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If Scott Walker were to be Governor of Wisconsin I am headed to Canada

If Scott Walker were to be Governor of Wisconsin I am moving to Canada immediatly!

Scott Walker want to declare what mental illness is and choose who must be medicated personally.  What he does not realize is that his lazy left eye qualifies him as being brain dead on one side of his brain.  Who does not want to know what is going on in that one side of Scott Walkers brain that is dead. 

Scott Walker put yourself on medicine and give up your run for Governor.

Scott we both know that your dead eye qualifies you to be on medication.  Now go take some immediatly and check into your favorite clinic with those women you will be free to abuse and those men you can get in que with.  As far as we know you will be number sixty eight on the list for your turn buddy.

Look inside your heart and put yourself on medicine immediatly that dead eye means you are mentally ill.

I see how you tried to hide your dead eye by using a fuzzy glossed over filmed commercial, like they used to do to hide Sybil Shephards bowed out cartlidge of a nose.

Scott I see that you are trying to hide that dead eye and any sign that you are not normal in your commercial.  Scott that dead eye tells us that one side of your brain is also dead.  Look in the mirror and try thinking with your heart.  Give up your bid for Governer.  You have put Milwaukee through much horrors, first with your closing of the County Parks and now with the mental health complex scandal.  Do not bring more of your horror to the citezens of Wisconsin on a broader scale.

Noone in this state would ever want to be in the shoes of those at the mental health complex you were responsible for.  Get with it you have lost the womans vote alread, well at least you have lost 67 votes already from the women that were housed at that complex. 

But look on the brighter side you probably got 67 votes from the men at the complex.  What does this tell us about you and your constituency?  Look inside your heart Scott Walker, you are not fit to Govern.  I do not know how you ever made it as far as you did.

You say if just one person with mental illness were to slip through the cracks that would be intolerable. How could you ever be able to see that one person that slipped through the cracks with that dead eye of yours.  Look closely in the mirror Scott.  Look closely in the mirror Scott.  There you will see the person that slipped through the cracks.

Look deep inside your heart and you know that this is the best thing for you to do.  Look at what you have been accussed of by the popular media and look inside your heart and see what that tells you.

That would be a good thing for me anyway because Canada has great natural resources that have been untarnished like those in the United States by irresponsible Republican agendas only concerned with their own pocket books and status quo.

Everything Scott Walker has done and intends to do reminds me of the Bibles description of Satan.

The Republicans have done everything in their power to divert resources from good of the people in this country and into their own pocketbooks.  Why?  Because they have easy lives and head starts as they steal souls.  Everything they have done is counterproductive to the government process.  They have ruined our education system.  They have polluted our environment.  They have made people mentally ill and profited from them.  They have promoted wars in favor of development of alternative energy.  They have thwarted all mandates for higher MPG cars.These are their true agendas, that of Satan.

Only when someone takes a stick to them and prods them and aggravates them do they get in line and do the will of the people.  Does this remind you of the brat or bully at school that prevented everyone else from learning.  This is what the Republicans and Scott Walker are, a distraction to the progress and VISION of this country.

Many cases of mental illness in this country are indeed caused by evil Warlocks that usually wear patches over one eye.  Scott we know who you are, do not be afraid to wear your eye patch in public.  This will hide from the public the rotting idled evil sick brain behind that eye.

God Bless Those Who Truly Think of Others and Not Just Say That they do in Ruined Retrospect.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Bad bus kids and heroic father 09 22 2010

The other day a father got on a school bus and yelled at some kids that were abusing his daughter with cerebral palsy while on the bus.  The other kids had been poking her with a pencil, etc.
This father blew his cool.  And I know that he yelled and screamed at these children.  This father needs to be released if he was imprisoned for this.  The Mayor should give him a medal for addressing an issue that needed to be addressed.  Milwaukee public schools should issue an apology for bringing him to the state of being whereby he would blow his top.  The parents of those children stabbing his daughter need to apologize to him.
This is the fallacy of the George Bush no child left behind policy.  The ones that needed to be left behind and the ones that are a distraction to the others in class who are trying to learn.  In this case they are the ones who would stab you with a pencil when you are mentally challenged.  These sadistic children can be taught in a cabbage patch behind George Bushes house his wife Barbara and gee wouldn’t Sarah Palin make a good teacher also,
This is what privatizing systems of society and government often gets us, criminal irresponsibility.  That bus driver should have at least made disciplinary body aware of what was going on. I realize that bus drivers do not have the degree and knowledge that a principal has.  If a bus driver were to tell a principal of this what would the principal say, “It was not on my watch?”  Do a test Milwaukee.  You know what action you would have to take when you find unfavorable outcomes.
Incidentally what these children did to the victim of cerebral palsy is the same thing that brazen young men and women raised to learn Satanism do to victims of what they would label and incorrectly stigmatize with schizophrenia every day in our country with the use of non-lethal weapons.  Believe it.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Abuse by District Attorney Ken Kratz 09 22 2010

