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Questions for Ron Johnson 10 25 2010

Questions for Ron Johnson 10 25 2010

I heard Ron Johnson speak about how the Government doesn’t create jobs only the private sector can create jobs.

What happens when the private sector in our country does not keep up with the private sector of other countries or governments of the world?

What happens when our private sector drives us into wars?

What happens when our private sector fails to innovate and change?

What happens when we bear the burden of the private sector for lack of Government oversight?

What happens when we have no stimulus to spur the private sector to do what they should be doing?

What happens when the private sector is reticent to learn new skills?

What happens when the private sector lobbies for things that our poor for our health and the long term health and the future of this country? What happens when the private sector lobbies for Tobacco? Isn’t that the greatest tax? Where does that entire Tobacco lobby come from anyway? The answer is addicted United States taxpayers.

Who is made to bear the burden of the private sector? The tax payer. What does the tax payer need to prevent him from bearing the burden of the misdeeds of the private sector? Government.

What happens when the private sector doesn’t hire new employees? What happens when the private sector misallocates money?

What happens when our bankers book false profits? Any accountant should know that. The answer to that and that it was the cause of the near financial depression.

What happens when the private sector sells a mortgage to someone who can’t afford it? Do not our financial employees make money and yet the long term health our country is in trouble and our tax payers have to pay for this?

Who needs to regulate the financial institutions of our country? That’s government.

What happens when the private sector wantonly pollutes our country and our waters? What happens when fish are no longer safe to eat as they are not safe to eat now? Have we devolved? Will we, because of the private sector and lack of government? What is the only thing to prevent our private sector from polluting our environment? You know the answer. Government.

Are not poisoned water and air the precondition for plague. A plague of “intelligence” or lack thereof?

Facts and figures are one thing and the forests and the trees are another.

Facts and figures are one thing the air we breathe is another and so is reality.

What happens you misrepresent reality with facts and figures?

Johnson should know the answer to that one, “What happens when you misrepresent reality with facts and figures?” He should know it very well; fraud and bankruptcy.

Using Johnson same stream of logic to debunk him.

What happens when members of the private sector can’t keep up with, in terms of learning intelligence and skills with the rest of the community?

According to Johnson the private sector is responsible for growth, so what happens when we fail? Is the private sector still responsible?

What happens when our industrial military complex has no justification for its actions? The answer; the private sector “feeds” on ordinary citizens.

There are many ways to drive an economy. One is the industrial military complex. The other is alternative energy.

The industrial military complex being the largest portion of the private sector. Can we not have a different portion of the private sector that is larger? One that leads to peace and not war?

That is what our government is trying to do today but he cannot conceptualize this because it what pays him or supports him. It is not his lobby groups. It is not his ideology and he probably couldn’t form it or understand the other side of the issue.

If we spent all the money that we do on our defense department on efforts to teach diplomacy to our politicians, would the world be different? I would argue that diplomacy is character for a leader that cannot be taught. It is something they would have had to learn for themselves already and exhibit before voted into office.

As an accountant he know how to account for profits and losses, income statements. Would he have known ten years ago that a company would not be bankrupt today? Would know if ten years from now a company will not be bankrupt? Would he know how to institute policies in our government to ensure that our country was around in ten years. Could he even do it for a company he accounts for? The answer is no.

As an accountant he attends to the needs that are presented to him by business men. Not the vision of a country or state.

What is he really, a syncophant to lobby groups. The largest lobby groups are tobacco companies. Tell me how that is good for us.

What effect can the agenda of the Republican party regarding short term decisions regarding money have on the long term of this country, there is no vision for growth, it is just a take away.

Tell me what forces are in place within the private sector that helps it look out for the rest of the country? Tell me that.

What is the driving force of the private sector? The answer; greed.

Lower taxes for the private sector, lower taxes for the private sector, is this not the party of greed? Anyone that ever wanted to become a politician could easily do so under the Republican platform. The Republican platform does not require vision. To not have vision for the future of this country and plan for one is the equivalent of one who does not listen. To be a Republican just stand at the podium and wave your finger and say that you promise to lower taxes and when there are problems blame them on government. For those of you who do not know what this means is that, as always Republicans blame government for all the problems. Who is government anyway? Answer; it is Republicans. So essentially Republicans, as government official, blame themselves for all the problems. Alright let’s fix this quick for them and not vote them in office in the first place.

What was the role of Judas in the bible? Answer; he was an accountant. What did he end up doing? Answer; selling people.

He stole the life and soul of Jesus Christ to Pontius Pilot. How do you account for that? You would have to be pretty heartless.

Johnson the great manufacturer; tell us how an automotive worker can afford a living wage and the automotive manufacturer still compete with foreign car companies? Without the taxpayer footing the bill for their pensions that fail?

What happens when those with more money and less intelligence come to rule the rest of us?

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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