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Wall Street and Racketeering 12 10 2010

Wall Street and Racketeering 12 10 2010

Is Wall Street guilty of racketeering against the United States of America?

Was not Bernie Madeoff the former chairman of the NASDAQ? The broker of many of the nation’s startup companies. What did Bernie end up doing? He stole $50 Billion dollars from the United States. He pulled a pin out of our economy that almost caused a Great Depression.

What did he do with this money? He is said to have bought items of Gold and sent them to his friends. Would we be remised if we thought that some of these friends might be Jewish? Would we be remised if we thought that many of them are Jewish? Does not the Jewish “Religion” have a federation that gives food and maybe a little money to those of the religion who need it? Is this not the equivalency of a bank? If a member of society could always be assured that his friends from such a bank would back him up when he was down would he/she not be more likely to commit acts of harassment that are hard to prove? Would not such acts of harassment then be considered the standard of conduct others would have to lower themselves to in order to survive? What would happen when the whole country then became subject to such behavior? In other words, what good man would want to work for such people? None do. Good men could not lower themselves to be this way. Good men were raised on high moral standards and fairness in competition. To then work in a world of the delusional would create great unbalance and conflict in the good man. And that is why we have no manufacturing sector in the United States today. The psychological framework of someone who works on Wall Street is very different than what the average person would consider normal. They are not more intelligent but less, the enigma they represent has been the subject of other quite lengthy article but to summarize it, they are just better at getting people to believe that they are. And it has to do with those who are raised on false idolatry. What did Judas do with the thirty bars of Silver he was paid for Jesus Christ. He is said to divvy it out to his tribe members. If Jesus Christ freely accepted his death why did Pontius need to pay Judas to deliver Jesus Christ? Are there any among us who would not consider Jesus Christ to be a good man? Are there any among us who would not consider Judas a bad man? Both were Jews and the Bible tells us that as humans that we are all Jews.

Can it be said that some of the friends of Bernie Madeoff were also Jewish. Who is it that got crucified by this ponzi scheme? The United States of America did.

The Nasdaq Stock Market has to change so that broker dealers can no longer make a profit from trading large sums of money in their house accounts. Does it not seem for all the wealth that those of Wall Street have attained that the United States of America has achieved little benefit from this? In other words money that goes into Wall Street stays just right there within the walls of Wall Street. Specific identification of shares is needed and the framework is already in place to accomplish this. It is the same system as the Electronic Treasury.

Bernie Madeoff’s actions are telling us something. Siphoning off money from our economy is indeed a standard practice. He was indeed chairman of the NASDAQ. So here we have the system of our capitalism that is flawed. The focus of this system is not how can capital be allocated to small and large businesses. It is how much can we ourselves make from what really amounts to churning of investor’s money. What you end of having is a layer of rich and incompetent in our country. (Read my article about Reserve stock shares for more on this.)

In summary Wall Street has been allowed to tap the United States of America for money and soul. When the large banks that backed Wall Street such as Citigroup failed what happened. You may now be familiar with how economics work but the United States Taxpayer footed the bill for this in the bailout. And not only does the United States have nothing to show for it but it has to pay the salaries of the most wicked people you will ever meet in your life.

There is no better evidence that Wall Street is guilty of racketeering than the actions of Bernie Madeoff who was head of the NASDAQ stock market. This is called prima fascia evidence. It is something our guts tell us is true and we are always glad when someone else is the first to say it.

In summary when convicted of racketeering all those who are guilty under the law of the United States of America have all their money and property confiscated. Are there any of us that believe if these Wall Street types had to roll up their sleeves and do a hard day’s work on a farm that it would do them and the country a world of good. I am one of those who believe this.

Does Wall Street use nonlethal weapons to drive people crazy as a form of sacrifice like wealthy Jewish bankers in England with ties to the occult did when they are said to sacrifice children. It is very hard to prove a rich person is guilty of something because those with money also have the power in a country. The power to silence and discredit.

As my high school history professor stated the pendulum always swings the other way. Usually it is in the form of rebellions, uprisings, coups, revolutions. I am not advocating any of this. What I am advocating is that those who are in power seek to transform the financial system back to one of honesty. That those who hold positions of management in corporations in the United States voluntarily limit the pay of the officers in the highest positions. America has little to show for the money they received. I am advocating that corporate America condone all acts of soul stealing and seek prosecution of those found guilty through our legal system.

Do they use nonlethal weapons to drive people crazy and live off their souls? Yes they do. Would you want to live next door to someone who would sell you for thirty bars of silver? No. Would you want to live next door to just the opposite of this?

God Bless Those Who Now What is Wrong and Right from History and Seek to Project the Good Forward and Diminish the Wrongdoing

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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