There has been a story in the news lately about a District Attorney that was sending harassing messages to a battered woman.  For those of you who need to be refreshed about what a district attorney is, he is a Lawyer for the Public and he is paid by the taxpayers.  It was said that her complaint went before a committee of lawyers and was dismissed. In this lawyers basement was a picture of a leather sofa.  To be quite honest it looked like the basement of a pimp.  A pimp who indoctrinates women into prostitution on this sofa. 
This is what happens with a Good Ole Boy network is filled with evil men of no personal or moral accountability.  Men who care nothing to abuse our system of law and government.  Men paid by the taxpayers.  To me it looks like there is more going on here in terms of you scratch my back and I will scratch your back in favor.
This lawyer needs to be disbarred and every member of the committee that reviewed the battered woman’s complaint needs to be disbarred too.  And furthermore harassment is a crime and somehow in this case the adjudication of harassment needs to be enforced at a level higher than a misdemeanor.  When an entrusted member of our society, a member paid by the taxpayer acts in a way whereby he uses his position to commit a crime that goes directly against the nature of his responsibility and commitment to the country it is a much larger crime than if they did not hold such a position and committed the same criminal act.  In addition to the crime committed it is also a form of betrayal and tyranny.  Let the punishment fit the crime.  Betrayal of our society, this is like racketeering where you can confiscate all their money and EXPORT them.  Ken Kratz makes a good case for SPECIAL EXPORT.
Why do I say export?  Because there are a lot of crooked lawyers in our country with idle minds living on windfall profits and they do this country no good whatsoever.  Crooked lawyers have fueled the decline of the United States in this manner by subverting our legal system and country structure and governement, they are the backbone of all organized crime.  When crooked lawyers get disbarrred they never do anything good afterwards for our country.  What they are often hired to do we can consider soul stealing.

God Bless Those Who Seek A Better World For Us
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Light Houses of Soul Extinguished or Why the Arab World Hates Us 09 12 2010

Light Houses of Soul Extinguished or Why the Arab World Hates Us 09 12 2010

Why did Jesus Christ freely accept his death on the cross?  Because he was demonized and no longer felt like a human being.  After all he was hated by the Romans and his own people.  The Jews betrayed him and sold him for thirty pieces of silver.  Which they then divided amongst themselves.  He no longer had anywhere to live, there was no place for him to be free, and there was nowhere to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Nowhere.  He had no friends, he was betrayed by them and he knew it. 
The United States of America is supposed to stand for, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  But to one percent of us who have had their souls stolen and then labeled as mentally ill, it isn’t anymore.
Where did our souls go if they are stolen and we still live?  To the young and old who practice witchcraft under the guise of religion and psychiatry. 
How are our souls stolen?  By brazen women and the “men” they control who chant to us psychically and drive us out of our minds until we cannot think well anymore.  Today they augment the stealing of souls with the use of nonlethal weapons that are subliminal to the rest of the population.  That means they fall just below their level of sensory awareness at the threshold. They use these to torture people to the ignorance of everyone else innocent.
Is it any wonder the Arab world hates us?  The Quran is said to have good things and praises Jesus Christ.  And in the bible belt of the United States we heard of a religious figure that wanted to burn it. 
The Arab world does not hate us for the philosophies and ideals this country was founded on, they hate us for what we have become- a country that is a factory or system to grow, steal and sell souls.
Why do they steal and sell souls? I always ask myself as I know it is true.  The only answer I can think of is that anybody who would do this would have to be Satan.  And Satan is defined as having no soul and being able to read men’s minds. 
Whether the Satan amongst us ever had a soul that he then lost, I do not know.  The Bible seems to imply he/she was always soulless. 
I tend to think Satan might be a whole different species or race that cannot think for itself and uses those it victimizes as a father figure to think for them and imprint the thinking patterns of their young.  Did Jesus know this too and this is why he went willingly to his death, out of love for them?  These last two statements seem to hint that we should have sympathy for the Devil.
Where the Mongolians really mongoloids and this is what the race of Satan truly is under its skin?  Or through some manner of gene expression does Satan lose his soul naturally as he ages.  Gene expression is triggered by many influences.  I know that some lose their souls by attrition from Satan.  Did Satan lose his soul from attrition too, an attrition that altered his/ her gene expression?  I do not think this is true because those who have had their souls stolen would never seek to do the same to others as they are horrified by the crime against humanity.
Satan needs to tell the world why he is soulless if he can do so.  He needs to come forth and ask for forgiveness this time before he leads us to the end of the world.  Satan needs to confess.  And believe me; the diverse group who orchestrates the ways and methods of Satan knows who it is.
The group of Satanic members needs to express why it practices such hateful acts against fellow human beings.  Not just for its victim’s sake but for its own salvation.
There is one group that consists of two constituents that did not believe in Jesus Christ, and one sold him to the other who crucified him.  If we don’t believe in someone, someone that is innocent of sin, is it right for us to strip them and murder them slowly in daylight for all to see?
When they steal your soul they can then label you as incompetent, or having the inability to spend your own money or take care of yourself.  Then they are able to take control of you money for you.  Not to mention every intellectual construct, property or idea you ever thought of.  The perfect crime. 
Was there a devise Satan had for rich young Arabs studying in this country that then immediately turned on this country and then say that it should be destroyed?  Where these Arabs contacted in some way to joins forces with Satan, only to look at Satan in abject horror.
What would a rich young Arab man think if he met a brazen woman that sought to dominate and control him through any means available to her?  A brazen American women who was probably wrestled down a few times in her life against her will and now turned coward and agrees and believes in hurtful and stealing acts in order to get ahead instead of standing against them. 
If you think of it in these terms the hatred the Arab world has for America today becomes more understood.  And I know that it is not all Jews and Italians that do this because some of them are victims of it too.
Organized crime in this country was formed by the handshake of a Jew and an Italian, the same ones who jointly crucified Christ.
Tell us why you steal souls!  Confess your bad behavior.
Tell us why you seek others a light house of soul?  A light house you then seek to extinguish.

