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Common Stock Options Expiration Dates

Common Stock Options expiration dates should be structured so that they coincide with when companies are to report their quarterly earnings.  And that means they should all be structured to expire a month and a half after the calender year quarters.  So all expiration dates should be as follows:

October 15
February 15
May 15
August 15

This would allow investors to more readily capitalize on the true growth of a company.  It would also eliminate much of the manipulation that almost put this country into another great depression.

The way they are structured today investors do not reap the benefits from them as they should as the options often expire in gaps in market activity.  When they expire in these grey areas where there is no information to base stock prices on stock prices are more readily manipulated to the detriment of the public investor.

Our capital markets should not be structured whereby the wealth of the American public is siphoned away to a undefined class of white collar criminals.

And here is a quote from my intellect for the day, "Just because someone says that something or someone else should have a good reputation does not mean that it does."

If you are a good person do not take offense of this, I am just trying to weed out the evil of this country.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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The Image of the President 11 30 2010

The Image of the President 11 30 2010

Did this country ever need a president whose ego was, propped up as a sheriff brought him young women to copulate with?

And of course I'm talking about President Clinton.

A president should be egoless. For that is only where fairness comes from.

George Bush had an ego in the red zone.

His father also had an ego in the red zone.

This is also Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. We know for a fact that there is virtually no ego present in an actor either such as Ronald Reagan.

These are characteristics of a dictator, not the President of a Democracy.

What element of a culture would believe that we need such a fa├žade as President.

Our Spaghetti Western movie culture.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Wall Street and Racketeering 12 10 2010

Wall Street and Racketeering 12 10 2010

Is Wall Street guilty of racketeering against the United States of America?

Was not Bernie Madeoff the former chairman of the NASDAQ? The broker of many of the nation’s startup companies. What did Bernie end up doing? He stole $50 Billion dollars from the United States. He pulled a pin out of our economy that almost caused a Great Depression.

What did he do with this money? He is said to have bought items of Gold and sent them to his friends. Would we be remised if we thought that some of these friends might be Jewish? Would we be remised if we thought that many of them are Jewish? Does not the Jewish “Religion” have a federation that gives food and maybe a little money to those of the religion who need it? Is this not the equivalency of a bank? If a member of society could always be assured that his friends from such a bank would back him up when he was down would he/she not be more likely to commit acts of harassment that are hard to prove? Would not such acts of harassment then be considered the standard of conduct others would have to lower themselves to in order to survive? What would happen when the whole country then became subject to such behavior? In other words, what good man would want to work for such people? None do. Good men could not lower themselves to be this way. Good men were raised on high moral standards and fairness in competition. To then work in a world of the delusional would create great unbalance and conflict in the good man. And that is why we have no manufacturing sector in the United States today. The psychological framework of someone who works on Wall Street is very different than what the average person would consider normal. They are not more intelligent but less, the enigma they represent has been the subject of other quite lengthy article but to summarize it, they are just better at getting people to believe that they are. And it has to do with those who are raised on false idolatry. What did Judas do with the thirty bars of Silver he was paid for Jesus Christ. He is said to divvy it out to his tribe members. If Jesus Christ freely accepted his death why did Pontius need to pay Judas to deliver Jesus Christ? Are there any among us who would not consider Jesus Christ to be a good man? Are there any among us who would not consider Judas a bad man? Both were Jews and the Bible tells us that as humans that we are all Jews.

Can it be said that some of the friends of Bernie Madeoff were also Jewish. Who is it that got crucified by this ponzi scheme? The United States of America did.

The Nasdaq Stock Market has to change so that broker dealers can no longer make a profit from trading large sums of money in their house accounts. Does it not seem for all the wealth that those of Wall Street have attained that the United States of America has achieved little benefit from this? In other words money that goes into Wall Street stays just right there within the walls of Wall Street. Specific identification of shares is needed and the framework is already in place to accomplish this. It is the same system as the Electronic Treasury.

Bernie Madeoff’s actions are telling us something. Siphoning off money from our economy is indeed a standard practice. He was indeed chairman of the NASDAQ. So here we have the system of our capitalism that is flawed. The focus of this system is not how can capital be allocated to small and large businesses. It is how much can we ourselves make from what really amounts to churning of investor’s money. What you end of having is a layer of rich and incompetent in our country. (Read my article about Reserve stock shares for more on this.)

In summary Wall Street has been allowed to tap the United States of America for money and soul. When the large banks that backed Wall Street such as Citigroup failed what happened. You may now be familiar with how economics work but the United States Taxpayer footed the bill for this in the bailout. And not only does the United States have nothing to show for it but it has to pay the salaries of the most wicked people you will ever meet in your life.

There is no better evidence that Wall Street is guilty of racketeering than the actions of Bernie Madeoff who was head of the NASDAQ stock market. This is called prima fascia evidence. It is something our guts tell us is true and we are always glad when someone else is the first to say it.

In summary when convicted of racketeering all those who are guilty under the law of the United States of America have all their money and property confiscated. Are there any of us that believe if these Wall Street types had to roll up their sleeves and do a hard day’s work on a farm that it would do them and the country a world of good. I am one of those who believe this.

Does Wall Street use nonlethal weapons to drive people crazy as a form of sacrifice like wealthy Jewish bankers in England with ties to the occult did when they are said to sacrifice children. It is very hard to prove a rich person is guilty of something because those with money also have the power in a country. The power to silence and discredit.

As my high school history professor stated the pendulum always swings the other way. Usually it is in the form of rebellions, uprisings, coups, revolutions. I am not advocating any of this. What I am advocating is that those who are in power seek to transform the financial system back to one of honesty. That those who hold positions of management in corporations in the United States voluntarily limit the pay of the officers in the highest positions. America has little to show for the money they received. I am advocating that corporate America condone all acts of soul stealing and seek prosecution of those found guilty through our legal system.

Do they use nonlethal weapons to drive people crazy and live off their souls? Yes they do. Would you want to live next door to someone who would sell you for thirty bars of silver? No. Would you want to live next door to just the opposite of this?

God Bless Those Who Now What is Wrong and Right from History and Seek to Project the Good Forward and Diminish the Wrongdoing

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Are Trump Cards in the Image of a Wiccan

Are Trump Cards in the Image of a Wiccan?

Trump is delusional in terms of him being a candidate for President of the United States. Why?

Trump professed how he went to Wharton school of finance. Why does he brag about this? Did he or did he not nearly bankrupt his company? Am I the only one who remembers this? Please tell me there has not been a revision to the historical finance records in this country.

Was he or was he not an adulterous? Still a crime in many states?

Once on television there was the tale of a call girl who had the names of some prominent people in New York City. We never heard from her again. What happened to her? How was she silenced? Was she paid to go away? Was she killed? If Donald wants to be President of the United States maybe he should look into this find her for us. Wouldn’t it be nice if Donald Trump would be the want to clarify this issue for us? This would sure put a better image the State he hails from New York, in the public eye.

Donald acts like he is royalty. You're fired you're fired you're fired. “We need a president today that is able to say you're hired. We need a president today who can hire more than 10% of a group of candidates. We need a president who believes that this can be a reality not that the product of our school systems is indeed Slim Pickens. If our school systems only created 10% that can be hired what are the other 90% good at? You have to have some skills.

If you are elected, people would want to leave this country in droves just as they did England. And they did not leave England to practice religious freedoms. It was to escape persecution by religion. And England was the biggest persecutor and soul stealing nation there ever was. If Trump were elected it would be the end to the United States of America as the founding fathers knew it.

There was a movie starring well that little quirky actor from "Goodfellas "we'll call him his favorite line “gimme the rent” “give me the rent” “give me the rent” this is how Donald Trump got his experience in business. A taker. If we elect a taker to our government just who is it that he thinks he can take from? Might a giver make a better president than a taker? What does a taker have the offer as president?

Ties to organized crime? Donald Trump has ties to organized crime because he is in the casino business? The filth of this world flock to this business more than anything else. I have not been in one yet where I wasn’t shoed out quickly with a broom by them.

Russia is said to be a corrupt mafia state country today. And they have a strong presence of this in the United States today also. The basis of the Mafia is indeed the Wiccan religion as it is in the Church of England. We don't need any more of this in the United States today. They are wiccans because that is all the feeble minded can ever resort to being.

When I saw Donald speak as he was interviewed on cable TV my mother who is a big fan of him said, "Something looks funny about his skin?" Taking a closer look at the television set and seeing pinkness around his eyes I replied, "He has been in a tanning booth and was wearing protective goggles." Donald what is the matter with the light of day?

I have written my stance regarding China some time ago. And he echoed that they are ahead of us and we have very little of a manufacturing basis. But his solution to place a 25% tax on all imported Chinese goods would most likely cause more problems such as a war. I had written a much better solution that is not as off the cuff as this. First they should be asked to comply with the standards of manufacturing, labor and environment in the United States. And if they cannot, they cannot sell into this country. If we don't pollute in our country why should we finance another country to pollute our one earth by buying goods from them. The pollution of the earth is only going to create more feeble minded.

We need to lead by example in terms of protectionism. Their money is born into finance alternative energy companies in their country. With the multi hundreds of billions they are spending on alternative energy they will be less dependent on foreign oil sooner.

Donald if you are who you say you are retro-fit every property that you own with solar power producing windows manufactured by Solar Fun (SOLF). This is a China company and the only one I am aware of that has this technology. If you do this then it will gain exposure and U.S. companies will try and develop something similar. I am talking about transparent window glass that meets the standards for use in greenhouses and also produces electricity.

My brother-in-law said he wished there was a Republican candidate he could vote for because he is a Republican. I said that what you're seeing Sarah Palin is the best they have to offer. The Republicans have never had any substance and never will. The Democrats are the party change for the people.

He complained that the two sides, Republicans and Democrats don't work together.

I said it’s plain to see that one side does and one side has never had a political agenda including beneficial programs, that I have ever seen them advocate this in my lifetime. So therefore it is one side with no vision that ties the other side up in a nightmare bureaucracy an argument. How else would a political party with no program for the country ever maintain their positions in office other than to complain about anything the other side had to say?

The Republicans of today are the most classless filibusters the country has ever known. Have you ever seen them when a Democrat is speaking and they try and drown out his voice? A Democrat would never do that to a Republican.

My brother-in-law counter and said they are starting to.

I counter that and said if Democrats are starting to be more vocal in defense of this country from the Republicans, it is one of the greatest things I've ever seen happen.

The way the Republicans try and drown out the voice of another person reminded me of a documentary about how the parliament in England operates. It was a room full of bellowing monkeys, I swear to God I saw this on television and they are. They have very little respect for one another. You would think that the masters of the English language would have the patience to listen to another speak but they did not. These are not the noble of royalty but the feeble minded of Wiccanry.

We then argued and he said the reason they attribute to the Democrats not being reelected in the recent election was people did not vote along party lines.

I argued the reason you are stating is propaganda. Indeed it is a subjective opinion meant to keep people from further questioning.

Thomas Murphy on voter fraud:

I then said that when we went to vote they did not check us for identification. I say now that we need a national ID card for voting. This could be an expanded part of the DMV program. The card could be read by the same machine that casts your ballot. Would not there be more voters if every citizen were required to obtain a national voting card. We also need to have a national card for those who want to buy cigarettes, so that when they get lung cancer later on in years we don’t have to pay for their health care.

His self serving counter argument on this, would be that it limits our rights. This is Wiccan logic meant to fool you from the truth. Identifying yourself as a United States citizen at the voting booth only ensures your rights. I would even take this so far in that the machine should scan your fingerprint. And the only excuse for being able to vote in a different manner would be you lost your hand. I can see what the counter argument to this would be already, for some reason those machines with a made inoperable at the time of voting so that votes could be cast in a non-accountable manner.

If you thought that George Bush came from a prestigious university you could not be more wrong. The University he went to is a proponent of the most classless and soul stealing act. And there is no greater threat to humanity than this.

For those of you who by now do not know who George Bush was I will tell you. He was the two-dimensional character from the cover of “Mad Magazine” that got up and walked somehow into the Oval Office.

What will every candidate for the Republican Party lack? The third dimension we can label as a mind of their own.

Donald Trump said he came from Wharton school of finance. To me the name Wharton sounds a lot like Hogwart. Hogwart is indeed the school for Wiccans Harry Potter attended. We don't need you Donald they would love you in England however. Where there is the most classless semblance of public officials guised as royalty that I have ever seen.

I don't know if Donald is from English descent. If my memory serves me correctly he was considered to be descended from some European royalty.

Donald Trump had a history of stepping out with young women. Did he see that Clinton did this and is this is renewed motivation for becoming president?

What would Donald do next if he became president?

1. Bring the country to near bankruptcy again?

2. Take away our religious freedoms? We don't have to worry about this Catholic priests have already subverted the true Catholic church to evil.

3. Would he get us into a war to try and give the world a reputation that the United States is a strong country?

4. Would he then burn all our books and forbid us from praying as English did victimize the country of Ireland. If that happened in the United States and it is already happening in subtle forms, where are we to emigrate to? Wasn't the United States thought to be the last bastion of freedom?

Did anyone fail to notice how as soon as Republicans got majority in our country after the 2010 elections in November that South Korea then broke the border of North Korea and is trying to start a war. Aside from what Sarah Palin believes the United States does support South Korea. United States does not need to be dragged into any more wars or be the cause of them. There is nothing more evident that proves the feeble mindedness of the Republican Party than them taking us straight to war as a diversion to any issues we face concerning the health and welfare of the population the United States of America.

This is not royalty! Which is better to worship the King because if you don't you he’ll you or worship the leader of a country because he is a more than honest American and a good man who has good ideas for the citizens of the United States? Since 911 this has become the juxtaposition that underlies the two political parties in the United States.

If you ever watched celebrity apprentice you can easily see this cat thinks he's king already.

The Church of England has its basis in Wiccanry and this is what Harry Potter has done to the United States of America. To curse people rather than pray for them. The occult and the military-industrial complex were indeed the cause World War II. The occult is a very real and evil force that victimizes many. Adolf Hitler did indeed win World War II because his occult in the form of psychiatry has been legitimized by the United States. It is indeed the preferred method of censorship in the United States.

Donald I pray that when you read this you understand these are issues you have to work on in order to become a better person.

I was always under the impression myself that England and English had more class than those of the United States because of the way they pronounce the language better. I was dissolution when I watched a reality TV show hosted by Sharon Osborne where they tried to create ladies from English shrews. It is one of the saddest things I have ever seen with regard to lessening the good perception and open mind I had with regards to England.

As I was driving in my car I heard it said on the radio that Russia is a mafia state. Should Russia being a mafia state concern the United States of America? Yes. What can we do about it? We can lead by example and clean up our act in the United States.

What is wrong with a mafia state you ask so innocently? It is lawlessness. They can rape your wife, molest your children, steal your earnings and make you soulless zombies strung out on drugs. To me it sounds a lot like United States of America doesn’t it to you? You disagree with this? These have been the themes of the majority of the movies that people glue themselves to the television to watch.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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What is really important to the GOP? 12 09 2010

What is really important to the GOP? 12 09 2010

I watched the 700 Club this morning. The GOP will go to great lengths to reduce government spending. Using their, we’re smarter than everyone else accounting to pick things they don’t like. If they were really for the population of this country they would “eliminate the $200-300 million that we pay to subsidize tobacco”, Pat Robertson said. Paying to subsidize something we know makes us all sick. If that isn’t the source of schizophrenia I don’t know what is. The program this morning told of how one cigarette can give a person a heart attack and the health care costs from this to the American people are astronomical. It also bothers me tremendously that our national drugstore chains sell tobacco and sugar based products, the very thing this country will end up footing the bill for in terms of social security costs later in the life of generations. If that isn’t schizophrenia I don’t know what is. The national drug store chains have the unique opportunity to change their venues by offering health store type snacks and eliminate tobacco sales.

Pat Robertson also told how they hate Jesus in schools and that Quanza is a myth that was not even present in Africa that Americans went over there and created it. They hate Jesus and the Bible because it is the only book to tell the reality of Satan and soul stealing. Teachers in this country cannot teach anymore they rely on a scapegoat where the rest of the children become satanic with soulless dependent minds of the scapegoat. Nothing good ever comes from this, nothing. It only leads to mediocrity and lower standards. And indeed this country is so far down the list of educational standards compared with countries in the rest of the world that you would think we were a third world nation. What Pat Robertson would never know is that those who were raised and therefore learned to be soulless form the basis of the GOP. Everything that they do is of ersatz or “knock off” quality because of this. “Knock off” is the basis for the Chinese economy in more than one forms of meaning. Pat why don’t you tell us how much money the GOP receives from the tobacco lobby and then elucidate this contradiction thoroughly? You will also notice that any changes that the GOP ever makes never require any change from them. A corollary to this is that any changes made by them afford them to use less effort in life. And less effort in thinking. Is this the symbolism that might be behind the failure of our education system today? If anything is asked of them they will give you a thousand reasons why it can’t be done, and are never able to think through any one of them to a viable solution. Who is it that thinks everything is just impossible so we never try? We used to call these people losers. And keep on with your inquiries because you are on the right track.

I tend to watch television programs that are of my same ideology, the 700 club was one such program today.

God Bless the 700 Club for focusing th light on the important issues.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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China investing $1.5 Trillion in its infrastucture by 2020 and the Flat Tax

China investing $1.5 Trillion in its infrastructure by 2020
For those of you who took your eye of the ball and are monger of war.  This is one war we won't win either with more dire consequences than you can imagine.
The are investing this in clean energy and six other areas.

For all of you who whined and held tea parties.  This competition will put the USA out of business.

The war we need to fight is just the same as this one.  We need to invest this much money to get our alternative energy manufacturing up to speed with China.  But with that much money spent they will be playing with a large bankroll behind their cards and will be calling the shots in the world in the future.

They understand how this technology benefits the country, while we were keeping secrets and going to oil wars. 

We need to ramp up factories here like we are producing tanks and planes but not for war. For Solar cells, for an electric grid that is more efficient, better conductive wire, etc.

Why we won't win this race?  Because the Republican Party has stood in the way of progress in this country for the last fifty years.

Republicans complained about health care.  They stood in the way of every initiative for the people the Democratic party ever put forth.  They stood in the way of Jimmy Carter and got us in Iran Contra which was the start of the United States getting stuck in oil muck.  Everything the Democrats wanted to do to benefit this country China will have for its citizens, including greater freedom than we have in the United States.

All you ever cared about was cutting taxes.  That money back to the taxpayer was never put to the good use to benefit the future of the country.  Every problem that the United States has today is a result of your policy of lack of cooperation.

A flat tax would benefit every citizen in the United States.  Why?  Because the "Devil is in the details!" and that is the nature of our tax code today.  The rich do not pay their fare share because, "The Devil is in the Details" and they find the breaks in the tax code to avoid this.  Just as the Government caught the criminal John Dillinger through tax evasion, a flat tax would catch a many people as being criminals.  This inflow of money would provide a boost to our economy and make those who have more, more honest and responsible.  A flat tax would dethrone many who delusion-ally believe they are the President of the United States.  This would take the focus off everyone thinking about themselves and instead they would focus on the future of this country.  If the rich want a tax break then, everyone gets one.  There would be no exceptions. 

Once again everything the Democrats tried to fight for the United States of America and Republicans defeated, China will have for its people.

Thanks A Lot Republicans You are the Antithesis of a Patriotism

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy'

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Julian Assange is innocent this is politically motivated to hide the horrors commited by....

Julian Assange is innocent this is politically motivated to hide the horrors commited by....the United States Government.  Things we should not have done and now that it is known this country should be the "man" to admit what it did.  The reason it won't admit what it did is because it wants the freedom to committ horrors that wiki leaks revealed again.

Whatever Julian is revealing we should all be seeing on our cable televsions nightly, not the hyped up propoghanda of why we should go to war. What he is revealing should be our news.  This is what American s need to know, and there is no reason to keep it from us in the land of the free.

We commit and promote more suffering in this country via the use of nonlethal weapons that can be easily denied than Sodom Huessein ever did in Iraq on his screw tables and hot oil vats.

I can not go out of my house in public without jail bait flirting with me and tempting left and right.

If jail bait follows me, and I don't have access to the databases Julian does, then they are sure following Julian.

Now the next thing the news is going to do is show the picture of someone making accusations.

I have seen parents train children that are no higher than your knee to cry and lie.  And then when they walk away all laugh and say, "Do you think we fooled him?"

What is Julian about to reveal?

Every citezen of the United States of Amererica should consider Julian Assange a true patriot of freedom.

The American public never was allowed to see the files on who assasinated President Kennedy.  Burry it in time and then shread it.  Why?  It is the hidden truth Jack Nicholson spoke of in the movie "A FEW GOOD MEN."

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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And another point torture like the Busch Administration sanctioned in Guantanamo Bay was never to be a part of this country.  This was a great disgrace to the United States of America by the religious wrong.  And the religious wrong are the key members of the Republican Party.

If men like Julian Assange serve to expose actions such as this that go against the very heart of the United States of America they should be given a medal and not hunted by witches.  Just because they are in power does not mean that they represent the values of the United States of America or what they should be.