Monday, November 8, 2010

America's Competitive Stance in the Future

America's Competitive Stance in the Future

We need to work to develop technologies of our future that utilize the natural resources we have in this country already.   This should be the focus of all of our alternative energy platforms.  We need to do this so that in the future we are not reliant on foreign countries for these.

Why am I saying this?  Because our dependency on foreign oil is one of the reasons we faced so many conflicts today.

The catch phrase of the future of this country should be:  "Use what we have."  This indeed be the true nature of what a conservative is, as in reality it conserve the status of our country in the world and does not lead us into wars that could in part compromise our status as this.

The best machines are made of the smallest number of parts.  This should be the theory behind our new technologies.  What I mean is highly advanced things made from simple base resources that we have plenty of already.  We need to be at the forefront of this.  If we were able to accomplish this we would indeed set the example for the rest of the world in terms of leadership.  We will do quite a bit more than this to counter the legacy that is with us though.

China has the most rare earth metals, and they are key components of many high tech products.  We do not need to see them raise and lower the prices of these and our economy then become dependent on how they want to crack the whip.  This is what has happened over the last forty years in the oil industry.  And it ultimately has lead to conflict as one culture does not comprehend the other.  And to put matters into perspective I understand our culture more than the majority of people that live here and I don't like it.  In simple terms it is one of false idolatry and greed.  It is one of hidden sacrifices of the innocent and soul stealing.  To regain world leadership we will have to repent regarding this and set a good example for the rest of humanity around the world to follow.  Really there is no other way.

What I have proposed seems like an incomprehensible challenge to our country.  If we are what we indeed say we are to the rest of the world we can accomplish this.  If indeed we still have the true brain bank we were once said to have we can do this.  Otherwise like all once great nations that never saw their decline coming so will we not see it through our arrogance.  Can we be said to be arrogant today?

One of the reason Rome fell was because people were coming over the border en mass.  It also fell because of the evil nature of a people who would crucify people and feed them to the lions in jeering entertainment.  People should not be raised into this intrepitude of deceit.

God Bless Those Who Know They Made a Mistake and Seek not to Repeat it Again, by Seeking solutions for the betterment of ALL

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS I posted my picture of myself in Mineral Point and thus decided that I needed to write a few Points about Minerals.  It just seemed poetic or fitting or.....A Rock Solid Idea

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