Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mandate solar panels on eighty percent of horizontal surfaces of cars and trucks.

05 19 2010

Mandate solar panels on eighty percent of horizontal surfaces of cars and trucks.


1. Car companies would be forced to adopt and figure out how to make electric cars faster and better with this mandate.

2. This would lead to cleaner air

3. Solar panels are more efficient than industry wants us to know

4. Solar panels exist that can be applied to cars in this manner, Some are flexible and form able. Also the technology exists to slowly and captively close hoods and trunks without slamming.

5. Simple circuitry is all that would be needed to switch to solar cell mode of power, vs. battery charging. Very little gasoline would be needed in a motor needed to charge the battery.

6. The surface area of a car is a very good place for them. They are aerodynamically efficient.

7. Cars of the near future could compete on this whole new concept of incorporating the design into them and they would look great and sporty.

8. Electric motors have more torque.

9. Photovoltaic cell technology is strong and constantly improving. A solar panel about 18” square can run a fan bigger than the one in your refrigerator. Your refrigerator is said to use the most electricity of any appliance in your house.

10. If the taxpayers were forced to own the automotive companies we can have our say and force this mandate that forces the issue of a healthier nation.

11. This would be a viable and feasible technology and would give us cleaner air meaning healthier people, limit our dependence on foreign oil and possibly lead to fewer wars as we wouldn’t need to bully the rest of the world for their resources.

12. Somebody has to take the initiative and you are that somebody.

God Bless those who think.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Benefits of a ban on commercial sale of Tobacco 05 19 2010

Benefits of a ban on commercial sale of Tobacco 05 19 2010

1. This country would not have as much of a drug problem because people usually smoke cigarettes and then progress to other destructive and costly drugs

2. Reduce national health care costs, less people smoking means less cases of cancer, primarily lung and colon, but virtually any type of cancer can be caused by these types of toxins

3. Less birth defects, due to women not smoking when pregnant or exposed to smoke while pregnant

4. Better and healthier child development

5. Less hyperactive children in school, because they are not likely to be exposed to secondhand smoke

6. Promotes a better nutrition policy, better nutritional ways to better cognitive abilities. We shouldn't need tobacco or any other drug to get high in this country, exercise, a sit in a whirlpool or sauna, a mild health or vitamin drink, should suffice, daily humor would also help

7. Secondhand smoke is poisoned air

8. Cigarette smoke contains a many carcinogen

9. Tobacco smokers are often unhappy, their skin is astringent

10. People would be forced to confront issues in a totally different manner rather than reaching for a cigarette, a scapegoat. Problems in society would be forced to be addressed more responsibly.

11. This large and powerful special interest group with unhealthy products for our country would be defeated.

12. Tobacco is the choice drug of the evil in our world, and people are often influenced to due evil while smoking. It is the drug of Shaman, Witches, Sangria, black magic evil etc, and this propagates more evil

13. The tax is so high now that people are wasting money on cigarettes rather than properly feeding their children.

14. Insecticides and other chemicals could be invented and derived from the tobacco plant. If you are like me and you read that last sentence you think about how unsafe those chemicals would be and then you think my god how unsafe is tobacco already.

Tobacco companies could grow pomegranate, and other fruits and vegetables on their lands. More fruits and vegetables would mean the price would come down. Americans would live healthier for less. Just because Tobacco is a strong cash crop does not mean it is not evil for our nation.

Indian tribes owning casinos that sell tobacco could be mandated to put money in escrow to buy land for growing crops, hunting etc. Casinos are managed by organized crime and the profits go to them, in the form of land and casino management and leases. If you don’t believe just go to one and start on an endless winning streak and see the types of guys who will come to ruin your luck. I.e. They don’t have long hair or darker Indian skin. They have obscene bellies full of hot air instead and short dark hair.

If a person truly wanted to smoke tobacco he could obtain a license per plant or so and maybe have no more than five. Tobacco is very easy to grow; I grew some from seed easy. This would be for own personal consumption in their house with windows closed. If not done in this manner plants could be confiscated, and smokers fined.

Planting and growing your own tobacco would probably make a person more responsible in life. And they might say to themselves, “What else besides this could I plant and grow?” Meaning fruits and vegetables. Additionally the Tobacco they would be smoking would be free of additives.

God Bless those who think.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Mandated replacement and installation of energy efficient electric lines

05 19 2010

Replacement and installation of Energy Efficient Electric Lines

Replacement and installation of Energy Efficient Electric Lines that do not lose as much current to the atmosphere and carry more power. The technology exists to replace all this countries electric lines and save a significant amount of electricity while upgrading our electric grid. China is way ahead of us on this as our politicians posture and spew arguments in bureaucratic madness.

