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Okay I'll Bite: Trump on Veterans 12 28 2016

Okay I'll Bite:  Trump on Veterans  12 28 2016

So today I saw that Brad Schimel didn't want some videos he made made public because he thought it was a threat to the state.  The Supreme Court agreed with him.  So who knows what was in them?  We will never know even though we have more than every right to.

But Tommy Thompson the former Governor of Wisconsin visited Donald Trump and he said that he talked about Veterans and other important stuff.

But what does Donald Trump really believe about Veterans?  This is the story that I was going to write but didn't, so I will today.

In a video where Donald Trump has his own Business School and is teaching it he stated that he would never hire anyone smarter than himself because something bad is going to happen when you do and you are not going to like it.

So what can a Veteran expect when they come home from the service with new skills that they attained in the military?  As per the Corporate Management video Trump made a while back they should not be hired if they are smarter than the employer.

That isn't fair.  And this country is supposed to be about fairness.  Our Constitution is written so that our inalienable rights cannot be infringed.  But that limited liability framework which makes it possible not to hire people that are overqualified isn't fair, it has no place in this country.

But to take the other side of the issue.  We are not to have a military in times of peace.  But that is neither here nor there because a Veteran served his country whether or not our Government was corrupt or not.  They put themselves in harms way.  The opportunity was there and they took it.  But the opportunity for that should never have been there instead there should have been opportunity for them in this country to work at their level and the potential level they would reach as is certain by the skills the rose to attain while in the service.

But look at how this contrasts to Gun Control.  They want to take away our guns too don't they.  It is like the switchblade they are all made somewhere else and the technology isn't what it is supposed to be.  So lets say you had guns all made somewhere else because we can't have them in the United States anymore?  What does that make us?  That is one of the greatest threat to Homeland Security that there is.  Let every other country make them?  How naive can you get.  So you say you don't need them in the U.S.?

Just last week two coyotes dragged a dog away from a house not a mile from mine in Milwaukee County.  Some dogs are a lot bigger than small children aren't they.  So right there we are to find another means to keep our children from being dragged away by coyotes?  This is an infantile belief system.

But what about Brad Schimel and his video material?  Do you know what I now think of him?  It is this, there are some things that a man know and not still be considered a man if he doesn't tell them.  Keeping secrets is the equivalent to organized crime and corruption.  If we were about Freedom and not about money hoarding we would not have to worry about Freedom or money.  That is a principle of integrity the weak minded never comprehend.

And what about Tommy Thompson?  I look at him and I wonder how he ever got in Government.  And you look at Donald Trump on the recent cover of People and what do you think?  He knows without a doubt he doesn't deserve to President!

The main point of this article is that we elected someone who does not believe in hiring those smarter than himself.  So you were a good boy.  You listened to the teacher and learned.  You self developed.  You wanted to be somebody.  And you come upon the wall of rats...  Story of my life.

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