Monday, November 8, 2010

George Bush

George Bush on Television

I was forced to listen to George Bush on the television in the background tonight while I installed a new light bulb.

He was saying how good a person he was because he quite drinking when he was forty.

I had to ask myself what is he doing on the television today.

The answer is very simple he is trying to lesson the memory in the public of the legacy of harm that he has caused this country.

Why does he want to do this.

So that when someone runs against Obama in 2012 they will remember that he quite drinking when he was forty and not the legacy of harm he caused this country.

Why does he want to do this?

So that someone from his political party will have a better chance of creating a legacy of harm to this country like he did after he quite drinking when he was forty.

I will quit writing this stuff when the world changes for the better and I no longer see it on television or when they pry the keyboard from my cold dead hands.

And another thing I cannot stand how Republicans use milestones from the history or our beautiful country to propagandize their crooked opinions of today.  As I am writing they are saying on the television how US news and world reports has stopped publishing.  Maybe if people sought the truth and told the truth in their reports their publications would last longer.  The proverb here is only TIME is remaining. Will time conform to my prophetic advice?

What will they do next show a bratty little Republican child cutting down a cherry tree and then make the comparison of how patriotic they are like George Washington.  Oddly enough this is how their minds work.

Now they are showing clips of President Kennedy.  Why don't they just say they killed him so that they could monopolize the country in deceit.  Maybe some day in the near future we will have a truth party, whereby we don't have to put up with this any longer.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS Kennedy's family is said to have some bootlegging operations in its history, as such their might have been some competition with others in this type of industry.  He knew what they were, what their true secret was and was ready to expose them before he was assassinated, in simple terms "Soul Stealers"

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