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The Lutheran and other Religious Leaders 08 31 2010

The Lutheran and other Religious Leaders 08 31 2010

I was demonized by a pair of Lutheran Ministers yesterday as I was trying to type in a story about nature.
Martin Luther preached from the Bible.  But the Bible can only define him as the Devil.  The Devil is said to read men’s minds.  The mark of the Devil is said to be sodomy.
Why do we give tax exempt status to organized religions in this country when they cause more suffering and costs to our country than anything else?  They demonize members of the country that are not even part of their religion.
The principal tenet of the Lutheran Religion is that you can do anything you want in life as long as when you die you ask to be saved.  What would you say to God at this point forgive me lord because I acted like an animal and not a human being.  What do you think you will then be in your next life?  You will not be resurrected in the form of a human being, but in the form of an animal you sought to be.
The religion actually promotes the complete lack of consciousness for your actions.  Having a conscious is one of the traits that separates human beings from animals.
So here we have a religion that believes and promotes the idea that a human being in reality is no better than an animal.  A religion that constantly forgives without pentanence, reflection on how one could have done things better.  There is the total lack of any sorrow for the evil that its members do in this world.
A religion whose priests preach from the Bible and they themselves are defined by the Bible as the Devil.
Was the initial purpose of some religions’ to form a click that indemnifies business and individuals for lack of good behavior?  A business that promotes bad people and gives others a hell fire speech for something trivial?  A pseudo means to control those that you do not care for, for the benefit of you and your own group’s personal gain?

Why do we give a tax exempt status to a religion that does more harm than it ever does good?  Why do we give a tax exempt status to a religion that promotes sickness and crime?
The reality I speak of is one ninety percent of the population would not be aware of.  But if you were a victimized by them as I am you would see that they do not belong in this world.
The Bible states that even your family will be turned against you but if you believe in me, Jesus Christ, you will be saved.  This is Gods way of telling you that what you are experiencing is so foreign to those considered normal that even they will not believe you.  I am speaking of having your soul stolen and being labeled something lesser in society, mentally ill.
I would like to see religion stand for what it is the promotion of good behavior.  That is not what it is today.  It is used to leverage business, political parties, and steal souls of the intelligent.  It is a façade all of these hide behind and use in defense and accusation.
After two hours of having two tag teams of Lutheran ministers interrupt and drive me out of my mind while trying to type in a beautiful story about nature that I wrote, I finally took a sense of pity regarding them.  Like crows circling and menacing with a great eagle they were.  A sense of sadness came over me for the evil sickness and weakness that they were.  I realized they could not control what they were and saw them as the ones who suffered for being something of a lesser race of human beings.  Something that was trying to learn to be what I am.
Sadness came over me, at which time the two ministers got up and walked outside to leave.  From outside the one just looked me straight in the eye through the clear view of the window as I did him.  He saw how I pitied him for what he was and I realized that was what he was seeking to accomplish.  An understanding from me that he deserved mercy and my sorrow for him.
In my life I have always had the policy of not making friends with those who bully you.  The reason for this is because how much do you think of yourself if you give in to those that seek to hurt you.  If you give in to people like these will they not seek to hurt you more?
I will send this article to him and ask for a response that is absent of rhetoric to what he thinks of his behavior and what I have to say about it.  Needless to say after they left my typing went faster.   My typing is superfast right now.
I believe this religion defeats the potential and good of people by labeling them and human beings as something that really has no control for their actions anyway.
And I was glad to see that part of the Lutheran religion has broken with the rest over allowing gays to be ministers.  The reason why this should be is very apparent to me.
If you read this be thankful that you aren’t something less of race or indeed an incarnation of Satan.  A being that has little cognitive ability and whose life centers only around evil sexual gratification.  These people cannot resist temptation to be something less than what their potential in the image of God is.  Be thankful you are not something that cannot help itself for doing evil.  Be thankful you are not a lesser male that can read men’s minds.  A more correct alternative phrasing would be, “Be thankful that you are not subject to the will of the minds of human beings that are indeed men.  Be thankful that you do not have to practice such witchcraft to fill the void of your soul.”  These people have a deficit of cognitive function and their verbal ability and thinking is dependent on those they have victimized.  They are dependent on those whose souls they stole.
You’re not going to like this next statement but sodomizing gay males are not men.  I am not a homophobic.  I talk to and treat all people, and I will define people as those who were created with the form of man to walk on two legs, with respect and dignity.  And this might seem to contradiction to what I have written before but it is not.  Homosexuals were created from the witchcraft process of stealing souls.  I would like to see a world where the pain of lost souls does not find its way to create homosexuals.  This means a world of fairness of opportunity.  A world of equality.  A world absent of nonlethal weapons and the undue influence the devil uses them to create.  Today the Devil uses nonlethal weapons to silence and kill those who know of his existence.
One look in the eyes of the minister told me that he believed that he could not help that he caused suffering in others, so he might as well try and do it anyway and even try and enjoy it.  Thanks, we really need people like this in our communities.  Men like this sought to be something else in life and now try and make less of those they envy.  They now indeed work for those who prevented their success in life.  They have made friends with those who have bullied and victimized them, and are now part of the similar effort against others of innocence.
The evil contradiction of hypocrisy of what I thought the Lutheran Religion to be as a child, a belief that I was bamboozled not to believe, is more true today.
I do not like writing this stuff and if you didn’t bother me when I was working on my writing that I consider more beautiful, I wouldn’t have to write this.  But I indeed know the devil like it when I write of his evil that is hidden to the rest of society.
These people shamelessly live of the souls of others.  Once another speaks against them they come out in droves and attack to drain that soul and life to zero.
And if you think that I am not being fair to religion, would you leave your boy for day care with a priest accused of molesting and abuse?  Do not leave your soul to the fate of the Lutheran religion either.  You will not be resurrected as a human being after you die, you will come back as they animal you always tried to be.  That is the poetic justice of God.

