Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vote Accountability for Politicians

I believe that when congressman vote that they should be able to make a voluntary official statement that would be coupled with that vote and state what there rational was for the vote at the time.  The statement would be logged with the vote in a public record that could be readily accessed by the internet.  The records could be searched easily and compared by candidate or politician.  You should also be able to print out a complete list by politician related to the chronological votes they made.  Proud civic servants “Politicians” can also include links to their officially kept list on their website.
This would clarify any issues that would come up in the future related to that vote and the related he said she said.  And let you see how the person thought about the vote.  How much time they took to make the decision.  How smart they really are.  And how they perform their duty to society once they have taken office.  It will also prevent them from lying about the issues in the future or stating that their opinion on a bad decision was different than what it was.  Which will in turn lead to better decisions for our society in the future.
Thomas Murphy

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Manufacturing Base

Manufacturing Base 07 28 2010

There will never be a manufacturing based economy in the United States of America again.
1. No one would work for them.
2. These types of jobs have been thought of as requiring lesser skills and therefore can not earn a living wage at.
3. They are dangerous people to work for. Because they can possess and cause injury. This lead to higher legal and insurance costs. This led to a noncompetitive wage in this country. And when you put it all together evil ruined it for evil.
4. They cannot train people to follow instructions because they are disrespectful to employees.
5. We are not truly concerned with the lower classes in this country in terms of health, safety, nutrition and education.
6. The common thread that underlies this and promotes this is demonology. The hidden core religion of the United States.
7. Why are wages so high in this country because we have to pay the lawyers and insurance agents for manager’s lack of oversight? Why do managers lack oversight, because they are paid too much to think too little in terms of others wellbeing?
8. Plus the fact that, "I worked faithfully for so and so for forty years and when it came time to retire I was fired without benefit."

God Bless Those Who Truly Care For Others

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Required transaction identification input from user at time of purchase.

Required transaction identification input from user at time of purchase.

We could prevent or stop credit card fraud if in addition to the signature line on a credit card validation machine there was also a place to note what the transaction was for by the consumer, in his own words. There could be a default item/service placed by the merchant that the consumer could "overwrite". This would also be required for Internet purchases. In other words the Internet consumer would right in his own words what the purchases was for. This identification would then be seen on credit card statements so that a consumer could rapidly verify the purchases per his/her own handwritten or typed description. It would require the relay and transfer of digital images in the case of retail purchases. And it would also save the consumer much time in accounting. It would be similar technology to what to viewing your signature for a check on your banks website.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Drugs in the Suburbs 07 17 2010

Drugs in the Suburbs 07 17 2010
How do drugs and drug money make it to the suburbs?
From owners of taverns in the city that live in the suburbs and owners of rental real estate in the city that live in the suburbs.
There is a disconnect between them and their businesses that allows them to remain innocent of this crime as the burden of proof rests on the community. If you think a business owner does not know what is going on at his business you are wrong.
Often owners of taverns collect the money just once a day.
The mediocrity or our economy is subsidized through drug money. Today they undermine the foundation of our society through the promotion of fear.
Who do drug dealers give the drugs to? Those who are more successful and that they envy. The best and brightest in our country are destroyed this way. If we do not act against them what is our future?
How are women forced into prostitution?
1. They are given drugs.
2. They cannot pay.
3. They are beaten and forced to pay through prostitution.
The question in Milwaukee and anywhere for that matter is, "Why are they afraid to go to the police?"
Are the police in Milwaukee La Familia? Evil (drugs, crime, sloth) can only exist when good men fail to act.
I worked for an Italian while I was in college and in order to keep my job I was forced as a matter of employment to sign a petition to allow the Italian Community center to be developed in Milwaukee. I know deep within my heart that was one of the worst things to happen in Milwaukee. If you want to call me a racist because I cannot stand organized crime, please do so, it does not bother me a bit. (Expect more on them in further articles)
A similar concept is also promoted today whereby souls are stolen and police are used dauntingly to keep those who had their soul stolen in fear. I don't need to prove the existence of Satan; the bible did that for me. I can however point my finger at him today.
Envy is a deadly sin from the bible. The deadliest and most poetic form envy can take is self destruction. So be hopeful if you are a victim out of envy.
Barrack as our first Black President you have the power to rally people in communities to rid them of the drug problem.
If they are afraid to expose because they feel they might be a victim of ruthless crime what is a person to do? We can start by having a hot line with regards to those who people think are crooked. People know who are crooked and those that pose a threat as they give evil and mean looks indicating intentions of harm, when they are going to tell. All names a person believes crooked should be provided. All descriptions should be provided no matter how absurd the accusations seem.
Lesson our country of its drug problem and Democrats will have a lot less competition from Republicans. Once again I don't need to prove the existence of Satan; the bible did that for me. I can however point my finger at him today.
They are other means that they best and brightest of our country are destroyed. This is done through attrition, harassment and the result is mental illness and the control of psychiatry. And yes there are modern day witches that have the psychic power to chant and destroy. This is done out of envy just as drugs are sold. Weather it was prevalent before the influx of immigrants and psychiatry post World War II, would only be speculation for me to say.
Once again I don't need to prove the existence of Satan; the bible did that for me. I can however point my finger at him today.
If this issue is not addressed all other initiatives in this country are moot. Mental illness as they say it is does not exist; it is a form of hatred like no other that people are subjected to that breaks them down. It is often perpetrated by the offspring of the rich that are jealous of the skills of a person of less wealth status. Nutrition and germs also play a role in mental illness. But the long term medications do not address the issue, they just remove a competitor of the weak minded rich.
If this country had proper nutrition, exercise, health standards, decency and respect for fellow human beings few if any drugs would be needed and we would be a lot better off.

