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Are Trump Cards in the Image of a Wiccan

Are Trump Cards in the Image of a Wiccan?

Trump is delusional in terms of him being a candidate for President of the United States. Why?

Trump professed how he went to Wharton school of finance. Why does he brag about this? Did he or did he not nearly bankrupt his company? Am I the only one who remembers this? Please tell me there has not been a revision to the historical finance records in this country.

Was he or was he not an adulterous? Still a crime in many states?

Once on television there was the tale of a call girl who had the names of some prominent people in New York City. We never heard from her again. What happened to her? How was she silenced? Was she paid to go away? Was she killed? If Donald wants to be President of the United States maybe he should look into this find her for us. Wouldn’t it be nice if Donald Trump would be the want to clarify this issue for us? This would sure put a better image the State he hails from New York, in the public eye.

Donald acts like he is royalty. You're fired you're fired you're fired. “We need a president today that is able to say you're hired. We need a president today who can hire more than 10% of a group of candidates. We need a president who believes that this can be a reality not that the product of our school systems is indeed Slim Pickens. If our school systems only created 10% that can be hired what are the other 90% good at? You have to have some skills.

If you are elected, people would want to leave this country in droves just as they did England. And they did not leave England to practice religious freedoms. It was to escape persecution by religion. And England was the biggest persecutor and soul stealing nation there ever was. If Trump were elected it would be the end to the United States of America as the founding fathers knew it.

There was a movie starring well that little quirky actor from "Goodfellas "we'll call him his favorite line “gimme the rent” “give me the rent” “give me the rent” this is how Donald Trump got his experience in business. A taker. If we elect a taker to our government just who is it that he thinks he can take from? Might a giver make a better president than a taker? What does a taker have the offer as president?

Ties to organized crime? Donald Trump has ties to organized crime because he is in the casino business? The filth of this world flock to this business more than anything else. I have not been in one yet where I wasn’t shoed out quickly with a broom by them.

Russia is said to be a corrupt mafia state country today. And they have a strong presence of this in the United States today also. The basis of the Mafia is indeed the Wiccan religion as it is in the Church of England. We don't need any more of this in the United States today. They are wiccans because that is all the feeble minded can ever resort to being.

When I saw Donald speak as he was interviewed on cable TV my mother who is a big fan of him said, "Something looks funny about his skin?" Taking a closer look at the television set and seeing pinkness around his eyes I replied, "He has been in a tanning booth and was wearing protective goggles." Donald what is the matter with the light of day?

I have written my stance regarding China some time ago. And he echoed that they are ahead of us and we have very little of a manufacturing basis. But his solution to place a 25% tax on all imported Chinese goods would most likely cause more problems such as a war. I had written a much better solution that is not as off the cuff as this. First they should be asked to comply with the standards of manufacturing, labor and environment in the United States. And if they cannot, they cannot sell into this country. If we don't pollute in our country why should we finance another country to pollute our one earth by buying goods from them. The pollution of the earth is only going to create more feeble minded.

We need to lead by example in terms of protectionism. Their money is born into finance alternative energy companies in their country. With the multi hundreds of billions they are spending on alternative energy they will be less dependent on foreign oil sooner.

Donald if you are who you say you are retro-fit every property that you own with solar power producing windows manufactured by Solar Fun (SOLF). This is a China company and the only one I am aware of that has this technology. If you do this then it will gain exposure and U.S. companies will try and develop something similar. I am talking about transparent window glass that meets the standards for use in greenhouses and also produces electricity.

My brother-in-law said he wished there was a Republican candidate he could vote for because he is a Republican. I said that what you're seeing Sarah Palin is the best they have to offer. The Republicans have never had any substance and never will. The Democrats are the party change for the people.

He complained that the two sides, Republicans and Democrats don't work together.

I said it’s plain to see that one side does and one side has never had a political agenda including beneficial programs, that I have ever seen them advocate this in my lifetime. So therefore it is one side with no vision that ties the other side up in a nightmare bureaucracy an argument. How else would a political party with no program for the country ever maintain their positions in office other than to complain about anything the other side had to say?

The Republicans of today are the most classless filibusters the country has ever known. Have you ever seen them when a Democrat is speaking and they try and drown out his voice? A Democrat would never do that to a Republican.

My brother-in-law counter and said they are starting to.

I counter that and said if Democrats are starting to be more vocal in defense of this country from the Republicans, it is one of the greatest things I've ever seen happen.

The way the Republicans try and drown out the voice of another person reminded me of a documentary about how the parliament in England operates. It was a room full of bellowing monkeys, I swear to God I saw this on television and they are. They have very little respect for one another. You would think that the masters of the English language would have the patience to listen to another speak but they did not. These are not the noble of royalty but the feeble minded of Wiccanry.