God Bless Those Who Think For Themselves
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Ten Fingers and Two Thumbs 08 28 2010

Ten Fingers and Two Thumbs 08 28 2010

That is how it was taught when I went to school.
On the health show broadcast on the radio this morning a Doctor quoted the facts that there are 30 deaths a year from Salmonella poisoning versus maybe four a year from snake bites.  What is the moral here?  That you should be more careful in your grocery store than when you are hiking about out in snake country!
The same Doctor told how we really don’t know how kidney stones are caused.  He attributed it to bad luck.  He quoted the fact that kidney stones are ninety six percent calcium.  I have often asked myself what is said to be in Cola drinks that dissolves calcium and leads to osteoporosis; phosphoric acid.  I have ordered Orthophosphoric acid from Vitacost and plan on adding a little to the water that I drink to see if it will help dissolve the stones.  I would drink the cola but it is high in sugar and sugar in addition to phosphoric acid is a good way to remove tooth enamel.  Phosphoric acid listed for sale on the internet is mostly an industrial cleaner.  I didn’t buy that.  I bought a food grade product like that you see on the label of some Cola’s.  I will let you know of my results.

In my mornings Investor’s Business Daily Newspaper there was an article about how a Combat Medic saved the lives of men in an ambush zone in Pakistan.  His name is Sgt. Joseph Lollino.  He provided first aid and formed a human shield around members of the convoy hit by a rocket propelled grenade and also returned fire until more heavy artillery arrived.  My father was a Combat Medic in World War II and in Korea.  How many of us would like to have a person of the integrity and character of one who would risk their life to save yours as your doctor.  I would like to have a person of such integrity and character as my doctor.  In fact why not make it a requirement that all Doctors are required to serve in active duty in the Military before they are allowed to practice in our country.  Would this not lead to better doctors and a more efficient health care system?
I will go a step further with this thought as it would apply to lawyers also.  A lawyer ought to do something that the public recognizes as good before he is allowed to practice law.  Wouldn’t this lead to a more honest and crime free society?  A healthier society to live in?
I also read that BP Amoco wants to retrieve the blowout preventer from negligently operated Deep Horizon oil well.  To do this they would have to uncap the well again.  They are likely to break it again and take attention away from any meaningful progress to our country.  In another paper, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, I read how most in Louisiana feel that President Bush did a better job of handling the Katrina disaster than Obama did handling the undersea oil well disaster.  It has been some five or six years since the hurricane.  If my memory, which is better than a fed fat elephant, serves me correctly, people were living in cardboard shanty camps.  There were mobile homes lined up to let them stay in and they were vacant because no one would let anyone use them.   And President Bush would not build any permanent break wall that would protect the State of Louisiana from another Hurricane of such magnitude, the money and attention was all diverted to the Oil War.  Are Bush and our “Stone Wall” conservatives waging a war against President Obama by putting forth such a pull that makes a very unfair comparison?  The article even states that some of those who participated in the poll have not even gotten back into their homes today.  Does this sound like a biased poll?  BP Amoco the straight line successor to Standard Oil should be prevented from tampering with this well ever again.  In fact if they want to tamper with it again they should be made to wait until the beginning of another Republican Presidency, that is how confident I am of their misplaced intent.  I will go a step further and say that they are again a monopoly and should be broken up like the Standard Oil Company was decades ago.  They wield their power irresponsibly for a company that plays such a large role in our countries energy policy to the detriment of our environment.
The Republican foray into politics is always the promise of lowering taxes.  Any idiot that assumes Presidency of the United States of America can lower taxes with the stroke of a pen.
Before Doyle leaves the office of Governor he needs to provide us with a list of accomplishments for his successors to follow.  Two that we can attribute correctly to him that are prominent to me today are the statewide ban on smoking in public places and mandatory recycling of electronic items.  The latter prevents other states from dumping them in our landfills in Wisconsin.  Those who love living in Wisconsin often attribute this to our Natural Resources.  Other states use our landfills also.  Do we really need Illinois dumping waste and foreign carp in Lake Michigan?  Do we need waste from the affluent suburbs of Illinois potentially polluting our water table and natural resources?  Let them figure out how to dispose of this in their own state.  Wouldn’t that make one of the financial hubs of this country a whole lot more responsible.  Won’t this recent ban on landfill disposal lead to products that work easier and last longer, in a word quality?  Should Wisconsin be the dirty mop and water of Illinois?
Republican Behavior.  The nature of irresponsibility is accusing someone of being responsible for something they had no responsibility for.  This is not how solutions are made and implemented.  And because blame is initially misplaced, solutions from this ideology are doomed to failure.  Solutions based on misplaced blame are not solutions. They are the delusions of ineffective Republican Party and its Presidents to the detriment of our country.
The Friday August 20th 2010 edition of Investor’s Business Daily quoted President John F. Kennedy on Continual Learning, “The greater our knowledge increases, the more our ignorance unfolds.”  And the Thursday August 19th edition created Earl Tupper the founder of Tupperware as writing, “Remember, the things which are so commonplace today would have been the ravings of a fanatic a few years ago.”  And a historian Alan Axlerod commenting on Democratic President Grover Cleveland, in the Friday August 27th, “He knew capitalism depends on honesty, that it can’t survive amid rapid corruption.”   In the Thursday August 26th issue the Newspaper informed me that, “To get to their favorite fishing hole faster, Arthur and pal Bill Harley mounted motors on their bicycles in 1901.  A descendent of the Harley Davidson family, Jean Davidson was quoted as saying, “If the Harley-Davidson gentlemen with their strong Scottish work ethic were alive today, they would never allow skull logos on their bikes.”  I think they would also go to great lengths to improve the image of Harley-Davidson to exclude biker gangs.
Harley Davidson is considering moving manufacturing operations out of state.  Wouldn’t it be nice if companies were able to make their products in a plant site that could handle all operations?  Wouldn’t there be less transportation costs?  Wouldn’t there be less misalignment of parts issues? Wouldn’t there be less logistic issues?  Wouldn’t there be higher quality if the company were able to contemplate and implement a manufacturing solution whereby it would not be relying on seasonal labor?  Wouldn’t there be less issues of quality if employees were assured they have a job that pays them for their skill level for at least a full year?  Isn’t that a contradiction to the standard of the Harley worker to say that a seasonal worker could do their highly skilled jobs?  How are contradictions that are unresolved fulfill themselves?  Will they have issues of quality that will damage their competitive position in the marketplace if they use “seasonal workers”?
My mother told me a story about a friend of hers in a small town who did seamstress work.  The seamstress was getting very old and one day a man came and picked up his hemmed up suit, looked carefully at it and paid for it.  When the women went to look at her sewing machine she realized that there was no thread in the machine or in the needle.  She had may no alterations and yet the man paid her anyway.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Nostalgia of Diplomacy 8-20-2010

