Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Republicans Today- Or our proud Italian Americans 10 20 2010

Republicans Today- Or our proud Italian Americans 10 20 2010

In Milwaukee they, mostly Italians, are of crude intelligence and their nature is barbarism.

Therefore most of their sons and daughters personalities fade or are transfigured and warped into ones of homosexuality. They assassinated President Kennedy and this country has gone straight downhill ever since.

Why do they always use tax cuts to small business in their political platforms? The truth is small businesses are afraid of them and this is their attempt to “make all’s well after all” with small businesses around voting time.

If you go against them, their women have monstrous psychic powers formed through idle minds like that of animals or dinosaurs’ and they drive people insane. They also use non-lethal weapons to help them do this. Their children molest others without culpability.

They support Zionism which is the sanctioned stealing of souls.

Their evil has spread subversively around the world but is most concentrated here in the United States where it has served as an evil example of behavior for the rest of the world. This is why people of good nature hate us.

If I were President today I would take all their money away and harness them up to plow chains pulling formerly black smoke fuming buses.

Republicans of the past forty years including, Scott Walker his partners in criminality and Rob Johnson are truly good for nothing else accept sending OUR good sons to WAR.

And another thing, their sons and daughters should be taught to work honestly and civilized. They should be taught to treat all money paying customers with respect rather than stealing the soul of someone else to choose another career.

This is their form of escaping through to an alternate delusion and it is the source of our mediocrity.

“Johnson” for Senator? He does not pay income taxes in this “favor” economy of mediocrity and crime. A business man that makes money and does not pay income taxes sounds like a good honest man know doesn’t he? There is no greater hypocrisy.



These are filthy minds creating a race that is less than human with a gangster culture as their template. It is truly all they know. The pollution they create not just from their mouths also lessons our national intelligence and that of the world.

They have not kept up with the pace of humanity over the last two thousand years and seek to bring it back down to their true level of intelligence- MONGOLOID.

They drive “crazy” and loot the minds and souls of all who oppose them. Frank Sinatra told us best what was at the filthy black core heart of Italian culture in his song “Witchcraft”. Does that one resonate with you like it does me when you hear him sing it?

These are the weakest men there are and our founding fathers would have hung them along with the witches that were hung at the same time. Did we hang witches in this country, for “God and Country”, we did.

Whether it be a clerk at the hardware store, grocer, waiter, insurance agent or a son who works at his father’s local shirt press you and all of us our better off if you stayed in that business rather than stealing the soul of someone to be something you can never be.

Don’t impose your delusions of self on the reality of this country. If you can’t sing you can’t sing, don’t pay to create a television show and make us watch your spoiled children do this. If your humor is rude why should it be on national television every night at ten thirty?

If drugs are not the witchcraft of Italians and Jews in organized crime, I for the life of God do not know what it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless the United States of America

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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