We then argued and he said the reason they attribute to the Democrats not being reelected in the recent election was people did not vote along party lines.

I argued the reason you are stating is propaganda. Indeed it is a subjective opinion meant to keep people from further questioning.

Thomas Murphy on voter fraud:

I then said that when we went to vote they did not check us for identification. I say now that we need a national ID card for voting. This could be an expanded part of the DMV program. The card could be read by the same machine that casts your ballot. Would not there be more voters if every citizen were required to obtain a national voting card. We also need to have a national card for those who want to buy cigarettes, so that when they get lung cancer later on in years we don’t have to pay for their health care.

His self serving counter argument on this, would be that it limits our rights. This is Wiccan logic meant to fool you from the truth. Identifying yourself as a United States citizen at the voting booth only ensures your rights. I would even take this so far in that the machine should scan your fingerprint. And the only excuse for being able to vote in a different manner would be you lost your hand. I can see what the counter argument to this would be already, for some reason those machines with a made inoperable at the time of voting so that votes could be cast in a non-accountable manner.

If you thought that George Bush came from a prestigious university you could not be more wrong. The University he went to is a proponent of the most classless and soul stealing act. And there is no greater threat to humanity than this.

For those of you who by now do not know who George Bush was I will tell you. He was the two-dimensional character from the cover of “Mad Magazine” that got up and walked somehow into the Oval Office.

What will every candidate for the Republican Party lack? The third dimension we can label as a mind of their own.

Donald Trump said he came from Wharton school of finance. To me the name Wharton sounds a lot like Hogwart. Hogwart is indeed the school for Wiccans Harry Potter attended. We don't need you Donald they would love you in England however. Where there is the most classless semblance of public officials guised as royalty that I have ever seen.

I don't know if Donald is from English descent. If my memory serves me correctly he was considered to be descended from some European royalty.

Donald Trump had a history of stepping out with young women. Did he see that Clinton did this and is this is renewed motivation for becoming president?

What would Donald do next if he became president?

1. Bring the country to near bankruptcy again?

2. Take away our religious freedoms? We don't have to worry about this Catholic priests have already subverted the true Catholic church to evil.

3. Would he get us into a war to try and give the world a reputation that the United States is a strong country?

4. Would he then burn all our books and forbid us from praying as English did victimize the country of Ireland. If that happened in the United States and it is already happening in subtle forms, where are we to emigrate to? Wasn't the United States thought to be the last bastion of freedom?

Did anyone fail to notice how as soon as Republicans got majority in our country after the 2010 elections in November that South Korea then broke the border of North Korea and is trying to start a war. Aside from what Sarah Palin believes the United States does support South Korea. United States does not need to be dragged into any more wars or be the cause of them. There is nothing more evident that proves the feeble mindedness of the Republican Party than them taking us straight to war as a diversion to any issues we face concerning the health and welfare of the population the United States of America.

This is not royalty! Which is better to worship the King because if you don't you he’ll you or worship the leader of a country because he is a more than honest American and a good man who has good ideas for the citizens of the United States? Since 911 this has become the juxtaposition that underlies the two political parties in the United States.

If you ever watched celebrity apprentice you can easily see this cat thinks he's king already.

The Church of England has its basis in Wiccanry and this is what Harry Potter has done to the United States of America. To curse people rather than pray for them. The occult and the military-industrial complex were indeed the cause World War II. The occult is a very real and evil force that victimizes many. Adolf Hitler did indeed win World War II because his occult in the form of psychiatry has been legitimized by the United States. It is indeed the preferred method of censorship in the United States.

Donald I pray that when you read this you understand these are issues you have to work on in order to become a better person.

I was always under the impression myself that England and English had more class than those of the United States because of the way they pronounce the language better. I was dissolution when I watched a reality TV show hosted by Sharon Osborne where they tried to create ladies from English shrews. It is one of the saddest things I have ever seen with regard to lessening the good perception and open mind I had with regards to England.

As I was driving in my car I heard it said on the radio that Russia is a mafia state. Should Russia being a mafia state concern the United States of America? Yes. What can we do about it? We can lead by example and clean up our act in the United States.

What is wrong with a mafia state you ask so innocently? It is lawlessness. They can rape your wife, molest your children, steal your earnings and make you soulless zombies strung out on drugs. To me it sounds a lot like United States of America doesn’t it to you? You disagree with this? These have been the themes of the majority of the movies that people glue themselves to the television to watch.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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