When the best and brightest of us are destroyed out of jealousy and envy, what is our future? I told this to an agent of the FBI “Byron Franz”, and I am going to mention his name to authenticate this article and because he did not do me any good with regard to my rights as a citizen, in Milwaukee and his response was, I would like to have your wit, hair, ability etc. He also said America is the great melting pot. If these are not admissions of guilt I do not know what is? Buddy wearing the ill fitting suit who assumes a government position, nowhere in our constitution does it say that you can legally melt someone to disperse their abilities. It doesn't work and is a crime against humanity perpetrated by Satan.

God Bless Those Who Can Not Stand Drugs
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Small Business To Praise For Initiative 07 09 2010

Heading West on Good Hope Street to 76th Street we passed what I remember the sign on the building as reading “Liberty Tax Service”. I remember the building being painted light blue. What was so remarkable was that on the roof of the small building was a substantial array of solar panels, fixed mounted to face south at an angle to the horizon perpendicular to the sun. I said to my mother, “There’s a man who knows how to invest money.” “He probably knows very well how to get you a good energy tax credit if you mount solar panels on your house too.” “How much more trust and faith we would have in financial firms housed in large office buildings of if they mounted solar panels on their buildings as this small business did.”

God Bless Those Who Think
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Fuel Efficient Cars

Fuel Efficient Cars 07 09 2010

Mandate electoprecipitation of oxygen from small water tank in all automobiles as a cleaner and more highly combustible source of air in automotive gasoline engines. Could be powered by flexible solar panels that are made permanently integral to the body work of a car. This is an easy and proven technology that we can implement today.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Do not green policies of protectionism also protect those foreign countries we trade with as we only live together on one green planet?

For instance would not the United States of America still be in its top competitive position, if it decreed that any goods companies from the United States make in foreign countries must also be manufactured with at least the same standards as we do here in the United States in terms of Safety, Pollution, human rights. Would we not have been leading the rest of the world by example a long time ago if we had better standards and held those standards to high esteem and pride to the foreign countries we trade with? To factories in foreign countries where we do business.

You can’t even udder the word protectionism because the people on television, the experts, the professionals, the highly paid “Intellects” do not know the word intellects true meanings. Intellect has indeed been given a bad name by our television experts that just complain and offer no solutions. Offering working solutions is the true definition of intellect. Not the ability to defeat premises by using semantic insult.

In other words if we were to uphold standards we should have the world would be in better shape. We eat fish caught in foreign waters polluted. Does not the breeze and currents move polluted air around the planet? Dissipation is not the answer.

Does anyone have the idea that maybe we should not pay to pollute somewhere else? Won’t it eventually find its way back to us and present itself with a myriad of problems our Republican leaders have swept under the rug.

The same issue of upholding our standards regarding the environment should apply to all issues regarding trade with foreign nations. This is how leaders maintain power, by example. Set a strong example of yourself in these terms and you will be a leader whether you know it or not. Set a firm set of standards for yourself in terms of trade and business will come your way. This is how leaders are recognized through the standards they profess. That is why it broke my heart to see George Bush and Cheney institute torture. Does anyone think less of them for this, besides me? Can you articulate why? They did not uphold the standards of democracy this country was founded on.

Set and maintain high standards of conduct, hard work and respect for others and you are a leader.

This is the form of protectionism this country needs. Would foreign countries be as competitive with the United States if they had to operate at or above all our standards? No. Would they seek to be like us? Yes. Is it too late for us to do this? It is always better to start and implement policies like this at any time. If we do not someone else will. That someone else is now China. Did George Bush and other Republican give the world a bloody image of us? Yes. Do not Republicans fight wrongly against everything I stand for every day? Yes. If you do not stand for upholding our high standards as an example to the rest of the world, do you believe in our countries standards yourself? No you do not. You are subversively evil and wicked and you do not belong here. Ohio and Salem should be no safe haven for you either. Go live somewhere else. You are traitors that ruin this country for you own self interest. Torturing, slave labor, inability to educate because of troublemakers, complacency with drugs, dumping of waste and runoff, complacency to crime, dirty smokestacks, dirty rivers, spoiled brats, religions promoting ideals without following a premise of logic. Will all the custom chemicals in our foods and waters make people to be born deformed like frogs without legs? It is happening already as our needs our subverted to keep rich persons miserable prima donna wives happy.

Protectionism indeed means a upholding standard of fairness as a leader, not having your mother defend you for bad things you do.

God Bless Those Who Think

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Cap and Trade and then a Diatribe on its Republican Promoters 07 08 2010

Cap and Trade and then a Diatribe on its Republican Promoters 07 08 2010

Cap and Trade personifies Republicans

Republicans make for bad employees, children and stewards. Cap and trade is really the wealthy refusing to do the work that benefits the country and world. And that is the work of picking up after yourself in a responsible manner. But not only being able to pick up after yourself in a responsible manner but also realizing that you should try and not make dirty polluted messes in the first place. In other words plan on not making messes that are costly to clean. Which then you won’t clean because it costs money. Clean air and water makes for healthy people. Clean air and water provide clean food for your children. Apparently Republicans do not care for them either, why else would they support and ineffective antipollution system such as Cap and Trade.

What does the Republican stance amount to? Telling a child to do a chore and them arguing with you for forty years why they can’t. And then these rich children pay you money to stop telling them to clean up their toys. And that silver spoon money is just so irresistible to everyone one.

If you had an employee that did what Republicans do regarding cap and trade, in effect not do any work. And pay you in a scheme so that nobody realizes and you indeed maintain a social status you didn’t deserve, what would you do? Do you think that employee puts for a good image for your company? Are they what you feel is the best representation of you in terms of integrity of work ethic. Should you let an employee with maintain the social status of a working person when they really have no work skills? Is this case being work skills being the ability to recognize that reducing pollution was actually the goal of reducing pollution?

As an employer, and all citizens are employers of our government through the voting booth, do Republican politicians of this character truly represent you?

This is how the rich or blue bloods or good ole boys think. I worked for an investment firm where one “child’s”, well he was an adult in his late twenties; father placed a large amount of money with the firm to have managed. He was what I thought was the least productive employee at the firm. About 5 years older than me at the time he would often boast about how high his score was on a space combat fighter ship based video game, he played in his office when he was supposed to be working. We ought to draft him and all those like him who siphon money from our economy in the military into surplus military planes and send them to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight the war they were responsible in creating. In other words let the children who support this false idealism go over there and fight the war. Like the Devil was defeated at Calvary, they would be defeated quickly if they were in the cavalry. It would become a totally different country, one like the founding fathers envisioned and created. These people can be identified as those that had large nest eggs of money given to them when they were young. This in turn gave them no basis in reality to the real functions their careers were supposed to provide to our economy. Did the employee I am ever really have the skills or did he ever really posses the responsibility of an adult to be in his position of power in the first place? You cannot make a sound argument for him. You cannot make an argument based on true and sound premises for him either. And it just so turns out that Republicans arguments are never really based on strong premises. Their arguments defy premise. They do not know what that is, and eschew it quickly, because they just know that strong premises are very dangerous to them individually. What makes it so disturbing to me is that he was Irish like I am. But as George Bernard Shaw wrote, “If you put one Irishmen on a spit there will be another ready to turn it.” (For a humorous essay read the one titled “An Articulated Grilling Spit”)