God Bless Those Who Speak For Those Who Cannot

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Friday, September 10, 2010

A letter that I sent

The Honorable Russell D. Feingold
United States Senate
506 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510-4904
Outmoded Patent Law and Democratic Capitalism
Dear Sir:
     In order to prevent this country from losing ground to foreign countries in terms of technology and low cost manufacturing we must maintain an edge to keep our economy strong.  I feel improvements are needed in our patent laws to allow this democracy to capitalize more quickly on our American Ingenuity.  These ideas would also serve to bring us more closely together as a society and further the spirit and interests of this country. 
Here is what I propose and the related draft provisions:
1.       If you do your research and buy shares of a public company that markets or produces a product that is similar to a new design or new idea that you have you should be allowed to submit a new design idea or uniquely patentable you feel is patentable to them, without having to have them sign a confidentiality agreement, while  they would still by law be bound by a new confidentiality law to be outlined below.
2.      They would be required to notify you of receipt of the idea.
3.      You should provide a legible diagram and why you think it would sell.
4.      They would have a 30 day period to either accept or reject.  Upon acceptance they could pay a fee or more shares as the initial consideration for the idea.
5.      Upon implementation of the idea they would again pay you a royalty based on a fixed industry standard of the gross sales price in the form of either cash or more shares.
6.      Upon acceptance they would agree to take steps within a reasonable period of time (i.e. ~ 1 Year) to patent it.  This would be a new “type” of patent, to be labeled a beneficiary patent.  The structure of the patent would be them as the “owner” and you as the “beneficiary owner”.  The beneficiary owner’s interest would be inheritable or pass down to his heirs.  Even after the patent expires the “beneficiary owner” would have a “royalty” as long as the product is marketed.  If it is stopped and redeployed later the “royalty” would resume.
7.      If they reject they must state why and confirm that they will never use it or benefit from the idea in any way.  
8.      They may also buy a nonrenewable option for the period of 60 days for the purposes of further consideration.  Any other nonrenewable options of this sort further granted by the inventor would have an escalating price making “sitting” on the idea expensive
9.       I.e.: If they reject your idea in accordance with the terms of rejection t
10.  They can neither sell it to others, divulge your secrets nor market it. 
11.  If they rejected your idea and they were contacted sequentially before another firm that you contacted upon their rejection.  They should not be able to later use, make or for a lack of a better word “plagiarize” your idea.
12.  Children, who often have good ideas, could submit ideas with parents or guardians help and signature under terms that would not be nullified and voidable by them, to protect business interests.

Many of us buy products and waste time, money and frustration on them and see how they could be immediately improved in order to save the time, money and productivity of others in this country.  We also see our ideas come to bear in society long after they should have been.  Often the people with the best ideas are often afraid to express them or pursue their interest in; this may help them do so.


Thomas Paul Murphy

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GM and Ford Plus Everyone Else 09 10 2010

Two of the Largest Manufacturing Companies in the United States came under government oversight and ownership.
Obama if Ford Motor company has an Eco Star motor coming out in 2011 that will get 30mpg and be able to tow 3500 pounds, that is a very strong motor that is also  highly efficient.  GM ought to use the same technology via a favorable license fee.  In many industries license fees for sharing technologies are an insignificant cost on the income statement.  These are still both viable American manufacturing companies.  Better mileage and less emissions of all cars produced and sold in the United States benefits the health of our environment, people and economy.  More efficient engines mean less pollution.  LESS POLUTION MEANS CLEANER MINDS. 
Sharing of best energy efficient technologies between two of this country’s biggest polluters that the government and the people foot the bill for in terms of retirement guarantees and environmental cleanup should be mandated at structured license fees mild terms in this instance
This is a much different earth than it was some hundred years ago when the auto industry was founded in this country.  As a matter of fact if you are a foreign automobile manufacturer and you want to sell your more efficient cars in this country you should also be subject to sharing of technology via mild license terms for the health of our country the United States of America, does indeed depend on a strong and viable manufacturing industry. 
Also if someone has a patent regarding technologies that can improve automobile efficiency the mandated sharing via mild license fee should also be mandated.  Inventions for the greater good should not be allowed to be held for ransom and they should also not be given away or stolen.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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