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Scott Walker Ministers Son or Warlock 10 22 2010

Scott Walker Ministers Son or Warlock 10 22 2010

Scott says he won’t seek to repeal the smoking ban, but I am paraphrasing a little here for the benefit of the truth with comic effect, “If someone per chance, I mean a constituent or funder of my campaign were to perhaps, well maybe if I got in office and someone that bankrolled it were to mention or maybe whisper it to me I would seek the repeal of the smoking ban.”

It is a very little known fact that tobacco is one of the primary tools of the medicine man- the equivalent of a Warlock.

Scott claims to be the son of a minister, does his policy seem inconsistent with that knowing the many cancers that cigarette smoking cause.

Do those who have many problems they do not want to think about themselves often light up a cigarette in your presence at every possible opportunity and pass their filthy ignorance onto you? Yes they do.

Do those who used to hate it when someone else sitting at the table in the restaurant or bar seat next to them is happy, with their own company. Did the smoker of yesterday often glare, look nervous upon seeing this and then light up a smoke and wreck everyone who cared about themselves and others evening? Yes they did.

Is this not the way of Satan? Yes it is. Someone who hates it when others are healthy and happy. Would you ever want a person like this in charge of your education system or your children? Run Scott Walker, from our state.

Who is the proponent of cancer Scott Walker is looking out for? It can indeed be no other than Satan, and I am not trying to be funny here.

Ask anyone with oxygen deprivation cell damage diseases like arthritis, emphysema, decreased vision, Alzheimer’s, cognitive degeneration; ask anyone attached anyone wheezing air through a tube attached to an oxygen tank on a wheeled cart they can barely move and they will tell you Scott Walker is not for them or their best interest. Now wouldn’t that be a good commercial for Scott Walker to put on television, an older person with degenerative disease wheeling around an oxygen tank most likely paid for by the taxpayer telling everyone it is their right to smoke in anyone’s face they want to.

Scott it turns out is also of the political party that would deny insurance to those who never smoked and yet would still need to wheel around an oxygen tank because of it.

Listen very carefully, Wisconsin stands for vibrant green forests and fresh cool air, not for Scott Walker and his satanic constituency.

Scott any adult who has supervised children and easily knows how they lie, knows that you are being put in office to repeal this.

Scott feed the healthy young lungs of your own children cigarette smoke inside the confines of your house so they can then bellow lies like you do. Do not in turn seek to give us and our children smoke until we croak.

Scott you give ministers such as your father, a bad name.

Yes Scott it is our write to do to ourselves as we wish to a certain point, but it is not our write to violate the health and well being of others as second hand smoke does just as thoroughly.  Satan sells souls, is not the equivalent putting forth a policy that is detrimental to the health and future of all Americans from those who fund the party of your campaign or whom you sell policy to?

In your backward stance you would seek to rep-institute the greatest tax our country has ever faced. The costs to our society from smoking are the greatest tax we have ever faced.

Smoking is a relic of war. Solders on cold battlefields seeking any distraction from the circumstances of hell. Smoking in turn is then the product of hell and Italians have seemed to suffer the most from this addiction and the legacy of cognitive dysfunction akin to witchcraft that it has created. Children raised in smoke houses indeed have much lesser IQ’s than those who were not. This leads to a great jealousy and acting out against those children that are more intelligent than them, those who grew up in smoke free home.

That cigarette was a substitute or distraction from thinking during the war. Today it has lead to a generation that cannot think as well for itself. Scott what are you a substitute for?

Governor Barrett if elected ban smoking in all outdoor places also for the future and well being of everyone, including Scott Walker and his children.

God Bless Us All Everyone

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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