Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Common Stock Options Expiration Dates

Common Stock Options expiration dates should be structured so that they coincide with when companies are to report their quarterly earnings.  And that means they should all be structured to expire a month and a half after the calender year quarters.  So all expiration dates should be as follows:

October 15
February 15
May 15
August 15

This would allow investors to more readily capitalize on the true growth of a company.  It would also eliminate much of the manipulation that almost put this country into another great depression.

The way they are structured today investors do not reap the benefits from them as they should as the options often expire in gaps in market activity.  When they expire in these grey areas where there is no information to base stock prices on stock prices are more readily manipulated to the detriment of the public investor.

Our capital markets should not be structured whereby the wealth of the American public is siphoned away to a undefined class of white collar criminals.

And here is a quote from my intellect for the day, "Just because someone says that something or someone else should have a good reputation does not mean that it does."

If you are a good person do not take offense of this, I am just trying to weed out the evil of this country.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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