                    Nostalgia of Diplomacy 8-20-2010
       In this day and age President Kennedy’s administration stands out to me. He had great ambition. “We will go to the moon,” he said on black and white TV.  He said it confidently and we did.
       Then there was the Bay of Pigs incident with Cuba. He sternly stopped the USSR from mounting nuclear missile silos off of our coast line and posing a threat to the United States. Makes me wonder where the former governor of Texas was regarding Mexico.
        I cannot think about President Kennedy without thinking about President Carter. How he went over to the Middle East and made peace between Sadat and Begin. We have not really seen a peace making diplomat of that character since. Most people would scoff if you said a president of the United States once make peace in the Middle East. In today’s world it seems unimaginable that such a mess has been created there. Osama Bin Laden studied in the United States. What could have made him hate us so much?  Did he have a run in with a would be priest? What alienated him?  What made him hate us?  Did someone try and steal his soul?  I would be duped by him because he doesn’t look evil to me. In some pictures he looks like an Amish farmer innocently proud.            
       I will say this about what I see in him. There was a character named Francis in an Arnold Schwaznerger movie or maybe it was a Bill Murray movie, “Stripes”? He was skinny and had a tension of anger in his blood.  His line was “I don’t want anybody touching me.” To which someone replied, “Lighten up Francis”.
       We have all known men like this in our day. In high school we called them “hard asses”- someone ready to snap with a tension wire in their blood. It seems to be a self propagating tension that is hard to ease from. Something that eats away at a person from the inside, a restless fire in the blood and head, an inability to relax in thro the start in our dealings with oil nations we needed to hold tight on foreign trade presence of certain others.  Once a hatred like this has formed, it does not settle easily.  It would seem to me that we are too far along in the history of mankind to be waging such hatred.
      Some young people look to the actions of those that came before. They see the bravado of victory and that is what they want to be.  That is what they want to emulate in experience. Some people learn through reason, knowledge and experience. And some buy the manikin suit off the shelf and are “monkey sees and monkey does.”
     The command of the United States military forces and our economic policy regarding other countries in not something to be taken lightly.
    We have relied on the natural reserves of foreign countries for resources for too long.  When you know you only have so much syrup, honey, cider, mead, and w coffee, whiskey in the cellar you ration it and boil water while you look for a substitute. We have known since the Carter administration that our cellars were finite. But we have not rationed and we have not looked for alternatives.  We have dealt with other countries of lesser standards and now in turn we have lesser standards. From the start in our dealings with oil nations we needed to hold tight on foreign trade arrogated at least tried to put forth our standard of living in some form, leading by example to other countries.  We could have made suggestions such as “Saddam, if you keep torturing, we won’t buy your oil.”  Wouldn’t it be nice if we were in a position of strength to deal with foreign nationals this way?
      Ford-The pardon
      Reagan- Iran-Contra
     Bush-foreign policy led to war
     Bush’s son-By passed the will of the people- The Arab world thought the same about him as the Democrats did. “How weak is the democratic process that the son of a president be the next president?” What do Americans truly value-nepotism?  What message did the election of George W. send to the rest of the world? Something they didn’t like about it and involved the world trade center.   I am speaking out of turn for the Arab world.  As any US soldier stationed over there will tell you-“opinion polls of individuals are unreliable”.
       In some film clip from Osama Bin Laden, I remember someone asking him what he thought about the looks of an American woman. He shook his head with a wave and smile and said "NAH” He with his many wives knew something we didn’t at the time.  What did he know and what point was he trying to make?
        Will we be able to make peace with the Arab world? Just for a change, I would like to see a discussion of how this could be done.
       I took my nephew fishing Thursday. He said to me, ‘I would have liked to have been there when the Statue of Liberty was first erected by the French, to see the golden colored copper shining, glistening in the sun.  He got me thinking about what you could coat copper with to make it stay golden.  A clear coat that slowly erodes without peeling and needs to be reapplied every so often. Then I sensed that a Republican Administration would cut funding to recoat it. And then I said to my nephew, “wouldn’t it be nice if some day an Arab world build a second Statue of Liberty with permanence on our west coast”?
        God Bless those who dream in optimism!
       I am driving home from my secret writing oasis in the rain. It always rains when I am mad and then somberly sad. I reflect on the 1998 Buick that I am driving, how I changed the oil two days ago. I ponder and wonder how many young American men ever have the skill to change their own oil today. It must be a lost art. I notice that the car runs a lot smoother when I greased the ball joints and tie rods. New cars have seal joints and are not greased and tuned. I wonder if they could ever be retorqued as a matter of importance. Sometimes a groove can wear in a joint and when it is retorqued the joint fails because it binds and breaks at the groove.
      The car I am driving was built in 1998 and cars of the same brand today get no better gas mileage.  I wonder again who is responsible for such progress?  Progress an impossibility for one faction to conceptualize
This is how I ended the essay earlier before I left my oasis.
 At the table to the left of me in the basement of my writing oasis sat three men smoking a hookah pipe. It smells like asbestos to me. When I left I jovially asked the three who although brown olive skin colored, one had the exact same face as the chief inspector who opposed the French Chief Inspector Cousteau in the Pink Panther movies.
He knows he looks that way and is acting way a giggling crazy laugh with his hand covering his mouth, just like the acting of the Chief Inspector.  Darting nervous eyes.  And I know that he knows that I know that he is acting silly that way as if he is the Chief Inspector who has lost all his nerves and is stir crazy.  A Chief Inspector defeated by what he considers and will always consider a dimwit.  Why did the dimwit win in the movie?  Because he was of honest and pragmatic intent and not contriving to spitefully best a coworker, I have always reasoned.  One would stab you in the back and one would never conceive of it.  I don’t know myself how it would be to look like a famous person.  If I did suppose people would tell me I looked like so and so, and I might even try to impersonate so and so.  Sometimes adult want attention just as children do, I was done writing and stood up.

“What kind of tobacco is that”, I asked.
“Its molasses”, he says and the three smile.
“Like what you buy in the grocery store?”
“Yes” One of the three says and they all laugh.
“What does it do for you; does it give you a lift?”
“No, not really”
“Then it is just kind of a social “ I offer to their answer.
They agreed and I chimed in “A Molasses Social” What am I to say- I felt welcome at the Molasses Social.
God Bless Those Who Dream In Optimism
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy
PS if you think I would take a smoke from that Hookah Pipe you got a screw loose.

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American Manufacturing 08 23 2010

In the other mornings Milwaukee Journal there was an article about how Wisconsin is joining four other states in accusing Hitachi, Samsung, Sharp, LG and other LCD manufacturers of colluding to keep prices high of this main part to today’s modern LCD television and LCD computer screens.
 I owned stock in the only company based in the United States of America to manufacture televisions, Syntax Brillian and they were forced into bankruptcy.
High prices and the problems collecting money from companies it does business with in foreign countries being the reason.
Why do we have to waste valuable legal resources of each or these states in order to pursue this matter?  Why does this not fall under a centralized authority of the United States Government such as the Fair Trade Commission?  Is it because the FTC has never been effective and often subdued by the will of Republican administrations? Our FTC could have indeed been the one to set the example standard of trade for other developing countries to follow.  Is the FTC watching pornography all day like the Securities and Exchange was found to have been doing under the watch of the Bush administration?
If America (the United States of) wants to have a clean manufacturing base, foreign countries must compete at our standards or greater.  If not they should be barred from doing business in this country.  We have never given foreign countries many goals or insights into what they should become and now some truly hate us.  Without understanding does jealousy arise? Yes.
Since we have not promoted greater standards effectively to foreign countries are we becoming more like the foreign countries we do business with and less like what our founding fathers declared us to be? Yes. Will we become a country where people run around stabbing each other in the backs?  Watch the news and you see we already are.  One of the key reasons Rome fell was because people were coming in droves to get in and no one could keep them out.  Does this sound familiar and wasn’t Bush the Governor of Texas for O’ so many years before he became president of the United States for O’ so many years.  Isn’t Texas the primary United states that borders Mexico?   And do we not have a tremendous illegal immigrant invasion from Mexico.  Don’t drugs from South America come through the border with Mexico?  One might even get the courage to ask the question was George Bush irresponsible for the problem at the border, for well over a decade, almost reaching two, because he was on the take from the drug and narcotic trade.   And isn’t George Bush the political candidate that the Republicans put forward as the most responsible person the world could ever know.  Wake up America, Republicans aren’t good for us, that is United States Citizens, don’t be one and don’t vote for one. Republicans pick their Presidential candidates as a matter of Chess Strategy, in terms of who the think can beat a Democrat and not in terms of what good they can do for the country irrespective of what political party they are from.  Sarah Palin is supposed to be their next candidate, her unmarried daughter became pregnant her boyfriend gone and now posing nude.  If you think you are putting on the face of intelligence and class by nominated Palin you are wrong.  And Republican women that was your final card in this game.  It is over for you in terms of power and influence. Take your unmarried pregnant daughters and leave the country, we don’t want to support them or you either.
If you think I cannot tell you why your other candidates should not become president or hold office just as well as I told you about her you are dead wrong.  They do not represent the Standard of the United States of America and they seek to defy it in favor of every opportunity for personal gain.  Don’t trade with them either.
Why have we not set our achievements in this country as a standard for other countries to follow? The real reason would sicken and horrify you.

God Bless Freedom and Your Own True Achievements.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Homosexuality and Right to Life

Homosexuality and Right to Life
God’s final word on Homosexuality was the complete destruction of Saddam and Gomorrah.
Queerism is irritating, counterproductive and ant species.  The issue of whether gays should be allowed to marry takes too much away from important policies and politics in the United States.  The answer should just be NO.  Which is exactly what you would tell one if they asked or tried to have sex with you.  Actually if you were like me you would probably come near to cracking their skull open and killing them in defense as I did once to get one off my back before. 
  There is an evil in our society that likes to make queers out of boys.  They do this to live off their souls.  I saw this attempted while I was in Catholic Grade School.  It might be two Jewish friends that are boys kissing in an effort to make you want to kiss boys too.  It might be the troop leader of the Boys Scouts at the Catholic School turning his back on a son that finds its way into his son’s sleeping bag with his own son.  Now I know it is not all Jews that do this.  Jesus Christ the last thing I ever want to do is incite another genocide or holocaust.  It might be a series of Catholic Priests in Ireland molesting boys.  A woman Italian comedian, name sounded like Panchetti, I once saw on television said, “There is no difference between an Italian and a Jew.”  I can readily understand this.  It is said that the earliest of Jewish Settlements where in Italy.  So therefore you would probably have mostly the same genetic makeup.  It is also where the derivation of the word fellatio comes from. And indeed Italian men and Jewish men look the same, they also look like Arab men and Russian men and Spanish men to me.  The dark hair and facial structure.  I know the evil that I speak of is present in many countries.  They also look like Republicans to me.  We know who the Pharasies are they were Romans the lineage of Italians and Jews. The bible tells us that the Pharasies loathed Jesus Christ.  The bible also tells us that satan also loathed Jesus Christ.  Can we easily put two and two together.  It’s not that hard to do is it. Jesus Christ was sold by them to them for thirty pieces of silver.  Is this same group stealing souls for money today?  You bet they are.  They don’t crucify people today they just put them on psychiatric medicines they cannot get off of as they have been weakened by the soul stealers all their lives and seek the comfort of unreality the medicines provide.  Little do they know that the soul stealers do not win anymore when their victims are not medicine or zombified.  In fact they end up being about as smart as the day that they were born. Soul stealers also thrive on discarded semen.  Don’t masterbate as it strengthens and reinvigorates their evil selves. When Einstein said, “God doesn’t roll dice.” This is what he meant whether he knew it or not.  For all I truly know those without a soul are secretly of a lesser species than others.  Maybe they are of the Mongoloid race and therefore more savage.  You would have to be of a lesser species to be part of a group that would steal souls.  The definition of inhumanity as it applies here is the stealing of a soul or those who do so.  How do they steal souls, they molest people, they chant to people and today they utilized nonlethal weapons to steal souls.  Nonlethal weapons are indeed the sickest issue humanity has ever faced.  Directed energy weapons are used to drive people from their minds and make them incapacitated and unable to speak about what was done to them.  I am speaking up for those who cannot right now.  You do the same if you know about it and are a good person too.
Why were so many Irish molested by Catholic priests?  Because the Irish intellect is far greater than any other and therefore a prime one for soul stealing.

Back to the issue of homosexuality.  Marriage is a union between a man and a woman.  Why?  Love and the resulting survival of the species.  Why does the species survive if we define marriage as the union between a man and women? Because that is how people are made, the union between a man and women.
If we continue to give them rights and greater prominence God will destroy them and us along with them as he did Sodom and Gomorrah.

On Abortion-First Thing First
Before the Catholic Church ever even gets the gall to tell be a mother cannot abort their child.  They have to reconcile with me all the children that are tossed from foster home to foster home and abused.  They have to tell me how they can say anything regarding children at all when they seek to molest them and steal their souls.  FIRST THING IS FIRST, GOD DAMMIT CATHOLIC CHURCH, FIRST THING IS FIRST. You tell me how you are qualified to comment on the relationship between a man and a woman when most of you are gay.  You are not allowed to marry.  Why are you, priests, not allowed to marry? Because once upon a time in the history of the Catholic Church you were sympathetic to having more priests join, you were sympathetic to queer men.  Sympathy is great virtue to have.  Why not let priests join the Catholic Church and marry. Would that not be sympathy? We want to let homosexuals marry in our society and not priests.  Priests were once allowed to marry.  What are we going to do today let gays marry and then see a wave of Catholic Priests marry?
You will never get first thing is first right because it deals with an issue in life that you are not able to address.  Your policy is the stealing of souls under authority of a priest; you cannot say anything in defense in light of current evidence against you.  Whether the Catholic Church was always this way I do not know.  But the world is rapidly catching up to the soul stealers and they will soon be exposed for the good of humanity for all eternity.  Mothers and Fathers will be able to guard their children from their evil influence, as soul stealers will be made to tow the line or ostracized from communities and countries.  I don’t want anything bad to happen to people even soul stealers.  I just want them to cease and desist from the stealing of souls for all eternity- period.  The only way this can be done is if they are exposed for what they are.
I don’t know how all homosexuals are created maybe some were effeminate by an older brother, maybe their father.  Maybe their father treated them like a stone cold prisoner and therefore they seek the love of men later in life to fill this void in life.
I am not a homophobic.  I treat ALL people with respect.  I enjoy carrying on a conversation with one person as much as the next and it does not matter who or what they are.  No matter what race or religion.  You can learn something by talking to anyone.  That is if you learned how to think and learn in the first place.  It is when you infringe upon my rights and the rights of others in this country I voice my opinion in writing in addition to what I say to you.   And I do this for the good of humanity.  I often applaud homosexuals either men or women as they speak more of a level headed opinion.  Often they say profound things that need to be said and everyone else is afraid to say or doesn’t know should be said.  Sometimes in my life I have seen them get the opinion right where no one else could.
I enjoy a sense of camaraderie by participating in sports with all men.  I do not feel this way with queers though.  They seem to grate my nerves somehow.  I don’t know what it is, it is just queer.  It is as if they do not understand the world from a physical sense the same way I do.  Maybe it is a feeling that they are irresponsible and could not see something of danger, like if a ladder was only balanced on one leg.  Maybe they are not tough at all or if tough in a belligerent way.  To be honest these behaviors of theirs I find revolting and sickening.  Maybe when I see a man that talks like a women I think he cannot hold his own weight.  Something for the military to think about.  What man would talk like a women and not expect to get pushed around.  A man that talks like a woman has the intent of being “Used” like a woman.  I don’t want to use men as women, what man does. The concept grates my nerves.  And indeed I am always seeking to find and marry a woman to use a woman.
God created the aids virus as another warning to mankind.  These are indeed the end times.  The flood in Pakistan was of Biblical proportion they said on the news. If you don’t think when God has had enough he has had enough and will do something about it you are wrong. If you think you can and will get away with evil you are wrong.  If you think there is safety in numbers regarding the evil that you do, you are wrong.  Souls are being judged.  Some will be raptured to nonexistence.  Some, the few good men and women, will thrive further and set the new example for the world to follow.  God has been allowed to see the best of the human species and he has picked them as the progenitors and stewards of the new world to come.  Good will triumph and evil will perish completely.
God will not know those who have done evil in his name.  The false righteous will be denied resurrection in the new world to come.    God sees out of the eyes of those who are victimized.  And those that are victimized and go onto victimize others in return have been judged and will no longer exist in any form of spirit and neither will those in the league of Satan.
It is a simple equation man plus women equal more men and women.  Man plus man equals no more man or woman.  Woman plus woman equals no more man or woman.   And that is what we are males and females not some test tube children of homosexual parents of the future. Why don’t we promote this true equation for the survival of the species and not the one that results from stealing souls?
I guess what ties this whole article together is what Major Ed Dames a member of the United States militaries spook program once said on a late night talk show.  Sodomy is the mark of the Devil.  And per definition, the Devil is souless.
And if you don’t like what I say and seek grievance against me I will leave this country.  You already know what I don’t like about it.

God Bless Those Who Speak the Truth
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright Thomas Paul Murphy

The Electrowitch 08 23 2010

The Electrowitch 08 23 2010
The book of Revelations from the Bible tells how a dragon (woman) wanted Mary’s son, Jesus, to be less than human.  The Electrowitch of today is armed with the technology to do this.
Not even our government knows of some of this technology.  And those that do are part of the evil that goes to great lengths to conceal its existence.  Private industry and the Military Industrial complex run this country.  They have done so since the assassination of President Kennedy.  If you think this is not a bad thing you do not remember the Holocaust in Germany was heavily influenced by the military industrial complex.  The German Krupp’s and there are even links from the Bush family to the Military Industrial complex of WWII.
The reason?  There is a different species among us.  The reason that they are different is that they were raised as Satan to be able to read men’s minds.  A species that is the opposite of good- evil.
As evil it is self-serving and cares little for the greater good.
The Republican Party personifies this demon in every way.
Nonlethal technologies are used to torture people by the mothers of Satan.   The bible tells us in Revelations that a dragon (Mother) could not stand that Mary was pregnant with the child of God.  When the child was born she wanted it to be less than human.  Soul stealing mothers such as these are alive and thrive today and their goal is the same.  To zombify an adult, fragment their mind and give their own children a head start in life by doing so.
  Some are Jewish and Italian but they are represented by all religions and cultures.  Whoever they let in the door to the house of Satan would seem to become a member.  They care not for this country, they just want to get ahead, to fillet off the skin of someone that has learned for themselves and possess great knowledge and wear it as a suit.  To wear the skin of someone they zombify to the state of a wicked cadaver.  Someone that then falls into their network of psychiatry for which they will never likely escape from.  A net they are likely to die young in.
If such a soul survives, the soulless league of Satan seeks to ruin any moments of happiness they have in their lives.  Why? Because when the one with the stolen soul is happy they are miserable as it detracts from their own stolen souls.  One percent or more of our population are victimized by them.  And they do indeed victimize their own kind.  Just as the Pharisees (who were Romans (Italians today) and Jews) attacked and nitpicked Jesus Christ they attack their victims today in a jealous effort to keep them soulless.  They feed on the souls of others like piranha do on animals that fall into the Amazon River.  The legend of the Amazon women is real more today than ever in the United States of America.
Priests are not men they are like their mothers and queers.  The evil of our society have created more queers than you could ever imagine.  Overprotective mothers raising effeminate sons.  Sadistic mothers and fathers creating through a psychological rebound response creating gay sons and daughters.  The gay person created in such a family has no will to procreate as they do not see their parents as role models or their family as one of love and beauty. Some of the sons and daughters of Satan feel empathy for those that are victimized and through an oddly transformed love become gay when indeed just to the opposite later in life they should have found this their call to inaction against injustice.   It is too late for them by this time in life, they have been channeled into what they are, and this is indeed in support of the league of Satan.  Queers building up queers.  Soulless creating more soulless.
The soulless know anything they ever achieve in their lives was not of their own accomplishment.  They have those victimized by the Electro witch to thank.  Those the Electrowitch drove out of their minds and into their own to thank.  But as they are evil they can’t and never will thank them.  They will never give credit where credit is due.  They were raised evil and it lessons them tremendously to thank people and give credit where credit is due.  It is not what they believe or what they were taught to believe.  And it hurts them to do this.  All they consist of is their egos. And for an ego to say it is not of its own is the most destructive thing that can ever happen to “All that is only Ego”.  They were taught to believe everything in this world really belongs to them, including the souls of others…..  So therefore they never have any guilt about the pain and suffering they cause to others in life.  And they cause great pain and suffering.  The Bible says those who suffer are truly blessed.  And yet those who suffer do not feel blessed.  This is one of the few things Jesus taught that I have not truly come to fully understand.

God knew of their existence and therefore promised what did not belong to them to them.  This was his way of keeping them at odds with everyone else in the world.  He has done this until all of their evil could be known.  And evil have now revealed themselves and the time of the apocalypse is now at hand.  God has seen through the eyes of their victims and Satan in totality will be destroyed.  Their souls will be purged from their bodies and completely destroyed with no trace of them left.  And no evil hope of any trace of them ever to return to be sadists to humanity.  The human race that will remain will be one of peace and love for all eternity.
A world of equality where man is rewarded by his own hard work and not by stolen knowledge and resulting gain.  The book of Revelations also tells us that all autistic children have had their souls stolen. The league of Satan steals the souls in its own league also.  It is a poetic justice that there is no discrimination in their method and the souls of their own children are sometimes stole by others in the league of Satan.
If you have ever heard the term, “The female of the species is more deadly than the male.” And then laughed as I did when I was younger upon hearing this absurdity, because your mother was a good and loving person like they are supposed to be, as mine is.  You laughed because you could never conceive of a women being different than that.  Don’t laugh, because it is indeed the female of our species that steals souls.  Can I ever prove this?  I don’t have to prove the existence of Satan; the Bible has told us that for a fact.
The “Black Operations” carried out by our defense department or our military industrial complex today is creating a feudal society.  Our society in the United States of America will end up much like we see in the Middle East.  Why? Because we had the opportunity to lead the rest of the world by good example and failed to do this.  The world and the United States will be ruled by those who steal souls.  The “Black Operations” going on today were implemented by the Bush administration and support the evil will of the Republican Party.  However the United States Government can no longer account for the “Black Operations” technology it created and was funded by our government.  Often such technology was created by Universities and specialized defense corporations.  When the defense department does not have the money to buy it is sold to the private sector and finds its way to individuals who use it against their neighbors.
The technology was disseminated to local communities and the records relating to it were destroyed in one of the buildings that was RAISED by us immediately after the 911 attack.
Those that are part of the “Family” use the technology against members of the local communities to drain them of knowledge for their own personal gain.  Some of the technologies are known and revealed by the United States government.  Some are from foreign countries.  Remember the USSR was microwaving our buildings in Washington DC in the early 1970’s.  Russian immigrants and their crime syndicate do this to United States citizens every day in order to gain an edge.  And there are a variety of technologies they utilize on individuals.  Just as Saddam Hussein had an array of implements on his table, these unseen weapons used to steal souls and then “Actively Deny” it are just as diverse.
These high technologies greatly impede the progress of the country and the health   of the world, as they are only used for personal gain.  They can be considered the scapula of Mengula.  The league of Satan has no real ties to any country; their only tie is to their league of Satan.
There are technologies that are microwave based.  They are activated and implemented by the children of Satan.   Evil and odd children with the intent to make an adult cry.  For their own good and the good of humanity the worse thing an adult can do in this circumstance is cry.  Because it would lead the child to believe that he could go around everywhere and tell adults what to do, and that would not be good for them.  Not all adults are nice to children, think of your catholic priests as just one example of the point I just made.
This technology that our government has denied the existence of has indeed lead to much of our own technology and money leaving this country, to foreign countries such as China, Russia, India, etc., etc. Universities also benefit from tapping stolen minds.  Soul stealers sell whatever they can to those who are in the market.  That is part of their definition; they have no conscious to prevent them from doing so.  They have no allegiance to a country and ultimately are often expelled for what they do.
I guess what ties this whole article together is what Major Ed Dames a member of the United States militaries spook program once said on a late night talk show.  Sodomy is the mark of the Devil
God Save Us From the Electrowitch

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The War in Afghanistan 08 15 2010

On Meet the Press this morning it was stated that Karlow the head of Afghanistan cannot be trusted.  Why are we working with him?  To tell him where lone American soldiers are so he can direct Taliban or Al-Qaida to kill them.
  How do we define a civilian in Afghanistan?  Someone not armed with a loaded weapon that can be pointed at a United States soldier when his back is turned?

If their money is funded by life ruining poppy plants that Heroine is produced with, why don’t we bring our troops home and spray all the poppy fields to kill the plants.  When they grow back we go back and do the same in perpetuity until they plant food or some type of tree for lumber.
The herbicide Roundup could be used.  Those Arabs all wear those bandanas over their faces and heads to protect them from the sand.  The health effects can’t be any worse than what the health status of a Heroine Junkie is anyway.  By the way who doesn’t think that some of that heroine is used by our soldiers in the field or sold by drug dealers in this country?  If you don’t believe that you are extremely naïve.
When drug fields are growing in the United States would they not be destroyed?  How can we start them on a better Afghanistan if we do not lead them in this manner to do this?  This is the idiot War of George W. Bush.
If we destroy their drugs and drug trade we will break their evil will.  But we won’t because the evil drug trade is engrained as part of our culture in this country.  Rich kids become drug dealers and push to children whose potential they are jealous of.  Souls are stolen in this manner and many other manners in this country and nothing is done about it as it has organized religion at its backing. 
  If we destroy the drug fields our ability to discern the good from the bad will become more pronounced.  Those who you didn’t know were bad would make themselves known as they become irate at the destruction of their drug fields.  If you lived in the suburbs and there was a meth lab in a trailer parked in front of your house where you and your children live would you have something to say about it then?  Or would you say it’s okay, my children know enough not to take drugs or meth?  Don’t you care about the health of your neighbors children?  They just might be friends with yours now “mighten” they?  Is our military in one country to protect our economic interest in oil and in another country to protect and promote our economic interest in Heroine?
     How does Osama Bin Laden draw his money to pay his “troops”?  Where does he keep it?  What bank is he using?  Why don’t we bomb that damn bank and every branch there is or at least find some other way to deprive him of funds?  Because the Arab world will not cooperate with us.  They view us as different and in terms of culture we are very different from them.  So yes there is a difference and they see it and it separates them from us.  It is not as if we are going to set up movie theaters all around Afghanistan with films featuring false idols.  The Bible is very clear about this, “Thou shall not worship false idols.”  But that is all that we do in this country.  Idolize professional athletes who have no morals, movie stars that can never stay married to the same person.  The Bible says thou shall not worship false idols because by definition to be human means that you are flawed in some way.  And to worship a human idol is to worship something unbecoming of humanity.  It is better to learn morals and teachings of “GOOD”. But that does not happen anymore.
When you hearts and stomachs turned at seeing the torcher tools table of Saddam Hussein or the woman’s nose that was cut off by the Taliban do not be swayed by this propaganda because worse things than that are done in our country daily.
Most people are unaware of the horrors and atrocities that are committed against United States citizens daily.  Our government sanctions these because it knows about the dissemination of this technology at the highest level of our military.  Nonlethal weaponries are being used on United States citizens in order to profit from them.  Like Judas sold Jesus for 30 bars of silver people are tortured daily in our country by the painful and killing effects of nonlethal weaponry.  The programs are put forth under the guises and terminology of “Active Denial” and “Special Education”.  The use of them in special education was most likely a part of the Bush administrations “No Child Left Behind” program.  The technologies are used to drive people crazy and profit from their stolen souls. It is the worst crime against humanity and it is also the reason the Arab world hates the United States.
     Some wealth in this country is attained savagely without conscious in this manner and those who are victimized can be made by the technology to be incapacitated mentally.  How smart would someone look and talk if hole was cut in a microwave oven and a group of thieves stuck his head in there and turned it on.  Just like food cooked in a microwave oven is not brown or caramelized a person victimized by nonlethal weaponry does not look cooked but their brains are and their souls are stolen.  When a soul is stolen often the skill sets, memories, future knowledge and strengths are gone from the individual.  Wall Street is indeed a band of soul stealing gypsies.  And a power structure has been created in this country to support this behavior.  Any traditional education and learning in our school system is subverted by this to guaranteed failure.  It is not in the best interest of this country or the future of humanity.  What does a child care about the learning or wellbeing of others in the classroom if he/she is assured of a future in terms of money and power, and can therefore bully and be disruptive and steal souls themselves.  The stealing of souls has also been a central part of the Catholic Church if you do not believe me explain why so many priests molested boys?  My explanation is the true one and there is no other.  At every mass in the Catholic Church there used to be a prayer at the end that asked St. Michael to protect us and seek vengeance against those that steal souls, somehow that has been omitted.  Will the increased knowledge of modern times further expose the many existences and incarnations of Satan?  There is always a great and concerted effort to hide the existence of Satan.
What father or mother who steals for a living, cares to or has the capacity to raise a son or daughter properly?  It does not happen.

  The bible say’s those who suffered are truly blessed.  Believe me those who suffer do not feel truly blessed.  Many one day God will………….
God Bless Those Who Suffer

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

If Taliban in Afghanistan are taking their orders from Pakistan we need to get the nuclear missiles out of Pakistan or at least pour a deterrent type of cement into their silos so that they can never be used.