What does cap and trade say about Republicans? Can’t read writing? It says there modus operandi in this country is to pay money to avoid true responsibility. To buy your way out of working. To be in a position of government power and placate to those like yourself out of what amounts to self pity. A form of self pity projected on others like themselves to whom they identify with. These weak Republican government employees need to be fired. And fired pronto. They are not Abraham Lincolns and have none of the capabilities are irresponsible to ruin. They imposters draw no favorable comparison to the Republicans of the era or our founding fathers. It is as if they dropped out of an evil black hole from outer space and saw that there were a bunch of name tags lying around in a pile that said Republican on them so they put them on and wore them. Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Son of Bush (sp?) all bad and are the reason we are in conflict today.

People do not watch your television set, if you agree with me, it is loaded with them. And their idiocy will placate and lesson any ambitions in life you have. Think for yourself instead and pick up your pen and write to government voicing your concerns for the people and future.

When there are good things that need to be done in this country they wine and complain like children begging for a new toy. Subverting the mission of Bureaucracy, by getting attention is their means of wining and they are good at it. How did they learn this? Through begging to their parents. Let them be beggars. Tying us up in our bureaucracy structure designed to create fairness in Democracy is how they maintain and fostered mediocrity.

They do not even argue like mature intellectual adults do, but their behavior in the public eye is exactly like rich spoiled brats begging whining and getting their way. Do they represent hard working Americans. I think they loathe everything about the hard working American. There is indeed no manufacturing base here anymore. (For more on this read my article on Protectionism)

Tax these individuals and businesses to the hilt so that they actually have to work and instead of whine like children when you tell them to do something they don’t want to do. Make men from them and not the spoiled brats they look like to the rest of the world. What do other countries see when they look at them? The picture I just painted. And my painting the picture to expose them for what they truly are to our eyes’ does not mean that I or you are to blame for making them that way? They would say so, but they were already that way. They are an esoteric group that has gained power through money and money they did not earn or have the capability to.

They are like classless country club socialites who have no true insights for any issue regarding government. And they argue through a weak type of semantics. I have studied, analyzed and documented their behaviors thoroughly in my memory. In short explanation they whine like spoiled brats to avoid the responsibility of work. Their mouths speak like caricatures of hand puppets, and Grandma Bates is at the fist of it.

They have about as much insight as a coddled prince that was given a trust fund that depletes over time. Every time it goes down a little bit he complains it’s the governments fault and begs for tax cuts and vies for indoctrination of programs that in effect lead to smaller government and more tax cuts. Why do they do this? Because governments maintain standards in this country and he (any Republican man or women for the purpose of this essay) does not like to be told what to do. His ego would be damaged and he would actually have to listen and learn. Who is it really that cannot be told what to do. Is it someone mature or someone more like a very young child? Is it someone who cannot follow instruction and cannot create them and therefore finally states that we don’t need them?

These lazy Republicans should have been left behind a long time ago as they are dyslexic to any form of logic. All the Jim Dandy Republicans want to do when they seek office is get up at the bully pulpit and show how they can argue. Are they proud at defeating progress as they speak or at their ability to argue? They are in pretentious assumption of our government positions and argue like pansies. Do any of them in particular come to mind as I write? They gleefully leer at their accomplishments as they subvert the government process, democracy and the constitution.

You could get a pink faced pig and prop it up in a suit, put it behind the bully pulpit and then I would be impressed as I would indeed believe it was a cause for laughter. There ought to be a way we can fool them into making the pig their symbol instead of the elephant. I am being sarcastic as I am not impressed but horrified by their deceptive nature. Rich, mean, sissies whose parents took no interest in them. Like everything else to them, their children are something they could pass the buck on and pay to have taken care of.