There would be less interference to communications from line loss discharge. That means that cell phones would need to use less energy and would therefore be less likely to cause cancer.

I am willing to bet that the radiation exposure from a cell phone which is a miniature sized transmitter that functions the same as a cell phone transmitter on the grid tower, is as detrimental to human health. It serves the exact same function as the radio tower but it is held to the side of your skull. Take a step back and think about this for awhile?

Remember how Tobacco companies fought to maintain everyone’s belief that cigarettes where safe. What were the lobbyist favorite weapon to do this, PAID STATISCTICS.

For those interested here are statistics from company that makes efficient electric transmission cable, Composite Technology Corporation, symbol (CPTC). This data is taken from their January 7th 2010 PowerPoint Presentation by Don Douglas, VP of Business Development. These numbers are quite substantial.

40 Million MWh of Transmission Line Losses could be saved by using ACCC® conductor ≡

1% of US Net Generation (2007)

2.25 million homes

395 billion gallons of water

9.95 GW of generation

25.2 million Metric Tons of CO2

4.2 million cars removed from the road

8.6 million Metric Tons of coal displaced”

God Bless those who think.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Monday, May 17, 2010

Responsibility not taught in business school 05 17 2010

Responsibility not taught in business school 05 17 2010

They do not teach responsibility in business school. I can hear some of the hackles on the backs of your necks go up so bear with me for an explanation. Okay, quiet, quiet let me finish, no quiet, quiet I’m not done yet. Let me explain, I can’t get a word in edgewise.

1. For example, to effectively stand up to and end corruption would be a good mandatory class in business school. I hear the booing. Would we have the financial scandals that almost put our country in a depression if there were more whistleblowers? If we as investment banks were truly concerned with the welfare of this country instead of our own pocketbooks? Wouldn’t we have put the United States in a better competitive position as it led by example?

2. How about a mandatory course about maintaining a corporate culture that supports a clean environment. If all we concerned about is money and we pollute the lakes and oceans with mercury and exhaust emissions to the point where they cannot sustain a healthy fish population, have we really been good to ourselves and our country. Okay I didn’t convince you, some like to eat, drink and live in filth, as a right?

If responsibility were taught we would not have the problems we do today. Lobby groups that wear a righteous face. What bad policies regarding this amount to, is a created upper class of irresponsible cut throat gypsies. Only defined as upper class because they have more money, attained illegally. The movies they watch often fuel the perception of our culture they themselves try and achieve. The big movie culture, it teaches cut throat gypsy behavior. Some children probably only learn through watching movies. People from foreign countries watch this and it is like the English Exiles to Australia. Except they cannot get here quick enough to partake in the false perception of us and our future we created. Crime is glamorous and pays is what they learn and come here to till.

I have a feeling the reason responsibility is not taught, is because it requires and understanding of causality, if you were raised evil you will never want to address this because guilt is something you were never taught. It takes guilt to understand causality, and causality to understand and be responsibility. There is no other way. The heart of evil knows it is the cause to begin with and would lesson or defy itself to think as such. Bottom line, the tactics used to get ahead in the short run often end the future for all of us.

God Bless Those Who Think

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Evil Root Now Worthless

An Evil Root Now Worthless 05 16 2010

What if you were your own model of a little dictator and lied, stole, murdered and evilly chiseled to attain your money. Whatever it takes being your life principal. Then one day you were well relieved to learn you were not the only one who did this in their life. You had some company and life is good you say.

But wait, some of those like you, they blundered in their made off. That money you coveted and sought to attain by any means and that of which you have so much of is no completely worthless. You no longer have any of the aloof self respect it gave you and your ego has been deflated to zero. Your money can not buy you anything anymore.

What would you do? Financial responsibility the very thing can drain a country is not controlled by our government.

No one will respect you and your life is over. In spite of all your posturing in your life you find out you really have none of the real skills it takes to support yourself to be self sufficient.

You thought you were tough and that meant you also had grit, the grit necessary to survive.

As you start to get cold and hungry the reality of this sets in. When the time comes yourself worth will not be judged by how much money you have. But wait a minute there is a box of hidden made off coins you can use to survive, some ration of safety. But you did not realize the immensity of the black hole you created as group of Lobbies, when you clawed and killed for money.

Nobody you meet on your quest for food and warm shelter will accept these shiny coins from you, relics, in exchange for anything. You cannot believe this. It cannot be true.

The root you have idolized is the one that will kill you. You knew nothing of roots that would save others, yourself, the community and the world. You carry the relics with you but you don’t get far. And your whole tribe is laid to rest by the dense gravity of the root you have resorted to.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Doctor and or Witch Heal Thyself 05 16 2010

Insurance and or Doctor Heal Thyself 05 16 2010

The ones who smoked the most were the ones who worked for the health insurance companies. They were our greatest proponents for a healthy nation? They led by example didn’t they?

The witch and warlock knows he will not get sickness if he can blow his deadly breath in your face. Tobacco is evil black magic and the insurance man knows how to wield his smoke to do his bidding.

Tobacco is the choice drug of witchcraft, shamanism, black magic and evil. And he is good at it. The tobacco he smoked made him cunning, boosted his intellect. When someone said something he didn’t like, he just went and had a cigarette and then came back and blew his new smoke in everyone’s face. Easing his nerves with his cigarette he thinks of wicked vengeance and plots to destroy. He/she takes the hit and we feel the punch.

The smoke helped them reason and think, to “outsmart”. To satisfy and expel any argument a person would have against this form of business. Quickly they pacified our intellects from reason with their spewing smoke of words.

One lobbies for cigarettes the other for health insurance. The local drugstore sells them both, and I can’t understand their belief, to reason their why. I find it so terrible when I cannot comprehend the other side of an argument. We are all paying for the dirty air we led the world by example in creating.

A few drags on that cigarette and there verbal ability was blazing fast. Then there are Warlocks that burn and smoke your being in a manner similar to smoking tobacco. The poetic justice they received is a matter of another story. I say to myself when forced to smell this, “That sickness is still yours, you will not transfer it to me.” Doctor and/ or witch heal thyself. With no lambs for you to sacrifice, you can’t and will perish.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Fitness of Leadership

Fitness of Leadership 05 16 2010

The other day I was at the gym and there was a woman with a body she developed through weight lifting. Lean, strong, muscular and sculpted. Women like this are rare. My father likes to watch women’s golf. And I know why it is seeing the poise, grace, elegance of them in motion. And you can tell from that comment I am not gay.

I would like to see more women lifting weights on TV. Better yet I would like to see Barrack Obama throwing his cigarettes out and putting on his gym clothes, and doing sit-ups every morning, maybe a few deep knee bends, a run around a track or a morning swim. Maybe a few pull-ups even if he can only do three or four.

If he did this he would be leading by example. Leading by example is the best form of leadership, the strongest form of leadership. And he is not so old of “term” that he cannot do this.

How many students are influenced by poor nutrition? It is one thing to delegate and another to demonstrate.

Diabetes, cancer, intelligence all of these problems are made worse by lack of exercise and or proper nutrition. The very water we drink in this country is stench. It is not water it is stench. Stench is the new term for water.

God Bless Those Who Think

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Drug Problem

05 12 2010

Our Drug Problem


There is so much drugs and crime in this country that one would believe that the police would have to be crooked, in some way? Do they pity those on drugs and the dealers and not arrest them. Are the criminals family members? Why did we pay him I ask?

A former neighbor of mine has sons and daughters that live in Colorado. I asked her why they like it there. She told me probably because they can smoke pot there. I said smoking pot is illegal isn’t it? She said not there it isn’t.

Do we have a president Obama that is complacent with the drug problem? Was he funded by organized crime?

Does not the money from drugs find its way right to organized crime? Is this the future of our proud nation? Strung out kids paying the Mafia? Won’t the children of the future of this country be the lucky ones? There will have no future.

Incidentally, President Bush had maybe at least a good 12 years to tighten up the border and problem with Mexico. I’ll give you a hint, he looked the other way. Was he paid to look the other way? He did not even sweep there. Why did we pay him? They say drugs are rampant in the Military. Isn’t our military supposed to be our front line defense for the safety of this country? Are these men that take them in the military? Does the no man left behind policy still apply? Why did we pay him?

Wouldn’t crossing the border from Mexico be the most likely way they get into this country? Incidentally the Governor of New Mexico or Arizona that ran for president in the Democrat party looked shifty eyed. We need a government probe of those four states near Mexico, (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada). I know something will turn up that is on the scale greater than Watergate.

Don’t sell this country and our future Judas. I don’t pay my taxes to enrich your lifestyle at the expense of the American Public.

If you think drugs are not a problem for your kids, you’re wrong. Taking drugs limits and sells their potential and that of this country. Those who take drugs have a lot more potential than those who sell them. Those who sell them are the reason those who buy them feel bad about themselves to take them in the first place. Those who take them have to take stronger and stronger ones that slowly or fast kill them. They resort to stealing or selling drugs or their bodies to buy them. I am starting to cry. Knowing this what self respecting person would take them?

Children born to drug users are often special education needs children. So firstly we had the educational system prevent the parents from taking them when they were young. And now the money or resources we should have spent to increase the competence of our educational system is being drained or wasted as it is diverted to these special needs children. Where are we going to get the money to pay for this? By legalizing Marijuana joint smoking Barrack? Please don’t! Barrack you were blessed to not become an addict, do not you see the future for young black children with regard to the drug problem. Some inner city teachers have 21 special education students in a class, tipping over tables, etc. Special education students that’s another name for drug formed baby. If it’s not drugs its stench dirty water, air or Candida junk foods. Who knows to eat non leavened bread but won’t tell anyone why?

Those who sell them likely where the kids who never learned in school and were always the distraction in class. (For more on them see my article on the Dependent Mind) Is this who we should look up to in the hierarchy of our communities? The blood money barons? I can’t stand to look at them already. I’d like to kick and drag organized crime members back to their countries of origin with no contact to us. Wait, didn’t they get the boot in the first place!

Why is it unconstitutional to try and identify an illegal immigrant and send them home? Because they are cheap labor than ruins your sandwich that’s why. They don’t pay taxes, they just bring drugs in. And they are not up to the standard of this country.

They give you the drugs and then try and rape you. They try and rape you and then give you the drugs.

God Bless Those Who Think!

Thomas Murphy

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gay’s in the Military 05 06 2010

Gay’s in the Military 05 06 2010

I feel the reason their allowing them is that there must be so many of them in their already that we wouldn’t have a military at all if they were not allowed. Maybe we would have a stronger military if no gays were allowed.

All my life I used to think gays should not be allowed in the military until my Italian History teacher who wanted to flunk my said it was quite common for Roman soldiers to have a (And this is my paraphrasing) “field mate”.

What man wants to serve in the military with the threat of a “field mate” cozying up to you late at night or worse? (For more on this read my article “The Last Real Boy Scout”

On national public radio recently a man abused by a Roman Catholic priest said that when the priest performed a sexual act on him as a boy it was as if his soul left his body right then and never returned. (Incidentally: Does not an antiabortion policy lead to a situation where ill treatment of more children in foster homes cannot be accounted for by a smaller government?)

Might we be weakening our nation via a soul sucking or mutilating policy of Gay’s in the Military. Do I have to spell it out for you in a logical array with premises?

First we go to wars we shouldn’t. And when men won’t fight for crooked or false idealism based Republican administrations all there is to represent us on the front lines is a military that condones homosexual soul sucking. And who would be the ones to volunteer for such a war under a Republican administration. Dependent minded homosexual sons of small business owners, that’s who. ( Humor?)

I was told when I worked in Chicago that at parties all Catholic Priests were openly gay with one another. I did not want to believe this but I now believe this mostly to be true. I feel the reason they cannot marry is because the fathers of these sons needed a place for those queer son’s to go where they would be safe. They were probably ashamed of them working at their fruit ranch store. One of the problems is the queer sons tried to make more queer sons and that’s a big NO, NO in the eyes of God. The queer son probably said to his father look I can sell these wafers I am not totally worthless, while his motivation is to also relish the open mouth and tongue he sets it on.

(See my article on “Why I still go to Church” for good reasons)

I still go to church because I know for a fact of the influence of the supernatural or God in our everyday world.

God’s final word on homosexuality was the complete destruction of the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Period!

A question I ask myself is, “Are these homos in the military “Created” by the Roman Catholic church? And should we be sympathetic as to where we send them? And look what they have done for the Catholic Church; will this be the fate of our once proud and respected country?

I have been taunted by homosexuals at workout clubs at various times in my life and it tends to make a man not want to go to those clubs anymore. I bet most men would feel the same way or stronger about the military.

I do view homosexuals as human beings and was horrified when during the Clinton administration one in the military was brutally beaten to death or near death. I have to paraphrase the facts but the message or meaning is the same. And we do not want these psycho extremist either in our military either or do we want them on the front lines? But not in my tent either.

When the war in Kuwait started back in the 90’s I would have joined up accept for two reasons.

1. They diplomat to IRAQ a woman told Saddam Hussein that we wouldn’t interfere with his expansion efforts in Kuwait when asked by Saddam. (Now she might have been under duress for her life, but if so she needs to come forward and say so.)

2. One of the first scenes from the war on television was that of a U.S. group of soldiers by standing by a tank in a wind storm being obliterated by fire from a U.S. Helicopter Gunship. My heart sank deeply into myself as I watched this.

3. I can’t stand the propaganda from the crooked Republican administrations.

In summary how I would just love to be laying in the sand relaxing after having had my cock sucked off by the homo son of a small businessman. And I am not going to say who the dependent minded homosexual son’s of small business are in my community accept to say they look the same as the Italians and I might fear a defamation of character suit if I told you. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all my ambition and soul voided from me in this manner when a bayonet is stigmatically pierced through my straight Irish liver? Send a homo battalion to the front line immediately. I won’t be in it, you might find a homo that looks exactly like me there, but I am not one.

God Bless

Thomas Paul Murphy

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Truth About Solar Energy

The Truth About Solar Energy 03 19 2010

I wasn’t going to publish this one until I saw this solar panel array on Green Bay Avenue and Florist, in Milwaukee WI, on a visit to my mother recently.

I put a solar panel on my roof several years ago. It is about the size of a laptop screen and powers an electric fan motor in the attic. That motor is about the same size as the ones in your gas furnace or refrigerator. Now remember your refrigerator is said to use more electricity than anything else in your house.

If everyone covered their roofs with these the air would be cleaner and fish which are the healthiest thing for a human being to eat would be free of Mercury- one of the most poisonous things to eat. Mercury a byproduct of coal produced electricity throughout the world. This house based solar panel array could be used charge electric powered cars also. Cars being another polluter of chemicals hazardous to human health. Why are there no cars with solar panels integrated into the body panels, what kind of a car do we need to get to the fashionable grocery store anyway.

Now I know what you are saying, they’ve done statistical studies and there is not enough sun in Wisconsin. During the daytime the fan directly powered by the solar panel always seems to be running.

Now the next thing you’re going to say is, "What if there is no sun that day?" Well then there is a third component to the system. It is a battery backup that is charged via the panels from when there is sun. So instead of drawing from the coal source you are drawing from your onsite battery storage that was charged via the panels. The easiest, cheapest and most recyclable solution is a series of sealed lead acid batteries. Sealed means they don’t evaporate sulfuric acid into your house.

If demand where to be created, there are new battery technologies that are virtually environmentally benign. A company in Menomonee Falls WI produces Zinc Bromide based batteries that is an excellent technology that fits this category. Some day this technology may be scaled down to fit the average consumer. Bromine is an additive to many soft drinks for those of you who like to look at labels. And Zinc that is a healthy mineral especially for men. The Companies symbol is ZBB.

Now what you are going to say is, "Who wants those ugly panels on their roofs?" Well Solar cell technologies have come a long way, there are panels that do not weigh heavy on existing construction and there are going to be panels that have the same look and function as a roofing shingle. So you have duplicitously killed two birds with one stone when you replace your roofing shingles with Photovoltaic roofing shingles. This technology is also on its way. The symbol of a company to be a likely leader in this field is ENER.

The problem here, how to we coordinate the installation of these with the electrician? Us tipsy’s just don’t have any coordination at all.

Now I only have one solar panel. The space on the roof of my house and garage could probably fit 1600 of these. Well you do the math; the electric company usually pays more for electricity you sell them than what they charge you. You read that right. When the system is tied to the electric grid which means it’s like the community cup in terms of who could benefit from its use.

If we were to take the energy costs out of the income statements of our corporations we would be more competitive with foreign countries that make things with cheap labor and sell it to us in return. They also pollute our oceans with smog containing mercury residue, which contaminates fish we eat. Fish again being the healthiest thing for a human being to eat.

Our health care costs would be reduced through expanded use. Only a tiny amount of Mercury is toxic to us and remember what happens when mercury heats up, it expands greatly doesn’t it. So it’s toxic reach is expanded in our bodies, keep cool buddies on those hot days when the barometric pressure is fluctuating because that mercury inside you will be changing also, changing you and us and not for the better.

And that democratic president the republicans just couldn’t stand, Jimmy Carter, he was taking us in this direction thirty years ago. With this alternative energy implementation we’d live longer healthier lives and would be forced to compete with each other through all those “Lost Arts”. Now that last sentence is why this will never happen.

Does mercury poisoning make all illnesses worse, even Alzheimer’s? Yes Ronald it does, because it is a poison. Look up the definition of that, poison, before you reduce our government to the point where someone classifies it as something else.

Those big Strong Texas Republican oil men look what they’ve done for us. Can we thank them enough?

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy