found out I would be in big trouble. So I took all manner of precaution that they wouldn’t know. I never took those videos and pictures of people mocking the prisoners that were tortured. I never knew there was a camera around. Blah, blah, blah.”

They thought that because of some little detail here based on precedent there that what they did was right, and if we can link enough details together what we did can be justified as not being wrong. “The devil is in the details.” Those in Government should be held accountable to the standard of, “Would my actions justified if the American public knew what I was doing at every moment.” In other words, “To be a leader in our government everything that I do should not be subject to secrecy.” Does not the utilization of the power granted from the use of secrecy in effect amount to treason! Who would ever elect a President that thought he needed to keep things secret from the American public because it was indeed in their best interest for them never to know how they were being governed or what we are doing with the power you have given us. This is the arrogance of a self appointed and veiled dictatorship maintained and secured by our military industrial complex.

Here is what you need to say, “Our foreign policy was the result of our inability to create a working domestic policy. In effect we thought it better to go to war than address the needs of Americans and in the future we also want a smaller government so that the needs of Americans are never addressed and no one will ever be able to tell on our small esoteric actions that do not reflect the will of the American people, but will be found out anyway by them, but will take every action against the American Public to prevent them from happening, that is the American public from knowing the truth about what we are doing that is in their best interest according to us, but for some reason that is not our fault turned out to not be in our best interest, but we won’t admit that, and don’t say that we were responsible.”

This logic is like a baby sitter not telling you what he/she did to discipline your children because it was in your best interest. Don’t we all want to know?

The interview on television showed that he still has an office in our government and receives a paycheck from US Taxpayers.

Do any of you remember the Geneva Convention?

This man is below the standard of the United States. What does it say about the United States when we invade Iraq partially because Saddam Hussein tortured people and then we ourselves are found guilty of doing the same thing? From my standpoint of logic when you are no better than the cause of a problem you are likely also part of the problem.

Torture is a Crime against Humanity. It is below the standard of this country and the standard of humanity. Since our government, Rumsfeld, did not have any regrets does it stand to reason that we might have been doing this a long time before the American public was made aware? Does it stand to reason that a country whose government or administration is doing this unaccountable to the public might have caused more trouble for trouble for the United States in terms of a negative reputation than the American Public ever “Voted” for? I cannot prove what was going on in the Middle East. But I do know that Egypt tortured on behalf of the US. The US is said to pay Egypt over a billion dollars a year. Our focus should not be on procuring as much oil as we can it should be, how fast can we build an infrastructure of clean renewable energy.

The law in the United States says that when you pay someone to have someone murdered you are also guilty of murder, right?

If we have smaller government in the United States as the Republicans espouse maybe there is one desk that needs a pink slip first. What American taxpayer and voter voted to have people tortured? Let’s take a poll.

Is my stating what I believe to be the truth the cause of future problems or is it more the people who caused the problems who are responsible? Let freedom of speech rein. You are not going to show your face on my television set without facing a rebuttal from me, I won’t stand for it!

If you read this and do not like what I am saying please deport me to a country of my nationality origin. If you don’t deport me maybe Rumsfeld should be deported, he might like that better than jail and that is where I think he really belongs along with George Bush, Dick Cheney and Carl Rove. You choose who you think is right.

I’ll go on the record as saying those who condone torture are less than human. How many American voters condoned torture? Does this arrogance of we know what is right for everyone else because we are more intelligent but we have to keep it a secret for what at the time we labeled national security reasons but now it is found that what we did that we thought was the smart thing to do but couldn’t tell anyone about because it was horrific, just grate your nerves too? Who gave them the go ahead to form and make decisions of a cloaked government? What I am getting at is the American Public would have never voted for what they were doing all along. Let us know everything, disseminate all information, so that we can prevent you from getting us into “Another fine mess.” In the future. How will we get you to do this? This will part of your plea bargain to avoid jail time.

Does anybody get the idea that we might have created some terrorist by torturing in the Middle East? Anyone?

God Bless Those who want a country that abides by our countries constitution

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally Posted on 02 09 2011 at: http://themilwaukeeandwisconsinnews.blogspot.com/

PS I am being tortued by the use of nonlethal weapons for saying these things.

"There are plenty of witches who would kill for my sixth sense."  A Humphry Boughart movie line.

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