Have they done anything constructive in office, I can almost guarantee you that anything they have done that they labeled constructive will be destructive.

Our founding fathers would be horrified by them.

The founding fathers that were Republicans would feel the same way about today’s Republicans that I do. They would be sickened by them and view them as being of lower class and ability.

God Bless Those Who Think

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Chicago River Carp Naval Campaign 07 04 2010

Chicago River Carp Naval Campaign 07 04 2010

You know what Chicago people are like. They’re like all those Asian Carp in the Chicago River. The people of Chicago have been transformed into Asian Carp in the river and they are all hell bent on destroying the Great Lakes. We must stop their insipious spread.

Damn irony of this is I worked for and affluent investment company that was said to raise money for environmental companies. It was located on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower.

What a sickening contradiction of hierocracy this is. The irony here is the culmination of all their investment banking in Chicago has lead to the ruin of one of our countries greatest natural resources. If you are from Chicago, read this and object to it, it is because you lack the common sense to trump your ill minded intellect and ego.

You know what we from Milwaukee ought to do, take a barge filled with rocks and clay, motor it down to the mouth of the Chicago River and bulldoze that damning material off the barge and plug its mouth.

And we will keep sending barge after barge until it is plugged.

We will call this the Milwaukee Military Campaign to save the Great Lakes. And it was incited by me. President Obama take the burden off my shoulders and pardon me for this Military Naval action by manning the first ship at the helm. Are you not from Chicago, and would like to see the water where you grew up clean and utilizable for recreation.

This river was engineered some 100 years ago to carry away the city’s waste. The river used to flow out of Lake Michigan; it was engineered reverse the flow of waste into Lake Michigan. Well we don’t get rid of our waste this way anymore. We don’t dump it in our neighbor’s backyard or that of other community members, we deem powerless to speak their voice about it.

Let those Windy City folk borrow our fish poles and Bow Fishing gear to kill and retrieve those carp. And they must then eat every damn one of them. Now after we flood the river and make it flow the way God intended it to, I will personally sit by Oprah Windfry and fish for carp. Oprah and I will be the only two exceptions of those that are not forced to eat the carp, unless Oprah opts out. President Obama reining in from the great state of Illinois, where Abraham Lincoln came from, can you right this wrong? Don’t let it drain like the oil spill.

God Bless Those Who Speak For Others That Can’t

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cap Leaking Undersea Oil Wells Immediately


Barrack enough is enough. Make it a law that any leaking undersea oil well must be capped permanently immediately.

Here is another way to cap it. One bolt is threaded into another and that bolt has threads on the outside. This is inserted into the pipe while the oil under pressure flows around. The end furthest into the pipe has claws that expand outward much like a drywall anchor in your home, but much more like an automotive tail pipe expander used in automotive repair work. The mechanism on this furthest in end in the pipe is expanded via a turning of the threads increasing its claw diameter.

Part two of the process. Then the external threads are utilized and pull a concentric tapered plug onto the end of the pipe and down on into it, much like corking a bottle.

The appropriate amount of torque pressure required is critical as well is the uniformity of pressure on the inside of the pipe, as well as the maintenance of dead center internal positioning that is assured by a sufficient positioning distance between two set of claw series that expand at the same time at a reasonable distance from each other on the axis.

The exact internal diameters and external diameters must be known. In fact this should also be a requirement, much like how digger’s hot line knows where lines are buried in your backyard, oil companies should be required to have documents and schematic diagrams with exact specifications of underwater wells on file with the government much like a home owner files a permit to do work at his house. This allows for easier immediate capping by a response team. The government must institute that it has the authority to immediately cap any well like this and the capability to do it. This should be part of our militaries competency and Navy submarines should have this capability.

Make it a law all undersea leaking wells are to be capped immediately, enough is enough. I don’t care what the economic impact of the lost oil is either in terms of revenue or lost utilization to our national interest’s form the well is and neither should any American. In fact the contrary should be the concern.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A War of Infrastructure

A War of Infrastructure 07 01 2010

Is the oil spill in the Gulf about as bad as the fallout from a nuclear missile? This week the FBI arrested nine or so Russian Spies in the United States. Now most Russian Immigrants I have met are good natured and hard working people.

But some that I have come across are of the mentality that, “If I can screw what you are doing up, I will become better.” Now this is a subtle construct and hard to understand if you haven’t experienced this form of meanness.

Does former President Vladimir Putin harbor resentment for the United States and how is he spending his time? Yes he does, he has openly stated that we have many luxury here where as in his country they have little. Him and I are of the same mind regarding this but I think it is more an issue of a distribution of wealth to the irresponsible younger generations of business, that bear the “ME” ideology and I will term Republican. And if all the Russian immigrants that came to this country were to immigrate back to Russia, the country, with a wealth of national resources would be more of a formidable economic powerhouse.

Could the oil workers have been Russian? I don’t think this was the case. But top level foreign governments due have subtle energy based weapons that can put you in a haze so that you do become negligent and make more mistakes. I have seen these handheld weapons demonstrated with my own eyes. Could Russia or another competitive country to the United States use them against us? They already have. Is this what caused the negligence at the oil well? I won’t go as far as to say that.

Yesterday I glimpsed a television program where former President Bill Clinton was telling us that the population of Israel today has predominant representation of Russian Jews and they are not of the same ideology of the Israelites’ present before them.

Milwaukee has a strong population of Russian immigrants, whether they are all Jewish or not I cannot say and don’t want to speculate as to.

But I will say this, about two months ago I was at the gym and there was a pretty girl there, and she had red hair. I said somewhat as she passed in a way flirting a little bit, “You look Russian.” She ignored me. And then I did not see her again there for awhile. But the next time I did she had dyed her hair brunette and chose a different style. Are Russians in this country stigmatized in this country about being Russian or are quite a few of them spy’s? What we found out this past week was that there is prevalent network of spy’s in this country that are Russian. Honestly I would never have thought this or that they are here to do us harm. But when I am at the gym now some of the Russians like to distract me when I am doing the more dangerous movements with free weights. The other day they did this and I yelled at them. They leered at me and went and hid behind a wall or “iron curtain” as I might say. When I went to track them down, I saw them there gloating for what they did. Is the timing of this revelation Russian Spy’s coincident to the oil spill disaster or as we think of in poker terms something more telling?

But to change the direction a little bit here, with the devastation of the oil spill approaching the damage to the area a nuclear holocaust might create. Do we not have the power in this country to, send our Warships to the gulf and take possession of these oil wells from BP Amoco. When a person negligently drives a car under the influence of alcohol do not we take their driving license away?

We ought to bring all our troops home, secure our country at our borders and internally. Put the troops to work on crews installing roofing shingles that produce electricity and other alternative energy projects and environmental remediation projects. And this will fuel the path for electric cars. We can become independent from foreign energy a lot quicker than people think, and we should. This country would be much better off for it. And as president Obama suggested a draft in his bid for election. We should indeed do this as a country. But instead of drafting young men and women into the army with training on how to drive and fire a tank, why don’t we teach them Army Corp of Engineers type projects. We can put young Americans that are lost into a life of crime and drugs from our popular culture to work doing the civil service projects we cannot seem to afford because (We are not spending the money correctly funding a war). To draw a lose transformational analogy from the scene from a war movie starring George C. Scott, sometimes a shovel is a better weapon that a serrated dagger. The war is at home today; our infrastructure is in much need of upgrading and repair. And there is not the infrastucture of business to feasibly accomplish the changes we need. So get with it Americans and put your minds in the right place. The discipline and lifelong skills disadvantaged young Americans would learn would be of untold great benefit for this country. Better than soldiers with military training walking back from Afghanistan Heroin fields. The stinking fumes from petroleum products do none of us any good. Quickly devise procedures for the public service projects bring the troops home and put them to work. I have seen the look of prideful accomplishment that young apprentices have when they are learning a new trade or skill and it is a beautiful thing. NOW THAT WOULD BE LEADING THE REST OF THE WORLD BY EXAMPLE AND MAKE FOR A PROUD AMERICAN AGAIN. Now to do this we might have to bypass the interests of some businesses.

God Bless Those Who Think

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy