Saturday, November 6, 2010

Smaller Government and Voter Fraud 11 06 2010

What does less government really mean?  It means that there will be no one to account for and verify results of the voters at the elections "accurately"  This has been the Republicans mode to win elections in the past.  ....Therefore less government does indeed mean the end of Democracy and the United States of America.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

By the way welcome to Milwaukee George Bush.  The less Government I would seek would never find the money to pay for plane trip anywhere.  Why don't you go back to Texas, oh wait you were Governor there, look at how you blessed that state.  Have you come to bless us in Milwaukee the same way.

Anyone get the irony here, George Bush won the presidency through a flawed election, and now he is coming to Milwaukee after the election.  Has he come to congratulate his partners in crime regarding election fraud.

Election results need to be verified.  My mother and I did not even have our id's checked.

Registered voters could be given a voting card with their picture ID on it and a magnetic bar code.  Voters would use the one time cards and then leave them at the elections.

Voters could also have their votes verified before or after the election via their home phone number, etc.
Who does Wisconsin have as a Senator now, an Accountant, someone who could figure out ways to rig our elections in any future elections.  I highly doubt Johnson's credibility as a manufacturer.  I have stated the real reasons why we have no manufacturing basis in this country.  And it has nothing to do with any of the solutions your Republicans are putty forth.  What the heck is all that census data for anyway?  Why can we not have a national ID card.  What would be the valid motivations of someone who did not want one?  If it were only used to check in to vote at elections what would be wrong with that.  And another thing, no younger person wants to have to pay one red cent for one of these.  If you will be eighteen by the next election then you should be required to have your picture taken for one of these.

No ifs and or butt, this is the way it should be.  Accountability for yourself as a citizen of the United States of America does not limit your freedom in any way.  If anything it assures you that your next meal at a restaurant will be germ free.

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