Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Julian Assange is innocent this is politically motivated to hide the horrors commited by....

Julian Assange is innocent this is politically motivated to hide the horrors commited by....the United States Government.  Things we should not have done and now that it is known this country should be the "man" to admit what it did.  The reason it won't admit what it did is because it wants the freedom to committ horrors that wiki leaks revealed again.

Whatever Julian is revealing we should all be seeing on our cable televsions nightly, not the hyped up propoghanda of why we should go to war. What he is revealing should be our news.  This is what American s need to know, and there is no reason to keep it from us in the land of the free.

We commit and promote more suffering in this country via the use of nonlethal weapons that can be easily denied than Sodom Huessein ever did in Iraq on his screw tables and hot oil vats.

I can not go out of my house in public without jail bait flirting with me and tempting left and right.

If jail bait follows me, and I don't have access to the databases Julian does, then they are sure following Julian.

Now the next thing the news is going to do is show the picture of someone making accusations.

I have seen parents train children that are no higher than your knee to cry and lie.  And then when they walk away all laugh and say, "Do you think we fooled him?"

What is Julian about to reveal?

Every citezen of the United States of Amererica should consider Julian Assange a true patriot of freedom.

The American public never was allowed to see the files on who assasinated President Kennedy.  Burry it in time and then shread it.  Why?  It is the hidden truth Jack Nicholson spoke of in the movie "A FEW GOOD MEN."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And another point torture like the Busch Administration sanctioned in Guantanamo Bay was never to be a part of this country.  This was a great disgrace to the United States of America by the religious wrong.  And the religious wrong are the key members of the Republican Party.

If men like Julian Assange serve to expose actions such as this that go against the very heart of the United States of America they should be given a medal and not hunted by witches.  Just because they are in power does not mean that they represent the values of the United States of America or what they should be.

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