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Police Detective Type Thinking 05 18 2015

Police Detective Type Thinking 05 18 2015

Drug Production

Let's say I was a criminal who wanted to produce drugs in an abandoned warehouse, big box retail store, factory... that went out of business. How would I go about doing that? I would board the whole thing up so that no light could escape from the building at night.

Then I would build a tunnel to the place from an adjacent property! There would never ever be a single car in that parking lot! (Chicago, New York and Madison Wisconsin have tunnel networks!!!!)

Having said that, I don't believe that any corporate owned property ever has the Constitutional right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure!!!

Perhaps there should also be a law that abandoned buildings must have windows cut in their exterior walls so that law enforcement and the public can make sure that nothing criminal is going on inside.

Also because there has not been succession planning in case a business establishment in a large building when a business fails perhaps after a period of 5 years the building is to be raised. So the owner doesn't want to pay to have it done just like he doesn't want to pay to take down the old sign that is no good anymore? Let those who would salvage everything their come in and pick it clean! Steel walls, Ibeams and bricks. A sign out front could read salvageable to the public enter at your own personal risk?

Once they secure that border I think we get a lot more problems like this. And it isn't far fetched considering the miles long tunnels from Mexico to the U.S. (It takes graduated mining engineers doesn't it!)


Now what about children in foster care homes that are abused. And how come there wasn't Government intervention via a Social Worker?

  1. I have seen and talked to a great many nurses while visiting hospitals. I don't really believe any one of them has the competence to make the determination if a child is being abused in a foster care home or by an adoptive family.
    a. Not competent! They have been fed a standard operating procedure baloney that attempts to structure their thinking on the issue so that no false decisions are made, and that weeded out the good people?
    b. They are easily duped and gullible and do not want to lose their job by making a controversial decision where the satanic parent causes a backlash directed at them!
    c. Satanic activity is highly profitable, so ….and this is the great horror...they are paid off so that the parent can keep the child and continue to abuse it!

You don't see porn magazines in the gas stations these days. But I imagine that back in the day a few decades ago that there might have been child porn on the shelves of some creep shops? So it had to have been printed. So a printer had to have been hired. Are you attempting to tell me that that printer who no longer prints that stuff doesn't know exactly who produced it? And are you telling me that the ink couldn't be analyzed to determine where it was purchased? But forget all that! I am not so naïve to believe that with all the NSA power house to eavesdrop on Americans that they don't know exactly where the internet child porn comes from! So what do we do when Government based law enforcement is negligent to the point of criminal participation? Racketeering charges and confiscation of personal assets apply!

So how come it never happens?

Does this sound like paranoia? It isn't because children are abused in foster homes. So what does it mean when a religion or individual promotes a framework where children will be abused? It means that person doesn't really understand cause and effect, the consequences of their decisions,...etc. Very simply put they don't have that ability. And it is prophetic thinking. But prophetic thinking is the type of thinking that any man who has a family should have! For example, I need to explain the dangers of this to my child so that when they are confronted with it they will not be in harms way? That rug there in the entrance to this business is curled up, someone could trip on it. I know I am not going to trip on it because I saw it. So I will walk right around it??? What if you weren't the one to see it? Prophetic thinking is like that! They label it paranoia because they aren't capable of it. What they are capable of is being a born and lifetime drunk!

Enter poetic justice!  It means because you didn't mind that misfortune happened to someone else it is going to happen to you and their is nothing you can do to stop it.  Why?  Because you never wanted to develop the mental skill set because you had a mental barrier that prevented you from first person cognition?
The world you didn't mind creating for other people becomes your terminal fate.  ~ You made an eternal h3ll for your soul that you can't escape?  Like it or not many people are miserable for this exact reason!  So somehow they need to be jarred from that mindset!  And what is the hallmark of that behavior?  A short term reward system!

But how do you tell who has it?  Because they enjoy the feeling they get from targeting and insulting people!  Thriving on Fury, to borrow back to a recent article.

You never hear of drug dealers being shot during a drug bust by police! You hear of homeless being shot, etc. But you never hear of the Police shooting drug dealers in a planned drug bust. What bothers me here is I believe a courtesy is being granted to the drug user because of a shared defect with regard to cognition by certain members of law enforcement!

Let's say I am a brave cop going into a drug bust. There are two people in the room with me. Then three more enter and attempt to circle behind me. I tell them to get in front of me immediately so that I can see them. When they do not comply do I as an officer have the right to discharge me weapon and potentially kill all 5? You already know what I think about drugs and how the mentally defective are created by them so you know what I believe!

I don't believe that anyone of “second person” cognition belongs in law enforcement, government or managerial professions. Even if you consider humanity to be less that what it should be today, even that needs to be of a standard higher than it is in order for all of us to survive.


The customer service person whose attitude is one of resentment rather than consideration. Some people seem to exhibit a complete lack of consideration for other people.

There is no greater indicator of whether a business will go bankrupt than what I call the lady standard! It is infallible!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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